Friday, August 28, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 8/28/15
“I felt that if life were to throw me one more ball to juggle, the whole circus tent would come crashing down.”  (Teri McDowell)  In her book, Positively Present, Dani DiPirro has some tips when life becomes like a 3-ring-circus.  1) Decide who’s going to be the ringmaster, the one in charge. 2) Like on a tightrope, maintain a balance.  3) It’s dangerous to perform with no net, so have a backup plan.  4) Don’t be too serious.  It’s good to clown around.    ;-)  Jack

FROM EASTSIDE RAY:  Barb and I have sent your Winning Words to the principal of Barb’s school when they have been fitting.  They have often made the daily comments to the school staff.  Barb thought this one was particularly apropos.====JACK:  I always liked the teacher who had a sense of humor. Looking back (way back), I never had the sense that any of them were particularly stressed.  Maybe they were wearing masks, and I didn't know it.  IMHO, we don't give teachers enough credit for the job they do.

FROM LBP IN PLYMOUTH:  Thanks. Hope you are having a good Friday====JACK:  Have you ever walked a tight rope?====LBP:  Not literally.====JACK:  Literally or firguratively...which do you think is harder to do?

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  send in the clowns, is one of my favorite songs...====JACK:  Our organist once played that song as I walked down the aisle to start the Sunday service.====ST PAUL:  did you ever see Floyd Schaefer do his "clowning" during a worship hour.  he was amazing.  just transformed himself and the whole liturgy somehow.  unfortunately,   there followed hundreds of others who dressed up as clowns but had no clue how to pull off the worship in the same way Floyd did.  so in the end,  it all became something of a farce, at least in my opinion.====JACK:  Clowning, at one time, seemed to be a big deal, particularly among ALC pastors.  One of my favorite short films is called, Parable, and features Jesus as a clown.  Have you seen it?

FROM TARMART REV:  Always enjoyed the circus...and, of course, the clowns...I'm sure your local market featured "The Big Top" every Saturday morning on television like it was out of Kansas City's back in the 50's...never wanted to miss the clown acts. -juggling and balancing to the beat of the Band Master!====JACK:  When we lived in the Chicago area, our kids enjoyed watching the Bozo Show featuring Bozo the Clown.  I would sit and watch with them.

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