Friday, July 19, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/19/19
“The most important thing is never stop questioning.”  (Albert Einstein)  A Harvard-study shows that children ask 40,000 questions between ages 2 and 5.  The kids aren’t really trying to annoy parents.  They just want to learn.  Yes, it can be attention-getting or defiant, but they do want to (need to) learn.  In fact, that “need to know” should continue to be part of our adult life.  I find myself becoming curiouser and curiouser as I age.  What questions are yours these days?   ;-)  Jack

FROM PROUD MARY:  i am much like a toddler. i am a curious question-asker. maybe sometimes a bit too inquisitive, if that's possible. i figure it never hurts to ask and am not offended if people don't want to answer my questions. toddlers always answer my questions.===JACK:  I'm an avid user of Google.  Another answering site is called DogPile.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  how did Trump ever get elected?:):):)    (actually, i know how but maybe not why)===JACK:  That's one of those "never stop questioning" puzzles.

FROM LBP:  Was that an Alice in Wonderland reference? Curiouser and curiouser...  As a researcher, it is my job to ask, and try to answer, questions.===JACK:  What makes you think of "Alice?"  Do you remember "Mr Know-It-All" in Rocky and Bullwinkle?===LBP:  No. I remember some bits of Rocky and Bullwinkle but few details. But, thanks to google, Mr Know-it-all, just explained to me how to change a tire. : )===I wish I could have implemented this with my 7yo yesterday. We had family night at the day camp he was attending. Everything was going well until he learned that the end of the evening was looming and we didn't have time to swim. Then everything was awful. Of the 2 hours we were there he really only enjoyed 1 minute of it... just 1 minute! Everything else was terrible (and sadly I didn't have photo evidence of his grinning face just moments before). It continued to be terrible all the way home. And then he got a snack. Lesson learned: If all seems lost, he's probably just hungry===JACK:  As Michelangelo wrote when he was in his 80'sw...Ancora Imparo!

GROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i also am curiouser.===JACK:  I think that you're just a kid dressed like a grown-up.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/18/19
“Confidence is contagious.  So is lack of confidence.”  (Vince Lombardi)  “What happened to you?  You’re different!”  I had just come home from a week of Sensitivity Training.  ST was popular at that time.  For me, that week was a real confidence builder and helped change my ministry.  Pastors need a confidence lift, too…especially if they are going to “give legs” to the Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  It’s really true!   ;-)  Jack 

FROM DR J:  Indeed! You can do it! All this are possible! My PT training is going really really well. In fact my young doctor took a video of me walking unassisted yesterday so he could show his brothers who are also surgeons... but  they tease that the younger brother cannot be that good yet. The video was the way for the younger surgeon to tease back. I like the banter between the brothers and it made me smile and gave me confidence. I know my doctor has confidence too as he wanted to show off a bit to his brothers. I hope your PT is going well and I know you can do it!===JACK:  I think recovery has something to do with competitiveness.  "I'm going to show them!  ...the PT, the doctor!"  I know that I have that steak in me.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  Amen and Hallelujah to that!===JACK:  Shout it out, brother! and bang that tambourine!

FROM HONEST JOHN:  Confidence is only worthwhile, to me, if built on reality. ===JACK: I think that it's possible to psych yourself up to a level beyond reality.  As the old song (Swinging on a Star) puts it..."You can be better than you are!"  

FROM MV AT ML:  I say that Bible Verse every night before sleep and at other times of need. \\\JACK:  ...a great way to go to sleep...and a great way to wake up!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength."We've found that to be true, haven't we? I think having an identical twin boosted our confidence...we were noticed, and felt confident to tackle athletics and performances together.  I had to boost my
confidence when I married and carried on "alone" by reading N.V. Peale's book! :-)   "Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect, and whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect, I"m afraid" the young son sings in "The King and I". Keep your head up !===JACK:  None of us is so strong that we can always go it alone.  "Call on me in the day of trouble, and I will answer you."  There are "those" times, aren't there?

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Accent the positive!===JACK:  ...and eliminate the negative!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Never quite thought confidence was catching.  I’ll have to do some experimenting on my own.     (We’ve been up in East Tawas with the family.  Beautiful place on Lake Huron.). No WiFi though.  Hope you are having a good summer.===JACK:  I like to hang around with positive people.  Negative outlooks can be catching, too

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/17/19
The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”  (Isak Dinesen)  Panacea, the Greek goddess, was thought to have a remedy for every ill and problem.  No wonder her temple was a popular place.  Modern medical discoveries are called, panaceas, in honor of her.  We’re still looking for a way to end all problems.  Today, Isak suggests going sailing..  I like God’s “cure for anything”…“Call on me when you’re troubled, and I will give you rest.”   ;-)  Jack

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/16/19
“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”  (Lee Iacoccoa)  Yes, that is one more mark of The Greatest Generation.  “Smile, Though Your Heart Is Breaking,” a song of that era illustrates it.  Even the writer of Winning Words can have a bad day.  When things aren’t going well, I look for the good can come out of the bad…and I find it!  Feeling down in the dumps?  Listen to Lee!.   ;-)  Jack

FROM PROUD MARY:  so dear friend...once again you give me the song of the day. just because i haven't been responding doesn't mean i don't look forward to my first communication of the day. winning words is the first thing i read each morning. i can't thank you enough for your daily affirmations and "hopes". they have gotten me through the toughest of days.  my sister passed away on june 29th in nyc.  johnny and i were at her side. now i am home going through her things. mailing off to friends and family a bit of remembrances. trying to find a new normal. i know it will come. it has before. you have been by my side throughout this journey. you're a good traveling partner! love, ===JACK:  Yes, "Smile, though your heart is breaking " seems to be the right song for now.  I think that I'll youtube it.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good words,  Jack.  thanks. 

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Live on the sunny side of the street!===JACK:  "Grab your coat; don't forget your hat.  Leave your worries on the doorstep..."

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Sing Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Gets ya thru the darkest day,  When cares pursue ya, Hallelujah! It will shoo those blues away.===JACK:   I see that the lyrics .are from the Ella Fitzgerald version.  Good!  How do you like Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah?"

FROM NORM'S BLOG:  I grew up in the era with some of the early proponents of changing one’s attitude. Norman Vincent Peae wrote his famous book ‘The Power of Positive Thinking” in 1952. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, was on TV espousing a positive attitude through faith. Of course, there was Dale Carnegie and who could leave Zig Zigler off such a list. More recently, lives have been influenced by the works of Eckhart Tolle, Thomas Anthony Harris, Tony Robbins and a host of self-help gurus. What all of these people have in common is the notion that you can change your life by changing your attitude.  In physics it can be shown that, in order to change the direction of an object that is in motion, some sort of force must be applied to that object – a force in a different direction than the object is traveling. The same is true of the trajectory of your life. It will  continue down the path it is on, unless some force is applied that causes it to change direction. That “force” can be some external event or it can be an internal change of attitude, which causes you to react differently and take a new direction. One could sit around and hope that something happens to change things in your life or one can take the first steps of changing your attitude towards life.  Perhaps the greatest “force” that can change the direction of your life is the force of a belief in God and in God’s impact on your life. Nothing will change your attitude about  life more than accepting God’s role in your life and learning how to see and do what God has in mind for you. You may not understand the “why” of it all and maybe you cannot yet be able see the “how” it will all play out; but, if you accept the will of God in your life, as in “not my will, but Thy will be done”, the outcome in your life will definitely change.
The outcomes that we desire or dream about are basically expectations or hopes. We try to visualize or “see” the desired state at the end of an effort. Many people set goals for themselves based upon an outcome that involves acquiring and owning some new thing – a car, a house, a boat, something. They may envision themselves being happy once they have acquired that thing. Few find any real happiness in even the best outcome of such  goals. They find that having the items does not bring happiness, only a temporary sense of achievement of that goal; then it is on to the next goal.

Perhaps the biggest change that one can make to change the trajectory of their life is to alter their perception of the desired outcome. Since there is an inevitable end to life on earth, the question becomes, “What is the outcome that I want at that point?” People of faith have an answer for that question; and, having found that  answer, their lives are altered and their goals change. They find satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in service to others as they progress towards that ultimate goal.===JACK:  Positive thinking must be followed by positive action.  The Benedictine monks had a phrase, "ora et labora," Latin for prayer and works...the two go together.  It's one thing to pray about a situation.  Some prayers are answered because of some work on our part.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/15/19
“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”  (Peter Drucker)  In college it was called, Speech; in seminary it became, Homiletics.  In both it meant, Learning how to communicate. Know your audience, their expectations—Be confident—Be prepared—Modulate—Be entertaining—Drucker’s advice is good, too.  A judge once said, “I know pornography when I see it.”  I know a good speech/sermon when I hear it.   ;-)  Jack

FRO HY YO SILVER:  90% of communication is non verbal ===JACK:  High-Five for that!

FROM NOVA SCOTIA FISH:  Fits with the book I am reading—Holy Envy. I expect to send you and others a note on it when I have finished it.===JACK:  Perhaps envy is neither "holy" or "evil."  It is what it is.===FISH:  Barbara Brown Taylor subtitled this 2018 book "Finding God in the Faith of Others". She is an ordained Episcopal priest who now teaches comparative religion at Piedmont College. But the term apparently was originated by Krister Stendahl, who as you probably know was at Yale Divinity School.===JACK:  I did meet Stendahl when we was on our campus.

FROM LS IN MI:  Good morning.  Thank you for your email.  To this mornings winning words I add - I know “good” when I feel it.  Simon Sinek’s teaching and wisdom inspired me to explore this theory he articulates about how we are motivated to act as human beings.  Through his Ted Talk entitled Start With Why speaks to Why we do what we do.  Then if you are interested,   his Ted Talk - The Golden Circle goes further.  As reading your Winning Words each morning ,  a passion is awakened inside me, guiding me to understand more about people and myself.===JACK:  What is the measurement for good?  Jesus was asked, "What is the greatest commandment?"  His response was, "Love God...and love your neighbor as you love yourself."  That's GOOD!===LS:  And I do practice my love of God - and find God in each human being brought to me .....===JACK:  Jesus then said, "Do this (LOVE), and you shall live!"

FROM HONEST JOHN:  I taught speech at Augie....and coached debate there when I was going to sem.   Also taught Homiletics at the Sem. After Karl Mattson died and Art Arnold became Interim Prez.     I only taught the First Year students.   Dr. Arnold wanted me to come back to LSTC and teach there....I loved Parish ministry and wasn’t thrilled with teaching speech...turned him down.    I really liked him.    Loved Holcomb at Augie....===JACK:  Would you like to have done a "George Bailey" in It's a Wonderful Life to see what might have been (just for fun)?  ...JS as a prof!   ===JOHN:  My original intention was to teach PolSci....was working on that at Harvard when I
Received the call to ministry....I think God did me a big favor....loved my life as a pastor.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  That's a good point to takes more critical listening than we usually do!  Anyone who has done counseling (most pastor's & wives!) knows this is as important as what the person is trying to say.  A sympathetic ear is invaluable to all of us! It has forged many a strong friendship, in my experience.===JACK:  Sometimes the spoken words can be used subconsciously as a distraction.  I'm usually on the alert for an unspoken message.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  a Rabbi once told me that if you haven't struck oil after 20 minutes, you should stop boring:):):)  ===JACK:  There's a town in Oregon named, Boring.  I wonder if they have a Lutheran Church....Boring Lutheran Church?

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Good note, jack.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/12/19
“When a thing is done, it’s done.  Don’t look back.  Look forward to your next objective.”  (George C. Marshall)  If you had to describe, The Marshall Plan, could you do it?  Today’s  world is largely the result of a plan formulated by General Marshall.  After a war, the winning side usually crushes the opponent.  After WW 2, the plan was to help “the enemy” recover and become a friend.  It happened…Germany, Italy and Japan became allies.  Thanks, George!   ;-)  Jack

FROM PRDR:  Thanks Jack! What a wonderful thought as I reflect on this Sunday’s gospel and what it means to be a good neighbor.===JACK:  These are times when the teachings of Jesus are more relevant that ever and just as hard to take as when he first told them.  “Neighborliness” needs to be redefined.  Think how the Marshall Plan would go over in today’s America….OUCH!   That’s the message from my tiny pulpit.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  After the end of the war the Marshall plan was a great idea and we r still reaping the results today! What a wonderful world in which we live===JACK:  Those who have experienced a "situation" usually have a better commentary than those who've read about it on the internet.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  The USA still help this world.  We are still generous with foreign aid and we’re the first ones on site in an emergency with our special teams trained for just those emergencies.===JACK:  That's the USA I remember, but I seem to have read that there are those who think that we've done too much of that, and we should not do it anymore.  I hope that's not true.

FROM N0RM'S MILFORD BLOG:  When you are driving in a car, you cannot move forward (at least not very far or fast) by continually looking in the mirror to see where you’ve been. You must look forward to see where you are going. In life, some people seem to fixate on the mirror, spending their time looking back, perhaps in regret for things done or left undone. We sometimes refer to them as “living in the past”. But, the truth is that one cannot live in the past. The past is done and it cannot be undone, no matter how much we may wish that things could be different.   Perhaps the issue for some is that they don’t have a “next objective” to look forward to and to work towards. I have noticed that when I awaken in the morning on a day that I have nothing planned, I manage to get very little done, and the day just drags along. However, if I have things that I knew ahead that I wanted to get done that day, I awaken with a sense of purpose to accomplish those objectives – I can’t wait to get started. The ends of those two types of days are also very different, too – one with relief that the day is finally over and the other ending with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I’ve also noticed that people who can’t seem to let go of the past, who are fixated on the mirror are less happy with life. That might include those who cannot put the loss of a job aside and go on with life; or those who cannot find a way to put the loss of a loved one  into a place of good memories and move on. Perhaps it includes those who cannot put a snub or social slight into its proper place of un-importance; or perhaps those who cannot see beyond preconceived prejudices from their past. For whatever reason these people have fixated on the mirror of the past.  So, the take-away from Marshall’s quote is to put down that mirror. What’s done is done. Accept it and move on. Find a new objective and focus upon that. Find that new job, maybe one that involves something that you really love to do. Recognize and deal with the preconceived notions about people that you’ve been carrying around like baggage and see if life doesn’t get a little more interesting when you allow different points of view  into your thinking. Look for new relationships than might lead to finding a new significant other – not to replace the lost loved one, but to crate new memories in addition to those fond memories from the past that you can glance at in the mirror from time-to-time  Life continues to move forward, whether you are looking in the mirror or looking ahead. Life is just a whole lot more satisfying when you are pursuing new objectives, rather than trying to live in the past. The current Chevrolet commercial tag line is “Find new roads”; maybe that’s what Marshall meant.  Don’t spend your time looking in the mirror; find the new roads of your life and look ahead to your next objective.
===JACK:  Your blog is one of my favorite readings of the day.  I enjoy your insights.  There's a reason of the windshield being bigger than the review mirror.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  AMEN!! What a plan, and he was able to sell it to our country very bitter over war losses...!===JACK:  IMO, Something like the Marshall Plan, in today's America, would have "a snowball's chance in Hell" of getting support.  A sad state of affairs....

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/11/19
“ just respected the game, now my name is in the news.  Got a lot more to prove.”  (Megan Rapinoe)  Talk about excitement! The USA soccer team recently won the women’s World Cup.  Rapinoe’s Nippsy Hussle-like quotes brought excitement, too.  Here’s how I translate what she said:  “I did my best, but I can do better.”  Playing a game, going to school, raising a family or working at a job…“I did my best, but I could do better!”…It’s like that with WWs, too.  ;-)  Jack   

FROM INDY GENIE:  It would be fun to be in the room and watch if you and Megan ever met. I believe the two of you would become fast friends===JACK:  I'd like to see her and Trump go one on one in the same room.

FROM JP IN NAPLES:  Sorry you would see fit to quote someone so disgraceful. Her disrespect of the country that gave her the opportunity to be on the world stage is disgusting. She has set back the enthusiasm for soccer in many quarters. I feel sad for her  team mates like O'hara who scooped up the flag and wrapped around herself. Sorry no justification for Ra===JACK:  Forget the name.  Look at the message.  "I did my best, but I could do better."  Those are words that I would expect you to affirm.  Just because we do not like a person's politics does not mean that we should ignore a positive message from them.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Now if she deserved the respect!===JACK:  The quote was about respecting "the game of soccer," doing your best in whatever you do...and trying to do better in whatever you do.  I purposely did not make it a political message.......oh, I did purposely quote Megan, because I knew it would stir some people up.

FROM GT IN NY:  Sorry but I think “respect” and Ms. Rapinoe’s name don’t belong together. She’s quite crude —even during parade in front of young children.===JACK:  What I sought to to was to highlight the idea that even though we've done well, we can do better.  I try to live by that, and if a soccer player says that even though I played well in a game, I can do better.  ...and as for public behavior, I think that we could all (including Megan) stand a refresher course from Miss Manners.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i was rooting for the netherlands. is that unpatriotic of me?===JACK:  I thought that the World Cup was about which team played the best soccer.  I didn't think that it was a referendum on the best nation in the world or the best behaved players.  So, you chose the Dutch?  So, your team happened to lose.  So, what! ===LIZ:  i think you play for the team that hired you, and you don’t trash your employer in public. do other countries have such spoiled, PRIVILEGED   children on their teams? if so, we don’t hear abt them. ===LIZ;  we libertarians believe that everyone should have the freedom to negotiate their own wage. the ladies generated a fraction of the revenue the men did... why should they be paid the sa

 FROM RS IN TEXAS:  ...and advocating change and equality. πŸ‘===JACK:  There are many messages in the events of life as they happen around us.  We usually find what we're looking for.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I'm so pleased she took a stand against going to Trump's White house! My kind of Gal! I hope she continues to "do better". We all need that inspiration, don't we?  You DO better with WW'S! We all appreciate the thought you put into your daily blog!!===JACK:  I try to live by this description of the job of a pastor..."To comfort the afflicted...and to afflict the comfortable."  It was interesting today to see how a (non-political) quote became political.  Let's go back to Monday and listen to Taylor Swift's song again...YOU GOTTA CALM DOWN!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/10/19
“To be a great leader…one must of necessity have been a great thinker in action.  An eagle was never hatched from a goose’s egg.”  (James Thomas)  If anyone ever looked like a goose, hatched from an eagle’s egg, it was Honest Abe.  He even made fun of his looks..  But, how he could lead; he was a great thinker, too.  His was “pedestrian thinking,” to be sure.  Common sense is often the best sense.  When it comes to leadership, who’s your real eagle?   ;-)  Jack 

FROM HONEST JOHN:  Lincoln didn’t rely on “common sense.”    That is a kind of myth.   He knew Much of Shakespeare by heart.   BTW...ever try to define common sense.    Often, the def. given is a way of saying “I an not educated in that area and here is what I substitute for the knowledge afforded in that area.===JACK:  Yes, common sense is non-sense.  Ours is not necessarily that of another.  It's just we thing is (or should be) a truism.  Perhaps Lincoln has the perception of being a common sense person because of so many people agreeing with his statements.===HJ:  Apt reply of a Relativist.   Relativists are left with the position that no definition is possible for an y term.    We began debates with the "definition of terms."    Therefore, relativists are excluded from debate.   That must be Donald Trump's position since he in essence refuses to debate anything and, instead,, more or less ignores all negative information.   A handy but socially divisive way to go.===JACK:  I've been called a relativist before and will accept it.  All I try to do is to explain situations to people in a way that they can understand.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Our idea of a great leader is one who leads with following the laws, is honest, has morals and does what he says he will do.

FROM ME IS NEWPORT BEACH:  Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, FDR and Arnold Palmer. ===JACK:  I never got past the idea of Reagan as a movie star (it's  my age).  ...and certainly every army needs a general, so Arnie is fit for that....great golfer, but too many ciggies.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  i read the other day that James Buchanan,  Lincoln's  predecessor,  was secretly shipping weapons from the North to the South during the last two years of his presidency all in anticipation of a civil war.===JACK:  I'm going to check that out.       

Jack’s Winning Words 7/9/19
“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.”  (Mark Twain)  Which of Dorothy’s friends do you identify with?  Scarecrow, Tin Man or the Lion?  To be smarter, to be more caring?  That’s me!  How about you?  …and,  most of us could stand to be more courageous when it comes to speaking up in the face of moral wrongs.  We need God (the Wizard) to help us become braver advocates for right over wrong.  ;-)  Jack  

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Definitely the Tin Man.  We could all use more intelligence and of course compassion.  In the world today morals are becoming extinct.  We could all us more God and less us.===JACK:  The Wizard of Oz is a "God-story" if you read between the lines. 

 FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Maybe this would be a good time for “The Day the Earth Stood Still” to become reality!  Except this time he won’t get shot and he’ll help humanity be better physically and humanistically

FROM DR JUDY:  Good morning Jack. I always enjoy reading your winning words. Have you ever read Jean Houston’s The Wizard of Us: transformational lessons from oz. It’s a terrific metaphor of life and transformation. ===JACK:   The Wizard of Us?  It sounds interesting.  I like learning lessons from situations.

FROM NANCY RUTH:  I think I was trying to be courageous in the gay parade.  What do you think?===JACK:  Courageous people stand up for what they believe.  Good for you!  IN Sunday School we always had to "stand up" when we sang,  Stand up, Stand Up for Jesus.

Jack’s Winning Words 7/8/19"
As long as one heart still holds on, then hope is never really gone.”  (Garth Brooks)  Some coal miners were trapped under ground.  A faint message came from them…”Is there any hope?”  There are people today who feel a bad relationship, in debt, by an illness.  “Is there any hope?”  The miners were told to hold on; help is on the way. God knows about us and our situation.  Hold on!  Keep the faith!  God works his wonders in mysterious ways.   ;-)  Jack. 

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Some of his songs have brilliant lyrics!  That’s one quote which resonates with everyone.  Is hope ever gone?!?  God is our Hope!===JACK:  Garth Brooks' life has not been without its clouds.  "Into each life some rain must fall."

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Jack, many thanx for all the Winning Words you have sent over the years.===JACK:  Bob Hope used to close his broadcasts by singing, "Thanks for the memories."  Yes, it is good to remember....most of the time.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  As I've mentioned before, Eleanor Roosevelt said that HOPE was the most important word in the English language.  I don't know if it trumps LOVE, but is IS right up there at the top!  My BFF Donna fell 2 weeks ago and broke her hip, (90), but she is rigorous in her rehab despite the pain, because she has the hope of returning to her home, (being renovated to  accommodate her new needs) driving again, and resuming her social activities,
and I believe she will do it! Hope is a wonderful motivator!===JACK:  It sounds as though Donna has Spunk!  I like that word.  I see it as an example of  "onomatopoeia."  In reference to Eleanor...She probably wouldn't make it in today's world where the emphasis is so much on physical beauty...but she was really smart.  

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  god also created suffering... ===JACK:  " No pain, no gain."  It is pain that keeps us from keeps us from touching fire.  It is pain that sometimes draws two people closer to each other.  I try not to 2nd guess God...but rather to ask (and try to find out), Why?  
===LIZ:  pain and discomfort can put us on the right path... or wipe us out.===JACK:  Pain, to be sure, is a paradox.  How can something so bad also be something so good?  These days I'm on a "mind-kick" seeking to find some good in evils that I see and feel.  I find it to be both stimulating and revealing.
Jack’s Winning Words 7/5/19
“I’d like to be remembered for the way I went about doing my job.”  (Goose Gossage)  I remember the Goose for the way he did his job in the 1984 World Series.  His manager wanted him to walk Detroit’s Kirk Gibson.  “No, I can get him out!”  I have a picture of Gibson, hands in the air, circling the bases after hitting a homer.  Awesome!  Gossage also was awesome, a Hall of Fame relief pitcher.  Even the great ones aren’t perfect.  Happy Birthday, Goose!   ;-)  Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  He was great but Kirk was even greater!  I’m not sure how I want to be remembered...perhaps someone who loved!===JACK:  My choice..."He tried to make a difference."

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  To me:   That baseball event represents the condition that one never knows when a defining movement in life may occur and how that moment can be part of human history!===JACK:  It can happen way in our lives, too.  I can recall a defining moment.

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I wish he were here to give the flailing Cubs a helping arm!  We are hurting big time! :-(===JACK:  It’s been a long time since I was a Cubs fan….Ernie, Ron, Fergie, Holzman, Leo the Lip.  I couldn’t name one person on the current Cubs roster.   I miss the old nicknames…Goose…Fat Freddie…PeeWee…Ducky…Hippo…Schnoz…Jolly Cholly 

FROM NORM'S BLOG:  I suspect it is only as one gets older that they begin to think about that question and the answer that they would like people to remember them by.  There are all sorts of ways to be remembered – many good and many not so good. For many men the answer expressed by Goose Gossage might apply. Men tend to identify themselves with their jobs and most would probably like to be remembered as being  successful at those jobs. Some are thrust into heroic acts in their jobs or lives and will undoubtedly be remembered forever for those acts. Most are not heroes, in that sense, yet you often hear someone being eulogized as being a hero or role model to someone else.  Perhaps that is the best way to be remembered – as someone who lived a life that others want to emulate. You hear them remembered as a good and kind and generous human being who cared about others and went about helping others. That is a great way to be remembered. So, perhaps the best way to rephrase what Gossage said is to change the ending and say, “I’d like to be remembered for the way that I lived my life.”===JACK:  Our thoughts seem to be running on the same track.  It's good that we're travelling in the same direction.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  what did his manager say to Goose when he did not get Gibson to strike out??  was that a rather heated exchange?   just curious... ===JACK:  "I told you to walk him!!"

FROM GOOD DEBT JON:  "I'd like to be remembered for always being empathetic and kind!"  ===JACK:  I'd have no trouble doing your eulogy.===JON:  That would be great Jack, it's scheduled for November 9, 2057.  I'll put your info with my will. Lol===JACK:  I'd be in my 30's at that my 130's.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

ack’s Winning Words 7/3/19
“A love for tradition has never weakened a nation; indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril.”  (Churchill)  There are 10 National Holidays, but 4 stand out in my mind as days that especially define America: Independence Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, Momorial Day.  The others are significant, too, but think today about these 4, particularly the 4th of July, a day to celebrate the history of a great nation, not perfect, but in the process.  ;-)  Jack

FROM SHARIN'SHARON:  So true, especially for the 4th of July when our country has such documents as the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Thanks for posting this on your blog, Pastor Freed.  And Happy 4th of July!!!===JACK:  I remember a time when people used to decorate their cars with flags on the 4th of July.  A house next to our church has little American flags placed on the perimeter of their lawn.

FROM GF:  Have a happy and healthy July 4 weekend! Don’t let the politics bug you!===JACK:  When I was a child my father lit a cherry bomb.  When it exploded it kicked up a stone which  hit me near the temple.  There were on emergency rooms those days, so I was rushed to the doctor's home where he stitched me up on his front porch.===GF:  Memories…… They are a large part of life and shaping us into who we are.===JACK:  The doctor said, "A little bit closer to the temple and there would have been a different outcome."

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ: (picture of Betsy Ross flag)===JACK:  I like the 50 star flag, but I like Betsy's design best.===LIZ:  me, too! i fly the flag every day. my next will be a betsy ross. or a gadsden... ha!===JACK:  I seem to recall that it's always lighted (rain or shine, too?).===LIZ:  no, it’s not lighted... i am not a believer in flag etiquette, necessarily. it is a symbol, not to be worshipped. i support a person’s right to burn the flag... “skycloth” itself stands for that right.  but i do wish the disrespect would go away... it hurts a great many people, and is meant to be divisive.  all history is flawed. personal histories, too. all we can do is learn from our mistakes. americans differ from other countries in that we want to help the world... it is both our strength and our pitfall.===JACK:  Maybe it was your father who krpt the flag lighted...or maybe not. ===LIZ:  nope. he used to fly it only on holidays when i was a kid.===JACK:  I guess that it was some other vet!===LIZ:  you know, he might have had one on the front of the house, now that i think of it... and it would have been lit by a post light on a sensor.
FROM NORM'S BLOG:  Parades are a way to pause and celebrate holidays in your hometown and in our  nation. I organize the 4th of July Parade in my home town of Milford, Michigan. I march, as a veteran, in the Memorial Day parade and I work as a volunteer in the Christmas Parade, which always takes place Thanksgiving weekend. We don’t have a parade for Veteran’s Day.  We also have parades for the start of Little League Baseball, and the local high school homecoming. Obviously, we love traditions in Milford.  Sadly, the Independence Day Parade on the 4th of July has been declining in both attendance and participation for the last few years. What used to be a parade with 70-80 participating groups is now down to about 50 groups marching or riding in the parade. The viewing audience is also down a bit. It seems that the same reasons that  are causing the decline in church attendance effects the parade on the 4th – people are just too busy with other things to do. ===JACK:  IMO, parades were organized for a celebration of an "immediate" event.  They seem to have morphed into a kind of entertainment event.  I'll attend/participate unless there's something better top do.  Also, IMO, this year's D.C. 4th of July event seems to have become a political event rather than one that is celebratory of our country's independence.

FROM DISC JOCKEY CS:  I have a few questions.
I am having a conversation with someone at work.  My question is this.
Does God interfere with free will?
Does God control everything?
If someone dies or gets cancer is it because God picked that person or does God just let life happen?  
I would appreciate your insight.
===JACK:  These questions have complicated answers and deserve face to face conversation, but as a starting point (IMO)...Free will is free will.  God does not take back what he has given...While God "can control" everything, he has not created a world of robots.  So, we have a world where there is good and evil.  Choices are ours to make.  "Grace" is also of God's creation and is a way of escape from the messes that we have made.  And...I do not believe that God causes  cancer to come to some people and not others.  It's one of the puzzles of life...and one day we'll find a way to solve that puzzle, as was done with polio.  Having said that, I got polio when I was 16.  At that time, I saw it as an evil.  In retrospect, I now see it as a blessing, because it changed my life direction.  I believe that, because of polio, I am a pastor today. 

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Thanx, Jack. Have a joyful 4th tomorrow!===JACK:  One 4th of July event I enjoyed as a child was lighting sparklers.  Nothing says, CELEBRATION like running around with a sparkler and making circles and ;laughing.  What ever happened to those days? ===GEORGE:    believe we are in Step 8 of the eight steps to the rise and fall of a democracy, first written in 1776.===JACK:  I think that your example is a takeoff of the sociological theory of the  stages of the rise and fall of civilizations.  Stage 8 is...Dependence back to Bondage.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  As a retired teacher, I like John  Dewey's (educator & reformer) insight: "Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife." We have to have an informed  constituency to make it work. Judging by recent elections, most voters don't take the time to really study and weigh issues!  That being said, I do value our democratic way of life, and am so thankful to live in a nation that has had high  ideals, and emphasis on human rights, though far from perfect!===JACK:  As I recall, Civics was not a popular class in high school, nor was English and History.  So, what can you expect?===OAKS:  I think history was fairly popular; at least well-tolerated!  Most of us didn't use what we learned in Civics as we married and raised families, I guess, so that info became hazy. Doesn't it seem there's a paucity of any kind of good leadership in our elected officials today? Or are the past leaders just more glorified, since they're gone on?  It's hard to be optimistic about USA's future these days!  Illinois has been in a crunch for the past several years! ===JACK:  I do see a lack of a basic lack of "Civics" understanding in the world today...and a lack of "civility" and "honesty" among elected leaders.  

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Yes it is a very exciting time to be alive!===JACK:  If by, exciting, you mean "not knowing what's coining next," you've got that right.  Government by the seat of the pants creates more than a thrill. 

FROM HONEST JOHN:  Revelation of St. John might dispute that "in the process" would Reinhold Niebuhr.    Once a nation begins it usually is in the process of self destructing.===JACK:  I guess it's the same way with the human body.  When we're born, we begin the process of dying.  In the meanwhile we can make some personal improvements in the life situation...the power of positive thinking!===JOHN:  We need to be both...positive and or the other leads to stalemates such as we are now witnessing in America.   Good heavens!    We agree on something.   Great to see.   === JACK:  A realavist usually finds a way to agree.
FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We are truly blessed to live in this great country. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰♥️

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/2/19
“God is like a mirror.  The mirror never changes, but everybody who looks at it sees something different.”  (Harold Kushner)  Rabbi Kushner, author of, When Bad Thing Happen To Good People, has another best-seller: Nine Essential Things I’ve Learned About Life.  He’s able to write about things that touch the lives of people.  Who hasn’t wondered life’s seemingly unfairness…and…What is really important in this life?  Is it just me, or is Kushner a mirror for you, too?   ;-)  Jack

FROM HY YO SILVER:  Good one!  Regards from Jerusalem.===JACK:  Do the mirrors reflect in the same way in the Holy City?...a halo over your head?

FROM BB IN CHGO:  I’ve never heard this Kushner quote before; great one – thank you for sharing. ===JACK:  God speaks to us through the mouths of many people, even rabbis and imams.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 7/1/19
“You need to calm, down!”  (Taylor Swift)  Taylor’s new song hits the nail on the head.  “Too much stressin’ and obsessin’! in today’s world.  Whether it’s red or blue, LGBTQ or straight, we are on this planet together.  The Bible says that “God so loved the world,” not just the people on one side of the wall.  For those who opt for Barbra over Taylor, there’s the song, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.”  I feel lucky; I hope that you do, too!   ;-)  Jack  

 FROM RVB IN WBT:  Awesome ending!! I’m so lucky to know you...===JACK:  You are a calming influence.

FROM MRS JC:  I like this song (and all her songs)!===JACK:  I like the melody, too.  I like it, too, because she's using the song to send a message.

FROM JT IN STJM:  Another positive winning word.  I have relatives and friends who would do well to read this message.  Whoops...there I go judging them.   Sorry ===JACK:  A song with a positive message to a negative situation.  We need more of this.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Yes I do! It is a wonderful and interesting world in which we live! We r the lucky ones!===JACK:  Do you think it's a better world now than when you were at MHS?===SHIRL:  It is a much different world because we all knew who our enemy was and we worked together to win! It is definitely an interesting and challenging world today! Don’t u think?===JACK: 
While there were political divisions "back then", they didn't seem as stark, then.  There also seemed to more truth-telling.  Social media, while connecting more people, appears to do it in an impersonal way.  "Friending" someone has taken on a lesser my opinion.
  FROM PICCALILLI:   Good one Jack.===JACK:  We're lucky, aren't we?

M ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good one, Jack.  happy 4th too!===JACK:  You're pretty calm for a Monday. Trump mist be out of the country.===PAUL:  out of the country and also out of his mind!   he insults our closest allies and cozies up to the world's most despotic dictators.   what are our allies to think?   he stupidly pulls us out of the Iranian nuclear arms deal (which was working well and totally verified)  and now they are well on their way to building a bomb.   i can go on and on and on but my blood pressure if already going up. ===JACK:  Oops!  You'd better go back and listen to Taylor's song.===PAUL:  but did you see in the news today that she wrote a scathing letter to her manager who apparently now has much control over all of her music.  not sure i got all the details but she was anything but calm when she wrote the letter.  i am sure this will end up in court sometime.   she is no dumbbell but it sounds like this little "detail" somehow got by her.  i wish her well... ===JACK:  Thanks for keeping me up to date on Taylor!  BTW, are you a fan of Swifties?
"I need a pencil sharpener," said Tom bluntly.
"Oops! There goes my hat!" said Tom off the top of his head.
"I can no longer hear anything," said Tom deftly.
"I have a split personality," said Tom, being frank.

"This must be an aerobics class," Tom worked out.

FROM SF IN MI:  Rabbi Loss says replace ‘lucky’ with ‘blessed’. Thoughts?===JACK:  Those who see the world with "religious eyes" see blessings.  Others see life as a lottery.

FROM BB IN CHGO:  I like both of your songs and was amused to see your sister included in the Chicago parade last weekend.  Everyone looks festive indeed. ===JACK:  I wanted her to wear a multi-colored wig, but she wouldn't go that far.  For me, I was proud of her.  

FROM RS IS TEXAS: Amen===JACK:  You seem calm.  ===RS:  Calm(er) when I take a deep breath and focus on the positive.  Not so much when I see the injustices in this world and the way certain politicians are "purchased" by big money and cater to people who do not seem to have compassion for anyone outside the good old USA.  Have to take a stand.

FROM DAIRYLAND DONNA:  Yes to calming down and being with people who are positive!!! ===JACK:  Even cows seem to know it.  The Carnation Milk Co has this slogan: "Carnation...the milk from contented cows."I===DONNA:  Perfect response since I was just in the land of cows over the weekend for my 50th high school reunion.  Bet you didn't know I was that old! ;o)===JACK:  5oth reunion?  I'm so old that our class reunion would have to be held underground to get a decent crowd.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 6/21/19
“I never look back.  I look ahead.”  (Milton Hershey)  He never went past 4th grade, but he was smart enough to invent my favorite, the Hershey’s candy bar.  The quality of his product and the well-being of his workers came before profit.  And, he was extremely successful.  On his desk was a sign: “Business is a matter of human service!” Outside of a school that he founded for orphans is a statue of him…“His deeds are his monument.  His life is our inspiration.”   ;-)  Jack

FROM ME IN NEWPORT BEACH:  Thanks.  I have another new hero.===JACK:  Sorry, but Hero Candy is made by Cadbury, not Hershey's.  Personally, I like Hershey's better than Cadbury.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We are thankful to him for more than his chocolate bars!!  He was a good man.===JACK:  You seem to likes Hershey's Kisses.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  A remarkable man, it would seem. I didn't know that much about him, but am impressed! Each dawn a new day to look "forward" to, right? Hoping for positive happenings! At my age,,most of my life is "back" of me; Maybe author Margaret Wander hit on a truth when she said, "It is only possible to live "happily ever after" on a day-to-day basis."===JACK:  The people in Hershey, PA, when the company moved its operations to Mexico for "business" reasons.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  My favorite was the Tootsie Roll POP===JACK:  Did you know that Hershey's makes chocolate lollipops?

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good one, Jack!    would that we had more like him in the world today.   corporate America has become so profit driven and so greedy that it seems to care little anymore about "human or community service".  there are exceptions, of course.  but  just look at Big Pharma.   Americans are dying because they cannot afford insulin and the formula for making it has not changed one iota in 50 years.    but the price of insulin surely  has changed!   plh    p.s.  a distant acquaintance of mine goes to Canada and buys her insulin for one tenth the cost of our insulin. what is wrong with this picture??===JACK:  It's not very pretty, but "business is business!"

Jack’s Winning Words 3/25/19
“The fewer the words, the better the prayer.”  (Martin Luther)  Luther was following the advice of Jesus: “When you pray, don’t keep babbling like pagans who think that they’ll be heard because of their many words.”  Don’t be deterred from “talking with God” because you don’t know the right words.  Think of it as a conversation with a friend.  FDR’s advice for giving a speech applies to praying, too.  “Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”  Let us pray!   ;-)  Jack
Jack’s Winning Words 6/25/19
“We live in an age of mumbo jumbo, and these days no one is more jumbo with his mumbo than…”  (Ether Walker)  Fill in the blank…In your opinion, who is it that is jumbo with his mumbo?  Jesus used 11 words for the Golden Rule.. In the 1940s my home pastor was called, “Twenty Minute Tillberg,” because of his short sermons.  A pastor I knew had an alarm clock in his pulpit set to go off after 15 minutes. I try to limit WWs’ mumbo to 5 lines.  OK? 

 FROM RVB:  Thanks, 5 lines keeps me thinking beyond the words.===JACK:  Rear carefully!  Some of my messages are written between the lines.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  TRUMP of course! :-(===JACK:  Mumbo jumbo is defined:  "language or ritual causing or intended to cause confusion or bewilderment."  If the shoe fits.

FROM CZB:  Trump===JACK:  In the song, Were You There, one line says: "He never said a mumbling word."  Sometimes, there's too much jumbo in some people's mumbo.

FROM VW MARY:  WWs  definitely are not mumbo....===JACK:  I'll try to keep that in mind as I write the Words for next week.

FROM LBP:  Lately it seems to be all *jumbled* as to who is spouting mumbo jumbo and who has something real to say, jumbo or no===JACK:  Verbosity is not practiced in my messages...or sermons.  At least, I try to avoid it."===LBP:  Before the internet was a thing these "winning words" were dubbed "sentence sermons" and printed on the back of the Sunday bulletin. Now that is a short sermon : )===JACK:  You remembered! 

FROM TL:  Winning Words is the perfect, quick, concise and thought provoking start to my day.  Thank YOU!===JACK:  506 on the current mailing list...with unknown number of "forwards."

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  so i googled mumbo jumbo...===JACK:  I had not taken into consideration that slang terms are sometimes are oriented to certain generations.  My generation likes those words/

Jack’s Winning Words 6/28/19
“The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”  (George Washington Burnap)  Noted psychiatrist, Erich Fromm, believed that happiness comes from loving others and from loving yourself.  He once assigned his students to finish this sentence.  “I respect myself for…”  (List 50 good qualities)  I’m not a Dr. Fromm, but I challenge you today to list 5 good qualities about yourself.  Then challenge someone else to do the same about themselves.  Happiness comes from love…of God; your neighbor; yourself.   ;-)  Jack

FROM VW MARY:  I would not be able to come up with 50! What about your five??===JACK:  i "try" to love God.  I "try" to love others.  I respect myself for "trying" to focus on being positive, nd for not ranting on Facebook.---and BTW< listing 50 begins with1, then 2 etc.

FROM RVB IN WB:   This was today’s Word in art... and Jack’s winning words - just sharing ===JACK:  Good art and dood words (John 15:12,23.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  Fromm was very popular about the time i was in the seminary.   it was a time of self-discovery, so to speak,  along with sensitivity groups,  California hot tubs, CPE, etc.   some of it bordered on narcissism but most of it was good, i believe.===JACK:  Sensitivity Training was a game-changer for me.  Fads are not necessarily bad.

FROM JH:  Amen. And thanks for all you do for so many. Peace and blessings,===JACK:  Thanks for your part in helping to make this world a better and more beautiful place.

FROM A McC:  God, yourself, neighbor  I am with you  Stay cool

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 6/27/19
“Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.”  (Pope Paul VI)  It’s called, “Hysterical Strength,,” when an ordinary person does something extra-ordinary. Like when a Michigan man lifted a mini-van off of a man trapped beneath it.  Some say that it’s due to a rush of adrenaline.  Others call it, a miracle.  We live in a world where there are calls for help…needy people…those left by the side of the road.  Who will hear their call…and stop…and help?   ;-)  Jack

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  This is a very interesting topic regarding human behavior in values versus action:  You’re walking down the street and there a few steps in front of you is someone sitting on the side of the walk next to a building. The sign says something about help and needing food (various context).  You have seen people like this before and the same questions come into your mind:  I want to help but what if they use the money for drugs or alcohol.  Look at the dog...the dog doesn’t look hungry!  Isn’t there a shelter where this person can get help?  I bet this person has a story!  I wish I had time to listen.  BTW...there is a sign on the building that says, HELP WANTED.   You may think...Really!!!??  I donate every year to charities that help people.   ETC.  Here’s the question:  Three days ago, you saw someone else sitting on the sidewalk somewhere else.  As you passed by you put some money in the cup or gave that person some left over carry out.  You may even have said hello to the person,  WHY THEN?   What is it about situations that drive us to action one time but not other times and what is it about confronting this situation that makes people so uncomfortable?===JACK:  :Life is full of perplexities.  Last week I pulled up to a stoplight.  A man was there with a sign;;;God loves you.  He was at an "inconvenient location.  The light changed.  I drove on.===PAUL:  I had a friend who worked with the homeless. She had a very interesting take on the situation. Topic for discussion.===JACK:  "Grist for the mill," as the saying goes.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ: i take elderly friends to dr appts, lunch, errands... they like to help back. advice is always welcome w/me!===JACK:  I know that you've had the experience of answering many SOS calls from the elderly.  The world is better off because of people such as you.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  There are so many calls for help! Our limited means often cause us to weigh any "spontaneous" help. I do whatever I can; If the person is snookering me, the Bible says judgment is on his/her head, not mine.  We have many needy persons in our congregation now, and my first concern is helping them and our missionaries who do so much with so little!  But like the MI man who lifted the van, I know of several stories like that where persons were given extraordinary strength to do what looked impossible at the time. David Muir often cites such cases too, on his World News on ABC. My uncle, who was not a large man, once lifted a car off of a co-worker in his 
mechanics garage, who became pinned under the rear wheel due to a jack collapsing. A lot of folks have stories that illustrate the truth of these WW today!===JACK:  Annie Johnson Flint had a way with words.  Do you remember this poem of hers?  
Christ has no hands but our hands to do His work today
He has no feet but our feet to lead men in the way
He has no tongue but our tongue to tell men how He died
He has no help but our help to bring them to His side.
e are the only Bible the careless world will read,
We are the sinner’s gospel; we are the scoffer’s creed;
We are the Lord’s last message, given in word and deed;
What if the type is crooked? What if the print is blurred?
What if our hands are busy with other work than His?
What if our feet are walking where sin’s allurement is?
What if our tongue is speaking of things His lips would spurn?
How can we hope to help Him or welcome His return?
===OAKS:  I've sung that poem as a special solo many times!  My last line went "How can we hope to help HIm, unless from Him we learn?"
I also memorized her poem WHAT GOD HAS 
PROMISED...and shared it many times. ("God has not promised skies always blue...flower--strewn

pathways all our lives through," etc.)===JACK:  You and I know the same oldies...BUT you can sing them, and people applaud.  I just quote them.

FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  Enjoyed your WW this morning.  Watched the debates last night.  Maybe you watched them too.  A continuous refrain through every candidate's statements was the need to pay attention to, and give a voice to, the working people and poor people of this nation.  I am very interested in that too...Jesus is really with us, in us, leading us, helping us, working outside of us and inside of us, and hoping and praying He will lead us to St. Augustine's "the more we progress in His knowledge and charity, the more shall we become like to Him.  Christianity is both truth and love."  Hopefully, Christians everywhere being drawn to Christ and becoming His disciples and following Him will be the yeast that works out our impact on this nation's political, economic, social, etc., etc., etc. institutions and structures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We all are desparately needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And we need to vote wisely.  Well, have thunk some, Pastor Freed.===JACK:  I always appreciate your insights...the result of your "thinking."  "the mind is a terrible thing to waste."


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 6/26/19
“It’s easy to make a buck.  It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”  (Tom Brokaw)  Making a difference (creating change), begins with an attitude that change can be done.  What is it that you want to change?  A habit?,,Other people?..The environment?..Your situation?..The world’s values?  Improvement begins with “I”.  It’s tough to affect change if “I” isn’t into making changes, even little ones.  “I think I can” can happen when it becomes, “I know I can.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM ME IN NEWPORT BEACH:  Another one of my favorite people===JACK:  I like him, too.  It bothers me that there are those who revel in pointing out flaws in our heroes (i.e. dredging up unverified accusations of improprieties), as if heroes must be perfect in every way.  "Let the on who is without sing point the finger."

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Making little differences are sometimes world changing for someone. ===JACK:  Difference-making often helps two...the giv-ee and the giv-er.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  we support seven favorite charities with a monthly gift of $20 each.  its not much but we hope it makes a difference in some way.  (we also give much larger gifts to our church, Concordia College,  Luther Seminary,  Lutheran Social Services, Mt. Carmel Camp,  and Lake Wapogassett Bible Camp).  just didn't want you to think we were skin-flints!:):):)   btw,  where did that word ever come from===JACK:  "skinflint. "miser, one who makes use of contemptible economy to keep money," 1700, slang; literally "kind of person who would skin a flint to save or gain something," from skin (v.) + flint. Flay-flint in same sense is from 1670s."

FROM NORM'S BLOG:  We begin each day faced with lots of choices – what to wear, what to have for breakfast, what route to take to work and many more. Add to that list the simple question, “What can I do to make a difference today?” and maybe that will put you in the right frame of  mind to go out and make that difference. Making the world a better place is a pretty big difference making challenge to throw at yourself the first thing in the morning; so. maybe start with the goal of just making a positive difference in someone else’s life. Something as small as a smile and a friendly “Hello” or holding a door open for someone can make his or her day better. Acts of kindness and consideration make a difference, one person at a time. Will you make a difference today?===JACK:  I couldn't have said it better.

FROM SF:  Teachers make a difference.===JACK:  I'm sure that we can each name a teacher who has made a difference in our life.  Mr Ekblad for me.  How about you?===SF:  Mr Krucki, DPS
Changed my life. ===JACK:  James J. Krucki, of Chelsea, MI, age 81, passed away on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at his home. He was born October 21, 1936, in Grand Rapids, MI, the son of Joseph and Sophia (Karpinski) Krucki. On August 23, 1958 he married Susan (Stewart), and she survives. He is also survived by his children Elaine Bogner, Timothy (Kathy) Krucki, Christopher (Marie) Krucki, his sister Penny Padgett, and grandchildren Kelly, Lizzie, Kevin, Krystan, Kayce, Shelby, Kyle, and Haley. He was preceded in death by his sister Judy Roobol.   Jim was a long-time math teacher at Detroit Cooley and Grosse Pointe North High Schools, as well as a successful football coach for 19 years.  He was inducted into the Michigan High School Football Association Coaches Hall of Fame in 2006 with an overall record of 108-50-2.  He was the 1973 Detroit Free Press Suburban Coach of the Year, the 1979 Detroit News Metro East Coach of the Year, and was inducted into the Grosse Pointe North Coaches Hall of Fame in 1981 after retiring from coaching in 1980. He was a fixture at many of his grandchildren’s events after retiring.===SF:  I had no idea. May he rest in peace. I loved him. He touched his students’ minds and hearts. 😒

FROM LBP:  Believe that you can? Yoda says, “Do or do not do. There is no try” I get waytoo caught up in “try.” I’ll try to attend that activity. I’ll try to do better about exercising. ... I’ll try to make a difference. Maybe I need more doing (or not doing)===JACK:  As a child, I learned: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."