Friday, May 31, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/31/19
“All kidding aside, if everyone did Yoga we’d have world peace.”  (Rory Freedman)  I know 4 yoga instructors, and all 4 have told me that yoga exercise is good for the body and that the mind benefits from meditation.  An enlightening college course for me was Oriental Religion which allowed me to compare my beliefs with Asian thought.  A desire for peace was a commonality.  It’s good that world peace does not depend on me doing yoga poses.   ;-)  Jack

FROM VW MARY:  Have been doing a senior senior version of yoga for several years...I don't know about world peace, but it does help with balance..===JACK:  Many churches now host yoga groups.  If I were still in "the business" I'd offer to be present to offer a spiritual thought at the beginning of each session.  I know that some instructors already do that.

FROM DR J IN OHIO:  FROM VW MARY:  Have been doing a senior senior version of yoga for several years...I don't know about world peace, but it does help with balance.===JACK:  I did it!  I did it!  That takes care of two fingers on each hand.  Now, what's the next yoga move?..===DR J:  very good grasshopper!  you’ve advanced to chair yoga:
emember, you don’t have to go ALL the way down to touch the floor !===JACK:  I've watched Chair Yoga, and it's not as easy as it sounds,  Crolyn is the leader...and she is good!  As for touching the floor, it's harder for me since I'm taller than you are...but I can still do it.

FROM MAILMAN MIKE:  Jack, you are funny!  I also have difficulty getting into the correct positions on a yoga mat.===JACK:  The part that I do best is...hmmmmmmmm!  My biggest problem is getting up from the mat.

FROM NOVA SCOTIA FISH:  Heard a few days ago that a Zen Master approached a hot dog vendor and said, “make me one with everything. “ The vendor handed him a hot dog with sauerkraut and chilli and all the rest. The customer handed him a $20 and didn’t receive any money back. He complained, but the vendor replied, “change must come from within.”  Not having any expertise in Zen, I don’t know the quality of this.  Hannelore and I are enjoying my 55th reunion at Princeton. 
It includes various lectures by classmates. The next scheduled one is by Marty Seligman on “Science of Happiness: Changing Behavior for Good.”===JACK:  I like that joke---and it's true!  If you were asked to speak as a Princeton grad, what would be your topic?===FISH:  Organization design and management processes at the global level of large business enterprises.  That was also what I described to a pastor from Nova Scotia, who pointed a finger at me and exclaimed “You! You’re the epitome of evil!”  I was amused and felt complimented at being awarded such a high status. I can only guess at his background.===JACK:  I've always considered it to be a Badge of Honor when you referred to me as the Benevolent Dictator.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  seeing you doing Yoga might have the world laughing instead of fighting.  think about it:):):)===JACK:  Maybe I'm a candidate for Senior Yoga.===PAUL:  That would be fun!   I think?!?!===JACK:  SOTV, the church that has everything for everyone, must have Senior Yoga class.===PAUL:  i don't think we have that one but it could be on the drawing board.  (actually,  we did have a group using the building a few years ago for a Yoga class but it was not officially sponsored by the church.  and i am pretty sure it is no longer functioning).   i would like to see a Siesta Class every afternoon about 1:00.===JACK:  ZZZzzzzzz  

FROM BB IN CHGO:  I agree; though yoga is a noble pursuit that seems to benefit many people.
Last winter I finished an interesting book written by a (former) Episcopal pastor called, “Holy Envy”.  The book starts with her departing from her pastoral vocation and teaching “world religion” at the college level.   Rather than make the class a sheer academic endeavor, she attempts to inspire students to visit various houses of worship, meet religious leaders and members and try to understand and appreciate what the various spiritual traditions teach.  They’re looking at the sparks and touchpoints that each faith has which might make others “envious” of their spiritual practice or tradition.  It was an eye opener and an inspiration to me.===JACK:  If I were to teach at any level, I would choose World Religions.  A specific religion would be too limiting for me.

FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  When I was lots, lots younger, used to try to do yoga on a towel in front of the TV with some woman--I think her name was lilias but memory is foggy on this.  She sure did look peaceful and full of tranquility, me I was just trying to get my knees to touch the floor while in that sitting posture.  Believe I would have done better if I would have watched her and started as a toddler but we didn't have a TV then.  Finding that naps are helpful for peace and tranquility. ===JACK:  I wonder if there's such a thing as "Yoga While Lying in Bed?"

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS"  I do chair-yoga and also acupuncture.  I should be good!   Ha! ===JACK:  Acupuncture?  What does that do?  I have injections in each every 11 weeks, or so.  Does that count as acupuncture?  ===MARLYS:  No—injections don’t count!  Ha!  It can help with any problem.  At the moment she is treating me for a leg problem and also sleep problems.  She worked on allergies this time.  And the needles don’t hurt.  The best part is that I lay still for about 1/2 hour listening to very soothing music.  I really like it.===JACK:  I looked it up....According to the history of acupuncture, acupuncture practice began during the Stone Age when sharp-edged tools and stones were used to puncture and drain abscesses. Acupuncture was first recorded in the ancient Chinese medical text Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine.
===MARLYS:  I don’t know why it works, but it does.  I first started going years ago for my asthma problems and my feet.  No problems there anymore.  I still go see my asthma Dr. Once a year and take medication—but that has been cut way down.  I don’t dare stop taking it because I don’t want the asthma to flare up!  Uff Da!===JACK:  Whatever works, works...even psychosomatic. 

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Does exercising the mind count?===JACK:, you liked taking tests in school?  Not me!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/30/19
“If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt.”  (René Descartes)  A physicist that I knew would sit in his car while his daughter was in the church’s Sunday School.  I also knew the pastor of that church.  He came out and talked to the man.  

 FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Why do we confuse faith with religion?  I wonder if religion gets into the way of having faith?===JACK:  Faith and religion are two different things (like comparing apples and oranges).  "Religion" is a group or person trying to explain their concept of faith.  By nature, that explanation is imperfect, because, as a professor explained to me, "you can't unscrew the inscrutable!" 

 FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  had a discussion on my fb page yesterday as to whether a merciful god only allows christians into heaven... i say that is a man-made restriction. i am sharing your blog today. thanks!===JACK:  Jesus repeated common sense..."Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit."  I was very fortunate to have had good teachers.  I'm glad that in college my major was philosophy rather than religion.  It allowed me to see religion/faith in a wider view. ..Referring back to your comment, Heaven and who's there (and not there) are religious concepts and subject to debate with no definitive answer.===LIZ:  i agree... a lot can be lost in translation, as they say

FROM JB IN OLV::  My husband is in a Wednesday morning men's Bible study.  A church member who is a relatively new Christian is teaching it presently.  Evidently, there were several questions about who wrote the creation study....which the teacher responded is in the Bible and that is how it happened!  Who cares who and when it was written!  I don't know how I can teach you anything if you don't already believe it!  I asked Bill if he was giving the guy a hard time...he said actually it wasn't just he that was asking questions.===JACK:  O my! 

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  What an interesting story! Like C.S.Lewis, when he [pondered and overcame his doubts, he did a 360 turnabout!! Definitely one's faith gets a bump up, as doubts are  resolved, or set aside, in your faith journey!  We will always need faith to follow Christ; we will not
:"know, as we are known" until we pass over to the "Other Realm"!===JACK:  I'm generally suspicious of those "Bible people" who have all the answers. 

 FROM INDY GENIE:  Good quote...great story.  So...the pastor, who you knew, who went out to the car and talked to the man in the car....was that anyone I know?  Just curious!===JACK:  The pastor who did the inviting was Dr O.V. Anderson, a friend of mine.  The scientist was a friend of mine, too.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Wonderful words and a very moving story!  Just think, those few words led a man to God!  ===JACK: a better understanding of God.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/29/19
“Press on.  Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.”  (Ray Kroc)  I don’t know if they’re the best batteries, but a few days ago I bought some Energizers, partly because of that Bunny ad.  They keep going and going!  A woman came to Jesus asking for him to heal her daughter.  For some reason he refused.  But she persisted, and eventually her request was granted.  Prayer requests aren’t always answered immediately, so follow Ray Kroc’s advice.   ;-)  Jack 

 FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  and it all started with one little hamburger stand in CA, i think it was...===JACK:  I think he bought the name and concept from the McDonald brothers.  It was a small operation...probably more than one "joint."  I suppose you've eaten at McDonald's in other countries.  Is the taste the same?  we ate some of their ice cream cones in Indonesia in 1995.   it was soooo hot and humid outside that anything would have tasted good.   i have heard that they do alter their menus somewhat in places like China, etc.   also, did you know Ray only paid his secretary with stock for several years because they were short on cash.  she retired a multi-millionaire!    not bad work, if you can get it,  as they say.====JACK:  WWs has some interesting responses.  Read this nect one fro Gustir Marlys.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  As an interesting side light—my aunt Nina was Ray Kroc’s personal secretary for many years.===JACK:  WWs reader Paul said that Kroc paid his secretary in stock and that she retired as a millionaire.  Do you know if this is true?===MARLYS:  I do not.  They never had any children but took in several from Wheaton College.  I have a feeling that is where their money went.  She always dressed like a millionaire that is for sure.  They retired to Winewood Springs in Colorado Springs with a bunch of other Covenenters.  They belonged to the church that Warner Solmon (of the painting of Christ fame) belonged to.  They were always very good to me and my cousin too.  ===MORE:  She came from a family of 12 kids.  She was the last—the 9th girl—so they named her Nina!  She got to do all the things the other kids never could.  Interesting.  She was really pretty too

   FROM TAMPA SHIRL: One day at a time!===JACK:  Where did you learn that slogan?  It's a good one. ===SHIRL:   Since I got older I guess! Right now I have many graduations, birthdays, and great grandchildren and many trips! The iPhone is so great to keep everyone posted! Right now a grandson is flying to Hamburg to attend a meeting. Another family is leaving for two weeks in Europe this Sunday! ===JACK:  I wonder if there's a McDonald's in Hamburg, the city where the hamburger is said to have been invented?   

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  How very true!  We press on toward whatever goals and prayers needed!===JACK:  Prayer (words) are good, but there are times (like now) when they need legs.  

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Jan (my twin) and I ate at McDonald's in London, Paris, & in always got a great cup of coffee!  Menu similar, but not as extensive as in US.. don't
often frequent MAC'S IN THE U.S. but this saying is true: persistence often beats out Talent in vying for jobs, acting roles, and athletic ability!===JACK:  Kroc was persistent in saying that "quality matters."  And that's true for more than a hamburger.  It;s basically true for your life and mine.

FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  I always enjoy reading your Winning Words.  Today's are especially interesting to me.  Wondering if the reference regarding the woman coming to Jesus, asking him to heal her daughter, is from the story about the Canaanite woman in the Gospel of Matthew?  Actually, somehow I got hold of a whole dissertation written about this story, on and, in that dissertation, the student makes a case that the woman was a Jewish proselyte, evidently women pagans could become Jewish proselytes and in the Jewish way of conversion, the person is asked three times in sort of a brusque manner about their sincerity or something, their seriousness and Jesus was doing this very sort of querying publicly in front of his disciples.  It seems that Jesus did heal the daughter but without compelling the Canaanite woman to convert more than she was converted into being Jewish-Christian or something--if I remember the study with any understanding.  Written to a Jewish-Christian community where there was all of this navigation as to what Jewish laws need to be abrogated in order to be a follower of Jesus, the story had a lot of meaning in the old days and evidently was preached on by some preacher in the Pseudo-Clementine times in the Third Century.  In our own times, when there is all of this shuffling about of folks between denominations and so forth and so forth and it almost seems like denominations wondering if the identity is to just be "Christian" or is there any value any more to even having a denominational identity which reflects some serious theological stands on theological issues, to me anyway--this story in the scriptures--where Jesus himself is involved in some sort of "navigating" of the Canaanite woman's religious identity carries volumes of meaning to me.  According to the dissertation anyway, Jesus seems to have been very sympathetic to the total context of this woman's life and, I believe, making it easier for her, not harder, for her to live in her community.  Strange you quoted this kind of quote today, Pastor Freed, never thought there would ever be any occasion for me to share some of my reading and interests on the subject of the Canaanite woman.===JACK:  That's all very interesting, but it all comes down to the question...Why dies God (seemingly) refuse to answer all of our prayers?  That feeling can be very stressful.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/28/19
“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  (Dr. Seuss)  There’s no doubt about the last Monday in May.  It’s a day for remembering.  It began as a way to honor those (both blue and gray) who had died in the Civil War.  It has become a time to honor all military veterans…and now all loved ones.  At our community’s observance at the local cemetery, I’m moved as I see people standing by tombstones - remembering.   ;-)  Jack

FROM WALMART REV:  "lest we forget, God sent forth His Son!" 0;-)===JACK:  "Lest we forget" ...(the passage continues)..."that ALL the world.." amd that has a need for interpretation.===REV:  ...didn't I adequately cover that???? 0;-)===JACK:  I guess, as a Lutheran, I was trying to emphasize that ALL are saved by grace, not by our works (or even by our words).===REV:  My first thought centered around a couple of the popular "mega church" and nationally known media leaders declaring "all" are saved and teaching of a literally hell as a place of eternal judgement is no longer "en vogue". ===JACK:  "Saved by grace" means to me that salvation is up to God and (somehow) there will be a judgment where ALL will be dependent on "mercy."  I'll let God deal with the mega churches.  What I'm most concerned about is how God will deal with me.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  we had a very wet and windy day here but there were still a lot of folks who went to the cemetery to remember===JACK:  Memorial Day was a beautiful day in Michigan.  But those who want to remember are not encouraged or discouraged by the weather.  Tears are like raindrops.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  nearly every grave at davenport’s memorial park had flowers on saturday when i went to visit. due to all the rain, the grass was electric green... what a beautiful sight! ===JACK:  There's an Arabian Proverb..."All sunshine makes a desert."   Some people don't like cemeteries.  A walk among the tombstones helps me to remember.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  It is a good day.  Good in the sense we remember!  This world is so full of distractions and we sometimes get too involved with ourselves.  We forget the people who enabled us to have this life.  God bless the men and women of the service!===JACK:  Memorial Day is part of a 3-day weekend that allows us to make some choices.  What are we going to do??

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  My childhood memory of Memorial Day is marching with a great band of people with our floral bouquets &  flags, from the Franklin Grove town square to the cemetery, and laying our flowers and flags on a veteran's grave, then hearing "taps" played by my uncle Ted on his trumpet, echoing throughout the cemetery. followed by an address by some orator. Then all the people visited right there at the cemetery, and had lemonade, cookies and ice cream!  We'd already come with my Mom to decorate all the family graves with roses, iris and peonies.  Jan  and I loved Memorial day, and felt so important running to find undecorated soldier's graves, and laying our flowers and flags to thank them for their service!  Franklin Grove was my beloved Grandpa Phillips home town, and where my mom was raised. The cemetery looked so festive decorated with all the fresh flowers and flags! :-)===JACK:  Yesterday my sister and I shared our memories of Memorial Day when we were children.  Peonies was one of them.  Trimming the grass on the gravesite.  Our dog chasing the gophers.  Going to the parade.  The sound of gunfire by the veterans' honor guard, and rushing for the empty shell casings as they fell to the ground...and a picnic afterward. 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/24/19
“A poor person isn’t he who has little, but he who needs a lot.”  (German Proverb)  Defining “poverty” can become complicated.  Officially it’s, $25,100 for a family of 4.  “The Coal Miner’s Daughter sang, “We were poor but we had love  That's the one thing that daddy made sure of.”  I remember the poverty of the Great Depression, but I also remember the love.  Gov’t programs have eased financial burdens greatly, but there’s still the need for love.   ;-)  Jack

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  That  is an excellent quote. As Bill used to say; "Want what you have, and you'll always have what you want!" (Which was sometimes hard for me to do!) For a lot of us, "things" become less important as we age. Health and friendship and family top the list of Love! ===JACK:  Growing up in the Great Depression era helped to put things and love into the proper perspective.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good words, Jack.  thanks.   so few Americans have any recollection or knowledge of the Great Depression which shaped the American character for decades.    now we just seem to take prosperity for granted.  this may not be a good thing.  have a good Memorial Day weekend===JACK:  People growing up in this era will be shaped....into what?

FROM WALMART REV:  I can say without a doubt nowadays, I have reached my high school goal (1965) of earning a $10,000 yearly wage . . . I assured myself I would be very content in life with that much money to work with!!!. 0;-))===JACK:  In 1954, my first year of ministry, my salary for serving 3 churches was $4,500...but it was a steady job.  The rewards aren't always financial.

 . .

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/23/19
“God enters by a private door into every individual.”  (Emerson)  I saw an article…6 Ways to Meet God Without Going to Church.  Lest you get some bad ideas, I also saw…God Meets You Where You Are, And That Can Be Threatening.  Also causing me to reflect was this saying: Wherever you are, I am!...God.  I don’t presume to know how God comes into contact with you, or anyone else.  I have enough to be concerned about when it comes to my own private door.   ;-)  Jack 

FROM TAMPA SHIRLS:  Faith is a great gift!===JACK:  Think of the places where faith is practiced besides in church.  When getting on an airplane (or Ubering), eating in a restaurant, going into an operating room...just to mention a few.

