Thursday, April 02, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 4/2/15
“What you learn today you’ll play in six months.”  (Music professor)  Josh Linkner wrote that a wise teacher taught him that music practiced today will be appreciated in 6 months.  There is no true instant gratification.  It’s true on the farm, the fitness center, the business world, and in relationships.  Decide today…What do you want?  Then work at it, really work at it.  Let me know how it plays out in 6 months.  Are you more fit, is the relationship better, etc?    ;-)  Jack  

FROM TARMART REV:  God word for the "equipping for greater rewards"!!====JACK:  Maybe it's my Lutheranism, but I have a hard time seeing heaven as a "reward" (like I've earned heaven for being good).  Words sometimes make things confusing.====REV:  Commutation skills have never come easy for me...I still remember having to take "Bonehead English" (the refresher course for entering Freshman college students with lacking skills in this area) while in Bible College.
I was referring to your posting this morning about our continuing to hone in our practicing skills in accomplishing an instrument, maintaining a farm or accomplishing a better attitude, etc  ...wasn't my normally heavenly minded self earlier this morning. Should have read, Good word for the "equipping for greater reward"...I didn't know the automatic spelling helper had inserted God for my intended Good until just now...
FROM RI IN BOSTON:  Time has a way of modifying a lot of things.  In the design field, automobiles, household appliances, clothing, etc. have often received negative responses when first brought into the market, but later after we've become accustomed to the new products, the former designs look so outdated.====JACK:  I'm trying to think of a design that time has not improved on.  The best that I can come up with is the pyramid.

FROM JK IN CALIFORNIA:  Correct!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)====JACK:  I wish that I had continued with piano lessons (we had a baby grand).  Evidently I put up such a fuss when I was 5, that my mother gave in.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Probably a harder lesson today for our youngsters, as they have so much instant gratification! We learned to save our money for a future purpose, and knew it took work and lessons to master any skill...I remember my son Mark wanting me to teach him piano in high school so he could play keyboard for his friends' band; once he found how tiresome the 'baby basics" were before he could play ANYTHING he gave up and did the instant virtuoso in his makeup! To be sublime, you must do the most everything~ :-)====JACK:  While watching March Madness, I see that some players are better  than others at making free throws.  Is it a matter of skill...or practice?  I was so-so at free throws...and practice. 

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Our  grandson Joshua, plays guitar.  He has taken some old hymns and rewritten them for his guitar.  It takes him so long to work on them to get them ready for church.  I have asked him to rewrite "Peace Like A River".  I know music well but I could not rewrite a song like he does.  He works hard at it and it takes a long time.  He is patient which is a blessing.  Anything worth doing is worth waiting for.====JACK:  That little baby has grown up into a young man.

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