Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winning Words 6/30/09
“There are no coincidences, just God acting anonymously.” (AA mantra) I came across this sentence in a book I’m reading about a FDNY chaplain who lost his life in the 9/11 disaster. Mary has a journal labeled, Coincidences or Miracles. In it she records strange events that have happened and the date of each one. Are there times when you have sensed God acting anonymously in your life? ;-) Jack


FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: "God acting anonymously in [my] life"...that's a concept I can't quite justify. With all the things around me, and the kaleidoscope of changing events occurring in different settings, I always come around to the conclusion that it is all in God's hands. JACK'S REPLY: How does "free will" fit in? FROM R.I.: Well, let's say I come upon some berries out in nature, and I decide to eat them. That's free will. If I enjoy the berries and live, or if I get poisoned and die, that's in God's hands.

FROM L.G. IN MICHIGAN: Too many to even write in an email, Jack! I love how surprising and fun the Lord is with me! JACK'S REPLY: Yes, the Lord is sometime "fun--ny!"

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: Much of the time, in fact.


FROM M.T. IN PENNSYLVANIA: Oh yes. Many, many times....

FROM D.R. IN MICHIGAN: Thanks for sending the winning words. This one I have to comment on. For many years I have felt God is always working and we just need to be aware. My sisters church refers to these as "God Sightings" and actually has a part in the service every Sunday when they allow people to report any they have. I have done the same with my Sunday School class. Then this past week it was part of the VBS curriculum we used from Group. This gives us an opportunity to be aware that God isn't out there somewhere, he is with us right where we are all the time. JACK'S REPLY: Thanks for the great idea of sharing "God sightings." Maybe some of those who receive WWs could reports sightings, too. You are an angel (someone with a message from God).

FROM MOLINER C.F.: I think you need to add serendipity to the mix. A close relative of coincidence with more surprises. FROM JACK: There's a book by Danya Ruttenberg with the interesting title: "Surprised by God: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Religion."

FROM J.N. IN MICHIGAN: The term "Holy Spirit Stuff" was suggested by a pastor many years ago. It supersedes "luck" or "coincidence", perhaps because we like to believe God would grant us even tiny blessings when we can't count on Lady Luck. FROM JACK: Holy Spirit Stuff! I like it.

FROM CJL. IN OHIO: I'll have to think about that one. FROM JACK: That'll give you something to do today.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: yes like the time when we were making hay and Charley Walker froz.. A hugh snake was in the fork full of hay and it was headed for ole terra firma, going around Charlie's body en route. We all stopped and watched it head for downtown, luckily away from the horses. talk about shaking down your pants when we thought it was over, and I was just watching it going bye, bye. Thank the Good Lord. Amen

Monday, June 29, 2009

Winning Words 6/29/09
“Death keeps no calendar.” (Dutch Proverb) Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson die in the same week. One death was expected; the other unexpected. What is known is that the calendar date for each of us comes up sooner or later, but surely. Now is the only time that any of has. Carpe Diem! ;-) Jack

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: i intend to. it's beautiful one here in northern illinios!

FROM D.P. IN MINNESOTA: Haven't you heard we are all on third base waiting to get home!

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: It is infact interesting how some people get called home to Jesus before their time. FROM JACK: Is there such a thing as "before their time?"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Winning Words 6/26/09
“Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.” (Irving Berlin) Berlin came to the US from Siberia at age 5. His father died 3 years later, and Irving had to go to work, taking menial jobs in those tough economic times. Through perseverance and hard work he was able to survive. We know him as a successful songwriter, but his real success came from how he lived his life…10% and 90%. ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER C.F.: This one puzzles me. How you take it is really saying what you make of it. Therefore, life is 100-percent what you make it. For every action there is a reaction. Make the reaction count. Too obtuse?

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Glad to see your Winning Words this morning...I wasn't sure if you would have power. All around us there is damage, but thankfully, not in our sub. Irving Berlin's music has always been special to me. He wrote beautiful words and lived a good life

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Like it's said: It's not what happens to you but how you respond that counts...

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: I don't think our friend "Irv baby", had to shovel cow manure and horse manure as had to all summer lon g. Sorry I didn't have the talent to write music as I shoveled.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winning Words 6/25/09
“You never wait too long when you wait for something good.” (Swedish Proverb) Is patience one of your virtues? If I’m going after something good, I can be patient. And then there are other times… I don’t know if there’s been an actual study, but I would guess that patience, or the lack of it, is learned in the home. ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER G.S.: I agree that patience is taught at home. FROM JACK: "Just wait 'til your father gets home."

FROM S.G. IN TAMPA: With people I am very patient, but with anything that has parts and doesn't work {like a TV or a car) I am not patient. Maybe that is part of my Swedish parentage.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: One of my good points is patience. I don't mind waiting...at the doctor's office, in line, in traffic....I don't seem to get upset at all. Usually it's for a very good reason...people don't like to make others wait on purpose. However, I make up that good point with a lot of other one which aren't so good..... :-) My parents and grandparents were pretty laid back. My dad less than my mom. Maybe it is learned at
home. Never thought of it before. FROM JACK: A few of us could take lessons from you.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Patience can be tried. FROM JACK: What does this mean? Perhaps this verse from the Bible (Rev 2:2) gives the answer. "I know your works, and your labor, and your patience, and how you can not bear them which are evil: and you have tried (tested) them which say they are apostles, and are not, and have found them liars."

FRIM CJL IN OHIO: And honed in life's situations...

FROM A.M. IN MICHIGAN: Time also teaches us patience. Milton said he also serves who stands and waits. I am a more patient older adult in most instances.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: I remember when it was my duty to dish out the ice cream and I measured it out very carefully so everyone got the same amount, and then I realized I didn't have a dish full. but my Pa was already dividing his.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winning Words 6/24/09
“Like baseball players, we’d rather hear about our hits than our errors.” (Unknown) Try to compliment someone today. In 1986, Bill Buckner of the Red Sox made an error that all baseball fans remember. What they may have forgotten is that he finished his career with 2,715 hits, more than several members of the Hall of Fame. People often ask him to sign a picture of him making “the” error…and he does so, cheerfully. What a great attitude! ;-) Jack

FROM HILLTOPPER JOHN: Bill Buckner played for the Cubs at one time and was one of my favorite players. I remember him for his great hitting and fielding and hustle. JACK'S REPLY: See! You're focussing on the positive.


FROM CWR IN B'MORE: My first "read" of each day is "Winning Words" ....not the Bible. Thanks. JACK'S REPLY: Bring out your catechism and look at the 1st Commandment.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Some of the biggest scientific hits are the result on errors. JACK'S REPLY: Charles Goodyear had been waiting years for a happy accident when it finally occurred. Goodyear spent a decade finding ways to make rubber easier to work with while being resistant to heat and cold. Nothing was having the effect he wanted. One day he spilled a mixture of rubber, sulfur and lead onto a hot stove. The heat charred the mixture, but didn't ruin it. When Goodyear picked up the accident, he noticed that the
mixture had hardened but was still quite usable. At last! The breakthrough he had been waiting for! His vulcanized rubber is used in everything from tires, to shoes, to hockey pucks.

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: Every morning mercies new . . . ! THANK GOD! FROM JACK: Aren't you the one who begins every morning by singing, "Father, I thank thee for thre night etc?"

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: It's our errors we remember to our benefit.I answered a question in a physiology exam incorrectly. the question was: which is the most sensitive organ in the body. I answered, the sino auricular node. Wrong, the correct answer is the eyes. So every am when I check my blood glucose, I think about: my eyes, Dr. Bob Brown, Jim Tinstead, Dr. Herrin,( the teacher ), and many others in that class. It was a Sat. am, 7:45 with a lab and quiz. Don Churchill used to save Greta Garbo photos. I tried to save,
half dollars. soup was about 15 cents in those days. A glass of beer was 10 cents at the 3 bells, a pitcher of beer was 35 cents. my ragged pants usually held the 35 cents, but my fingers found a dime. Thanks for the memories. we made it.now if we could get some help daily.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Winning Words 6/23/09
“There’s great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can begin anew,” (Thomas Edison) Edison said these words the day after his lab had burned down. He went on from that “tragedy” to acquire 1,093 patents. The opportunity to begin again can be a blessing is disguise. ;-) Jack

FROM T.S. IN MICHIGAN: My family and I are visiting Wash D.C. this week. Your daily message is really lived out here as we see monuments to so many who really endured hardships to keep us free and unified.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: I have an old book that has a story about Edison. It raves about his marvelous deeds and inventions. But it never mentions the light bulb and many other inventions. The reason? The copyright of the book was just a few years before he "invented/improved" the light bulb. The book also commented on how that being able to cross the country by rail in 12 days (no night trains) was going to change everything....

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Tom sure saw it in a new light, didn't he?
JACK'S REPLY: Hank Williams put it this way...
(He) saw the light (He) saw the light
no more darkness no more night
Now (He's) so happy no sorrow in sight
Praise the lord (He) saw the light.

FROM S.G. IN TAMPA: At this stage of life don't you think that small disasters in life helps to keep one's mind active? One exception might be a health disaster. JACK'S REPLY: I agree. Yet, I wonder if there is such a thing as a "small" disaster. In the wider scope, I see health problems as more of a disaster when they happen to the young. Health problems for the elderly seem to be a precursor that the sand in the hour glass has nearly run out. I celebrate good health one day at a time. