Monday, April 27, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 4/27/15
"If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.”  (Claire Cook)  The alphabet wasn’t big enough for Edison.  He said that his 10,000 failures just helped him find 10,000 things that didn’t work.  Talk about persistence!  “If at first you don’t succeed…”  All of us, at times,  need encouragement to keep going on.  Things have a way of working out for those who don’t give up.  Edison’s “failed” talking doll eventually became the famous Chatty Cathy.    ;-)  Jack

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Not succeeding hurts...not trying for fear of not succeeding is worse.
To me...tenacity is a virtue.  Pretty heavy on a Monday morning!====JACK:  It's healthy to begin the day with bodily exercise.  There's nothing wrong with exercising the mind, too. 

FROM TARMART REV:  ... still learning from mine, I am!!====JACK:  Humility is one of the 7 heavenly virtues.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:   Do you know Edison looked through the microscope at sugar (or salt, I can't remember which one) but it's said he was alarmed at the sharp granules and never ate it again.  I think it's one of those "Believe it not statements".     We had our bible study last night.  The largest group are teens.  We just talked about Plans B C D last night!  God is good all the time even in plan Z!====JACK:  Religion was expressed differently in Edison's than in ours.  I've read that he was Deist.  He believed in a Creator, but beyond that it was only the laws of nature that ruled the world.

FROM ST. PAUL IN ST. PAUL:  we could do without Chatty!!====JACK:  Cathy spoke eleven phrases.  I'm sure that you could agree with two of them..."I love you" and "May I have a cookie?"

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  WHAT A GOOD THOUGHT! AND WE OFTEN HAVE TO GO TO "B" OR "C' !  THIS PAST WEEKEND, I ARRIVED TO LEAD SINGING AT A 2 DAY RETREAT, TO FIND THERE WAS NO PIANO AVAILABLE, SO I PLUNKED OUT THE MELODIES ON MY GREAT=GRANDDAUGHTER'S (5) "KEYBOARD SONG-MAKER" AND EVERYONE SANG WITH GUSTO!! TURNED OUT TO BE FUN...====JACK:  Some people just know how to "make do."  I had an aunt who cooked that way.  If she didn't have the right ingredients, or the right amount, she would "make do" with what she had, and it usually turned out OK.
====OAKS:  I THINK WE ALL HAVE HAD TO 'SUBSTITUTE" AT TIMES, AND IT WAS USUALLY O.K. ! :-) AT LEAST WE WERE HUNGRY ENOUGH NOT TO BE "PICKY". ====JACK:  Picky!  Now, there's a word you don't hear much anymore.

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  YOUR INSIGHT INTO MY MOOD OF THE DAY IS INCREDIBLE. THANKS FOR THE NUDGE. MY BIG HANG-UP IS IMPATIENCE. I HAVE A CARTOON FRAMED AND ON MY DESK OF A COUPLE OF VULTURES SITTTING ON A LIMB. ONE IS SAYING TO THE OTHER, "PATIENCE MY ASS. I'M GOIMG TO KILL SOMETHING!"====JACK:  Did your employees know how to stay out of the way when you were in one of your "impatient" moods?====CHESTER:  I seldom let is show. That's not how to get the best out of your people. Besides, most creative people are impatient.

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