Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 7/13/17
“Wishing are the dreams we dream when we’re awake.”  (Buddy DeSylva)  The head of a mortgage company said, “We aren’t just doing mortgages, we’re helping people make dreams come true.”  We all have our dreams.  “You have your dream, dear; I have one, too.”  As times change, so do our wishes.  That’s normal.  Yesterday, Jan wrote to me about change…”In 1966 it was going to a hip joint; in 2016, it’s getting a hip joint.”  Do you know of more?  ;-)  Jack

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Lots of top golfers are here this week and dreaming of wining the John Deere TPC tournament====JACK:  I suppose you've played that course.  If so, how do your scores compare with those of the pros?

FROM TARMART REV:  ...working towards one, even today!!====JACK:  Joseph had dreams, too, and God was able to turn them into reality.

FROM VW MARY:  I was thinking yesterday that I've spent over 50 years acquiring stuff; now, I want and need to get rid of it----JACK:  As I look over at my desk I see lots of stuff that should be organized,  Only 5 days worth, but it's daunting!

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