FROM OUTHOUSE HUDY:  He is a Mystery.  How He does what He does and why He does it is something we won’t know until we meet Him.===JACK:  Do we really HAVE TO KNOW?  I like the hymn:  
Yes, Jesus is the truth, the way  That leads you into rest
Believe in Him without delay   And you are fully blessed
Only trust Him, only trust Him  Only trust Him now
He will save you, He will save you   He will save you now 

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  ,,As we were taught many years ago, "He stands at the "door" (of your heart) and knocks". As per the world-famous picture of Christ knocking at the door with no outside doorknob.  He has to be invited in! I just reread  Anita Moorjani's account of her Near-Death experience (Dying To Be Me) which is so  fascinating to me, with her background of Hinduism, Chinese customs and beliefs, and British and Catholic schooling!  She makes
a convincing argument that we ARE God (unconditional love) in essence, and when we cross over to the other :realm" we realize our "magnificence". We need to love ourselves, and all others, as in our souls, we are all connected into "One".  Love her book and its insights! A powerful read!  So by whatever "door" God enters, he is "there" for us!  :-)===JACK:  There has to be another explanation for the words of Jesus, "No one comes to the Father but by me."  BTW, you probably know this song...
Behold, behold!
I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock,
Behold, behold!
I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock,
If anyone hear my voice,
If anyone hear my voice,
And will open, open, open the door,
I will come in.
(Maybe your Sunday School class can  sing it together this coming Sunday)
===OAKS:  I so agree, and even many missionaries come to that conclusion, as they meet devout and wonderful people of many; faiths and beliefs, such as Hindu and Buddha and  Muslim, etc. etc. We are ONE in the spirit!!===JACK:  I'm glad that we're on the same page.  "We are one in the Lord, and we pray that unity will one day be restored."  

FROM WALMART REV:  That “still small voice” gets my attention often! 0;-)===JACK:  If one way doesn't work, God has other ways of capturing out attention.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/22/19
“The old believe everything.  The middle-aged suspect everything.  The young know everything.”  (Oscar Wilde)  Jay Leno got laughs when he asked some adults civics questions.  Jay:  “Who elects Congress?”  Ans: “The President.”  Jay:  “How many stars on the flag?”  Ans:: “32?”  There’s discussion about lowering the Federal voting age to 16.  What should be the determining factor when it comes to voting?  If Oscar W is right, each age has its problems.   ;-)  Jack

FROM WALMART REV:  Perhaps a refresher course reminding us why the current age was selected in the first place might help know if it should be changed today?! I've never given it a challenging thought myself?! 0;-)===JACK:  I think that there's room for all of us in the world and in the Church, too.  More and more, I see politics as a manipulating of the mind.  Some accuse accuse religion of the same thing...but, isn't that what education is all about?  The mind was created for thinking.  As a pastor I've always tried to get people to "think" about what they believe...and to see that there's a place for faith, too.  A professor once taught me, "You can't find God at the end of a logical syllogism."

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I don’t think that is funny at all.  I think it is pretty sad!
===JACK:   ...and those were only two out several that I could have used.  But, we don't always  have the best candidates to choose from, do we? ===GM:  We sure don’t.  They seem to be in it for themselves and not the people they represent.  But we keep on reelecting them!  ===JACK:  Well, you do have Senator Amy!GM:  True.  I didn’t vote for her.  You probably knew that.===JACK:  I just wanted to pull your chain.===GM:  She may be our next President.===JACK:  As Lou once said, "She's got spunk!"---GM;  That she does.  You know that her Dad became a Lutheran and got sober.  He had been born and raised a Catholic.  Just came from a Bell Choir picnic.  We had a “jello” contest!  It was fun.  Lots of us made jello.  It may turn into an annual event!  Ha!  I have friends who traveled with Amy's father, Jim Klobuchar on a couple of bike trips and also climbed Kilimanjaro with him.  I don’t think they even knew he had an alcohol problem at the time.  

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  legal majority... 18. everything should be 18. if you are old enuf to be drafted, you can vote, smoke, drink, own guns.===JACK:  In 1971 President Nixon signed the 26th Amendment to lower the voting age  from 21 to 18.  How old were you at that time?

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  HA! Good old Oscar Wilde...I think the old are pretty discerning, and question a lot!  18 is probably as low as the voting age should get, tho I worked for
Thomas Dewey as a teen-ager. Came to respect his opponent much more (Truman) in later years!  I've always voted, every election, but have sometimes felt like the person (Leno?) who said, "If God wanted us to vote, he should have given us candidates..."Still, the popular vote is crucial to our governing!===JACK:  After winning the Revolution, the country decided it didn't want a king.  WW 2 was fought to say: "We don't want a dictator, wither." 

 FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  Jack,  i read recently that 30 million Americans can only read at the 2nd or 3rd grade level.  also,  the average American now reads at about the 10th grade level.  not good signs for a democracy that needs an educated electorate for it to work well. ===JACK:  ...and just because people can read does not mean that they can think (discern). 

 FROM VW MARY:  Scary stuff.....===JACK:  I wonder what would happen if Jay Leno interviewed people (even church members) about things religious.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I couldn’t wait to vote.  But I really can’t say if 16 year olds are able to realize what the issues when voting.  It’s said the brain in not fully developed until age 21 or 22.  However having a brain and using it are two different things!===JACK:  I believe that the same things were said before the voting age was lowered fro 21 to 18.  An official in Green Bay, WI, was opposed to lowering the voting age , because "most young people lean Democrat."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/21/19
“ One thing you can learn from the clock is that it passes time by keeping its hands busy.”  (Unknown)  Some modern kids have trouble using a dial telephone.  Some adults even have trouble telling time unless it’s digital.  A grandfather clock is a mystery them.  A quarter to or   Half past.  What’s that?  So, if today’s quote is meaningless to you, you’re not alone.  The only watch I know of that has hands is Mickey Mouse one.  Mickey’s hands are always busy.   ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  and if i remember correctly,  he only has 3 fingers on each hand!    mice don't usually have fingers:):):)   or hands! ===JACK:  Hans with 3 fingers and a thumb are examples of how Disney was able to connect Mickey (his original name was Mortimer) with his audience...create an anthropomorphic mouse.  Hmmmm!  Do you suppose it's right to refer to Jesus as an anthropomorphic God.  Chew on that for a while today!===PAUL:  i can chew on that but i also run the risk of ending the day with a sore jaw...    and yes,  there was/is a thumb too.

FROM THE FISH IN NOVA SCOTIA:  We presently have two refugee families in our community. The first was from Darfur and none of them could read or speak English. The courageous and charming mother was now responsible to understand appointments and get herself and her children (as young as 5) to them on time. I passed them three non-digital watches from the estate of a deceased friend, and another team member went over to explain how to read them, with the assistance of Google Translate and a lot of hand waving etc.   The watches had been set by our kind local jewelry (who checked them over for free), but something looked funny to our team member and she found that the mother (who had never had the opportunity to get any formal schooling in any language) had hers on backwards. I mean, why not? The two ladies had a good laugh about it.===JACK:  That's an interesting thought....not only do people from different parts of the word have different physical features, garb, languages, idioms and customs...  They can have different concepts o time (long and short term).  Thanks to your community that "dares" to resettle refugees!===THE FISH:  both families tell us frequently that they are gratified how well they have been embraced by this fine community--quite a contrast from murder and ethnic cleansing both families have seen

FROM SF IN WB:  See you Friday at 11:30  AM.===JACK:  I plan to leave home when the little hand in on eleven and the big hand is on two, so that I'm there when the big hand gets to six.===S:  Perfect plan!===JACK:  Did you ever teach "telling time" when you were in the business?

 FROM DAZ IN COLORADO:  What time is it when the little hand is on the one and the big hand is on the three?  Half past one. Your right, that's a lost art.   

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I have a Mickey Mouse watch!  It is old!===JACK:  Some millennials are wearing Mickey Mouse watches to show how hip they are.  Maybe you should start wearing yours to show that you are hip, too.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Every generation learns a new way to do things...such as tell time.  But there is nothing like a Grandfather Clock chiming out every 15 minutes and playing the West Minister song on the hour.     Ours was ruined during a burst water pipe Year’s ago but we have three chiming clocks one which plays hymns every hour!===JACK:  I wonder if your "hymn clock" plays the hymn, "I Need Thee Every Hour?"===JUDY:  No, it doesn’t play that song but about 10 others.  It also plays Christmas hymns and 16 Classical songs.  I love it.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  All of my watches have hands. Guess that's rare anymore?  Avery (9) can tell time by clock's hands; they still teach that in Kindergarten at school!  My hands shot a 52 in Golf League this AM, so that was a "Happy busy"...But really cold on the course with brisk wind and no sun! :-( !   Seriously, busy hands and feet do make the time pass quickly;  Thankful to have the health to be busy!!===JACK:  Busy hands?  Many churches have quilting groups, or groups that are committed to serving the hungry at soup kitchens.  I know that "your hands" do more than grip a golf club.  What groups do you have in your church?===OAKS:  Our congregation is older and much smaller, now. Under Bill's pastorate we had several community service projects;  Training those fresh out of prison, or in danger of going in that direction, to learn a trade, working under men in our
church who were plumbers,, electricians, had businesses, etc. very successful. A home for men who could not live alone, but with a mentor could live in a group home. Housing six men; Bill was one of several who initiated a home for abused  women and kids to stay until they were stabilized,  It's grown to be quite a huge operation, operated by the city now. sometimes for several months.  And working with the homeless. NOW we still feed the homeless once a month, and have Trunk or Treat, EAster egg hunt, summer play day, for the neighborhood and do various short projects. Our folks are
incredibly generous for those in need!  Our SR luncheons draw from several churches now, once month Sept-May. But we don't have the leadership to do what we once did ! Times change, the banner passes!===JACK:  A great ministry, to be sure.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/20/19
“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”  (JFK)  A shingle roof should last for 20 years.  I’m overdue, but since I don’t see any ceiling wet spots, I’m going to wait awhile.  Often that’s how it works with my To-Do-List.  A plaque on my wall reads: If it weren’t for the last minute a lot of things wouldn’t get done.  That plaque is a leftover from my college days.  A friend recently gave me the name of a good roofer.  I wonder if he does winter work?   ;-)  Jack 

FROM GOOD DEBY JON:  Mine is 19 years old. This week they are replacing the vent flashing and a few ridge shingles. We are starting a new home in the next 60 days. The architect specified 50 yr Timberline shingles. The guarantee is only good if installed by GAF certified roofers, probably 2 times the cost? 50 years will out pace my probable remaining economic life. Of course then I won't have to deal with a roof as a centenarian.===JACK:  Pay the extra and be done with less worry.Are you taking ANCORA IMPARO with you?  I hope so.  "Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus adent" is a worthy substitute

FROM DR J IN OHIO:  Jeanne must’ve looked at that plaque a few too many times :-)===JACK:  We're sometimes compared.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  my roof had shingles sooo  curly that it looked like Shirley Temple's hair!     still not a leak anywhere.  i got a full 20 years out of it.  i had roofers knocking on my door almost begging me to sign a contract.  it all worked out just fine.  and all done by Hispanic workers who are the best!!  we tipped them all generously...===JACK:  Do you remember when Shirley Temple was a U.S. diplomat to Ghana and Czechoslovakia?  Your roof was probably put on at that time.===PAUL:  i had forgotten that.  wonder how she did as a diplomat?  likely rather charming i would imagine...===JACK:  As I recall, she did pretty well.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I DID have a wet spot on my TV room ceiling, alerting me to necessary roof and chimney repair last Fall! One of our church members did a great job, very reasonably.
Finding good workers to do small repair jobs is often a problem for widows like me. (So spoiled by having a handy husband for 51 years!) But certainly  true that an ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure! Good quote!  Most of us are "last minute Lucys, or Lewies" at some point in our lives!!===JACK:  Once we lived next to the church.  I remember finishing a sermon as the church bell was ringing signaling the beginning of worship.

FROM LJ:  Good morning Jack, I am responding to your Winning Words and roof concerns. Last year I had some concerns regarding my aging roof and was recommended to a roofer, Paul Merkle of  Merkle roofing and home improvements. I called Paul and told him I had no visual issues but would like an expert, him, to walk my roof and give me a professional opinion. I know that was risky because it was in his best interest, financially, to tell me I should replace my roof. Paul came over on a miserable, rainy day, spent about 10 minutes on my roof and told me it had looked like it had good life left, don't touch it unless I notice a change or sign of a possible leak. I wanted to pay him and he said only to think of him when that time comes for replacement.. I would recommend that you call Paul or someone trust worthy like him and ask for a professional opinion for planning purposes. ===JACK:  Thanks for the advice.  Your recommendation of Siggy was outstanding.  No more basement water problems.

FROM PG :  You always make me  smile!===JACK:  Sometimes I make myself smile.  I do this writing, because I enjoy the interaction with friends.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  As one who had two roofs damaged from wind I would say don’t wait until you need it done.  However, many roofs last longer than 20 years!  So it’s up to you!  Happy Monday===JACK:  Question....When you reshingled the house, would you reshingle the outhouse, too?

FROM OPTILOU:  I had a new roof installed on my house 2 years ago.  American Standard Roofing, 248-350-2323.  They installed a new roof on my son's house, his in-laws house and a friend of mine who is in the building trades!  I highly recommend them and give them 2 thumbs up!===JACK:  It's always good to get recommendations from a friend.  That's how churches and synagogues grow, too.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/17/19
“We accumulate our opinions at an age when our understanding is at its weakest.”  (G.C Lichtenberg).  I have a large tree in my front yard which began as a scraggly bush transplanted from a vacant lot.  The one who moved it cut off some stems and branches, tied it to a stake and now!...beautiful maple tree.  “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)  The Book of Proverbs is a favorite of mine.   ;-)  Jack

FROM WALMART REV:  Thank you!===JACKl  As the Willmar Swedes would say..."var så god!"

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  That may be true, but they can and do change through the years, for most of us. We dig a little deeper than we did in our teens and twenties...!===JACK:  I think that the author is referring to our "basics."  At least, in my case, I think that's true.  I have seen changes, of course, but the basics are still there.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/16/19
“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch, but on her own wings.  Always believe in yourself.”  (Unknown)  In the Bible Paul wrote to some friends of his…”I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  As I look back on my life I see times when God has entered life events and given me a kind of power to persevere.  As the bird trusts in its wings, I trust in God’s omnipresence..   ;-)  Jack

FROM GK:  Love today’s message. They all start my day.  Today’s started it but with a smile also. ===JACK:  I need to be reminded each day of the omnipotence available in God's omnipresence. 

FROM LBP;  A nice message in a harried week.===JACK:  I like this song..."Why should I feel discouraged,  Why should the shadows come,  Why should my heart be lonely,  And long for heaven, heaven and home,  When, when Jesus is my portion,  My constant Friend is He;  Oh, oh-oh, his eye is on the sparrow,  "And I know He watched, watched it over me."

FROM WALMART REV:  ... usually seen much clearer when 'looking back on life' than having to face the music there on the spot?!?! "Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey!" 0;-)===JACK:  Jimmy Durante would entertain people by singing: "You gotta start off each day with a song."  Your suggestion of "Trust and Obey" is a good one...for "there's no other way." 

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good stuff today, Jack.  thanks!    sometime i will tell you why birds can sleep all night perched on a branch, even in a wind storm,  and never fall off.  curious?===JACK:  Curious?  ...if serious.  A joke? can wait.===PAUL:  true story.  most birds of flight have a mechanism in their leg structure that is something like a vice grip.  you know what a vice grip is i am sure.  and once the bird squats down on the branch with claws wrapped around the branch,  the legs literally lock into position and the bird will not fall no matter what.  only when the bird rises up off the branch does the vice grip release and the bird can then fly away.  who knew?? ===JACK:  That is interesting information, indeed.

FROM BB IN CHGO:  Good morning!  Thank you for this inspiration  One of my favorites! ===JACK:  I'm amazed at the hummingbirds that come to the feeder at my house.  I've never seen their wings except in slo-mo pictures...and then there are the hawks that soar overhead.  Their wings fascinate me.  Different birds, but still the same.  When will we grasp that with regard to people? ===BB:  Birds fascinate me too; will see if I have pix that a friend took of a Hawk recently.  He could be a national geographic photographer.  I was also amused at yesterday’s NPR story about a brown bear that habituated to maple glazed doughnuts left by a New Hampshire? Resident.  When the guy passed away and no treats were left out, the bear began looking elsewhere in the community.  This prompted some wildlife commission to relocate it some 1000 miles away to a preserve.  They did not imagine or realize that since she still had cubs, she would travel back 1000 mi to her home town.  Nature amazes me.===JACK:  We have so much to learn from the world around.  Why waste so much time watching the news which disturbs us instead of things that amaze us?  Oh, well...

FROM JT IN WB:  Thank you, my friend.  I appreciate the reminder.===JACK:  You have the priviledge of looking out5 of your window and seeing many nature stories in your backyard.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  To thine own self be true!===JACK:  Good advice!  Do you know who said it?

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:.  I know it was wrong, but I wrote most of the speeches of two of my friends... Mike and Jeff.===JACK:  Who among us doesn't want to help out friends once in a while.  And, as for being wrong, that's why God created  the forgiveness of sins. ===JUDY:  Bird-watching is one of my favorite pastimes.  I even have named some.  They trust on their wings and we trust God’s love!===JACK:  I've never heard of someone giving the "feeder birds" name.  We're to;d that God  knows each of us by name.  

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Love this devotional thought; sharing it with my S.S. class this Sunday! Perfect for our lesson!  Thanks for brightening my day. When I retired from teaching, my Jazz Choir gave me a plague with a picture of them, and of me, with the inscription, " I Can Do All Things
Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.": I was very surprised by that, as I hadn't thought I ever
emphasized my faith in my teaching that much, but actually it was one of my "key" verses to live by!

(That I don't ever remember quoting to them!)===JACK:  Yours is an example of how what you do speaks louder than what you say.  Evidently the one who put the gift together was familiar with that verse and with you and put the two together.  There’s nothing wrong with looking back and remembering the people you’ve influenced (and who have influenced you).


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/15/19
“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.  Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”  (Churchill)  Glossophobia is a geeky name for fear of speaking in public, and it’s said that 25% of people have this phobia.  Winston Churchill was not only a good speaker, but he had worthwhile things to say..  His speeches were charismatic, simple, precise, inspirational…  with dry humor.  He knew when to stand up and he knew when to sit down, too.   ;-)  Jack

FROM HONEST JOHN:  Wisdom seems wrapped up in that statement as well.===JACK:  In a way, is Churchill, wisdom personified?  ...JOHN:  Or, Lincoln?===JACK:  ...or Jesus!

FROM JT IN ST:  I really appreciated your winning words again today ===JACK:  I like the saying: "God gave us one mouth and two ears,"  Evidently he wants us to LISTEN more

. GROM BLAZING OAKS:  He was indeed a unique leader, and what a character! Last year I read the first ever bio published of Clementine, his loyal and supportive wife...a challenging role to say the least, and I think one of the reasons he could be who he was,  as is often the case with successful men. He's also profiled in "No Ordinary Times", Doris Kearns Goodwin's book about FDR and Eleanor.  But  he certainly had a way with words & courage of his convictions! Good quote! ===JACK:  I visited the place in Missouri (Westminster College) where he gave the famous Iron Curtain speech.

FROM PEE WEE: Amen.===JACK:  I'm glad that we're on the same page.

FROM ME IN NEWPORT BEACH:   One if my life heroes.===JACK:  There were many heroes in WW 2.  Although I did not enjoy it at the time, I am proud to say that I lived during that time.  Your father served in that war, didn't he?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/14/19
“The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not worshipped.”  (Pierre Trudeau)  I couldn’t believe the headline.  “Tennessee judge posts an article that included:  “Jews should 'get the f*** over the Holocaust.”  If you want to get over something, get over prejudices like sexism, racism and xenophobia.  They’re rampant, even “worshipped” by some..  Things we shouldn’t get over are respecting basic values, telling the truth, caring for the unfortunate and the oppressed.  ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  you wouldn't happen to be talking about Trump, by chance??? ===JACK:  I'm writing about anyone who ===PAUL:  about 90% of the human race...needs to get over sexism, racism, xenophobia and who needs to care for basic human values.===JACK:  That's why pastors are encouraged to preach "the word," not just in the pulpit, but by the life lived on the outside of that box.===PAUL:  Bishop Mark Hanson tried to do that by adopting two children of different ethnic/racial backgrounds.  it wasn't easy but "trail blazers" often do not have a smooth road in i am sure you are aware.===JACK:  "Idealism" doesn't always lead to an ideal life.  Jesus said: “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."

FROM SHALOM JAN:  Now, here's a quote that could be posted all over some church buildings!
In one congregation where I was intentional interim, the call committee chair received a note from one candidate who was backing out of the process, saying, "You worship your past pastors.  I want to worship God."===JACK:  Everyone is entitled to express an opinion, even in church.  We have denominations to accommodate the disgruntled (for whatever reason).  Some choose to belong to the St. Mattress Church.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  How true that is!===JACK:  I appreciate Pope Francis because of his positive social agenda.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Amen. Unfortunately the devil is still working his evil through people .===JACK:  St Peter wrote:  "Be sober, be watchful: your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."

FROM DR J IN OHIO:   Amen===JACK: I see that you're wearing your Thinking Cap today.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  There is so much hatred!  But it’s been this way from the first people.  Just when we think there’s no hope, you read or see something about people helping people.  We must focus on the good instead of the evil.'===JACK:  Sometimes it takes some searching to find it, but there's a lot of good in the world.  We tend to find what we're looking for.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I hope we NEVER get over the Holocaust.  It just cannot happen again—and if we forget it—it will happen again for sure.  How can human beings be so terrible toward other humans???===JACK:  I remember a radio program called, The Shadow.  It began with a sinister voice saying, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?"  We need to be reminded that there are evil people in this world.  

===FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  How true that is!===JACK: 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/13/19
“And now, this is the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see.”  (Donald Cargill)  As I first read this quote my mind tried to choose between many glorious days that I’ve experienced.  I was not prepared to read that Cargill said this while walking to the gallows…so great was his expectation of going to heaven.  May 13 is one of my sweetest days ever.  What would be your choice?  ;-)  Jack

FROM WALMART REV:  "Receiving 'Winning Words' once again on this very day in May, 2019!" 0;-)===JACK:  Recently I changed the way of sending out Winning Words.  The new server evidently reviewed the mailing list and must have eliminated some shady characters.  I'm glad that you're back online.

FROM SUES:  May 13th works for me, so far!===JACK:  So far, so the saying goes.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  May 25th,  my birthday!:):):)===JACK:  Chloe Lukasiak and Ralph Waldo Emerson share your birth date!===PAUL:  then they have honored me greatly!:):):) ===JACK:  Did you have to look up Chloe?

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  Sweetest day ever?.....Today and then tomorrow in that order.
Jack, You have the best invocations and opening prayers for sure. I watched the replay of Michigan week and you were a hit. .===JACK:  Don't forget yesterday.  I like that Beatles song.  As far as prayers being a hit, I try to aim them at G-d!

FROM VW MS:  Did you get married on that date? ===JACK:  May 13 was my youngest daughter's birthday...on Mother's Day.

FROM SHALOM JAN:  May 25th, my baptismal date!===JACK:  I can't remember the date of mine...but it happened in the living room of our home...and by a Missouri Synod pastor.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  WOW! That is powerful! I  don't imagine many of us would have thought of our dying day; as the sweetest and most glorious day; of our lives! I would be hard-put to winnow out the sweetest day of all the sweet days my life has held, and I know I am blessed to be able to say that; like Mother's Day yesterday with all the family, and the accolades received as the "Matriarch Mother"!  Would  that I was even half the woman they they portray... but it's sweet!!===JACK:  It was on a whim that I looked up information about Donald Cargill.  Sometimes "the rest of the story" is more interesting than the first part of the story.  Cargill also said that he was looking forward to taking off his ragged clothing and exchanging it for a brand new suit and wearing it as he walked down the streets of heaven.  Did you wear a new dress on Mother's Day?===OAKS:  Yes, I did....a beautiful soft pink sweater set with sculpted roses on it, gifted to me by John's wife . I felt elegant, and received many compliments. :-) Thanking me for taking care of them during their surgery and heart attack recoveries. Isn't that what Mothers do?! Had a great mother's day with church, S.S> and John at the grill with our favorite "Patio Chicken" dish and the rest of us bringing "Pot luck" to share. Ages 4-89...:-)===JACK:  Some holes would have to be made in that dress to accommodate those wings that you will also be wearing as you walk down the streets of gold.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  First of all, Happy Sweetest Day of the Year.  Mine would be May 12...the beginning of the 42nd year of my life with Gary.===JACK:  Has it been a merry-go-round or a roller coaster?

Friday, May 10, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/10/19
“I never thought of being blind as a disadvantage, or being black as a disadvantage.  I am who I am.  I love me.”  (Stevie Wonder)  One of Motown’s greatest musicians, Little Stevie Wonder, began his career at age 11.  Blindness was no deterrent.  “Self-esteem” motivated him.  In fact, self-esteem can be a help to anyone who wants to succeed in this world.  My favorite Stevie song is: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.  Do you have a Motown favorite?   ;-)  Jack

FROM DR J IN OHIO:  I like “heal the world” … michael jackson===JACK:  "What the world needs now is love"...and healing!===DR J:  also like this one:  The Wiseguys!  I like it.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  nothing stops stevie! ===JACK:  YouTube: 

Little Stevie Wonder - 1963 Fingertips Part II - YouTube

YouTube‎ · ‎TheEyesofwonder

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  “What a Wonderful World”!===JACK:  That song was released in 1967.  Compare the world then with the world now.  What's the same then, as now, is contained in the hymn..."This is my Father's world, O let me ne'er forget"

FROM MY LAWYER:  I got your Winning Words just now about Motown.  My client is producing the musical event entitled Pride and Joy.  Its the story of Marvin Gaye and has a Motown theme.  I'm going to the opening on May 22nd at the Fox Theater.  It ran for two or three days in Washington, D.C. and the review is linked below.eff
===JACK:  Cleveland can have its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Detroit can be proud of her MOTOWN!

FROM THE SHARK:  There is no sunshine when she is gone 🎼🎼---JACK: Was Motown music played in Iraq?

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/9/19
“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.  If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”  (Emily Post)  Emily grew up in a family that always did things “properly,” No elbows on the table!  When she became a writer, proper etiquette became a theme of hers…books, magazine articles and a column appearing daily in 200 newpapers.  Even the 3 Stooges referred to her in describing proper manners: Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!  ;-)  Jack

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i ♥️ her definition.===JACK:  Did you ever serve a "fancy" meal which required special table settings?===LIZ:  not that i recall. i entertain using all sorts of different dining styles...

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Emily Post...the Miss Manners of the past.  I loved to read her “Posts”.  I still read Miss Manners in the newspaper!===JACK:  No Miss Manners for me.  I was too busy with Dear Abby and Ann Landers.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Yesterday was VE Day! I remember going downtown Moline and celebrating! Everyone I knew had good manners when growing up===JACK:  I remember V-J Day more than V-E Day.  V-J Day meant that the WAR was really over...but. as Yogi said, "It ain't over 'til it' over."  It seems as though there's always some conflict going on.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/8/19
“Love always wins over hate.”  (Handwritten sign on New Zealand Memorial Wall)  Many are still reeling over the recent massacre of Muslims in New Zealand.  PM Jacinda Arem said that her country’s aim is diversity, kindness and compassion and will not be deterred from that.  If you are continuing to be distressed over hateful things that are happening today in this world and in our country, remember that sign in New Zealand: Love always wins over hate!   ;-)  Jack

FROM HONEST JOHN:  In the long run that is true but all too often in the human world the “genius devils” triumph over the “stupid angels”.....Celms’ words.    And that from a man who lived under both the Fascists and the Communists===JACK:  "Always", of course,  is the qualifying word.  I believe that eventually, love conquers hate.  In that sense, I'm a triumphalist.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  good thoughts for today!  i forward them to several family members too.   kindness is a very BIG word in Margaret's vocabulary...===JACK:  I think that it was Leo the Lip who said, "In baseball, nice guys finish last."  He also said that if he were playing 3rd and his mother was rounding 3rd ready to score the winning run for the other team, he'd trip her.  But life isn't baseball.===PAUL:  And thank goodness for that.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  So  Christ taught, as well, but sometimes it seems a long time "overcoming".  There seems to be so much hatred throughout the world, and in our own country, but one person's kindness and compassion will brighten a small corner of the world, so we keep the faith, and "keep on keeping on" in the face of negative happenings!===JACK:  You and I could probably sing this song as a duet...
Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do,
Do not wait to shed your light afar,
To the many duties ever near you now be true,
Brighten the corner where you are.
  Brighten the corner where you are!
Brighten the corner where you are!
Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;
Brighten the corner where you are!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  That’s what keeps us from falling apart from everyday news.  And, we know who is in control!

FROM TAMPA SHIRL: We who lived through WW2 definitely know that!

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 5/7/19
“Every individual matters.  Every individual has a role to play.  Every individual makes a difference.”  (Jane Goodall)  This quote reminds me of John Donne’s poem, “No Man Is an Island,” words that explore the connectedness of people.  While it talks about death, it’s not a sad poem. It explains how what happens in other parts of the world does affect us.  To feel sad/happy about people we may not know is OK.  We’re all linked as part of God’s creation.   ;-)  Jack

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  WW is certainly your niche! Glad you share with us!!!

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  how very true, Jack.    do recall Simon and Garfunkel's hit song, I am a Rock, I am an Island (and I feel no pain)?===JACK:  Rock Island is the city next door neighbor to the city of Moline (IL) where I grew up.  It was also the home of the Rock Island Railroad.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We are all on the earth together.  While sometimes it’s hard to understand, it’s always easy to say a prayer for others we don’t know.===JACK:  What shall we pray?===JUDY:  For good health, food, crops, children, those facing death and God’s Will.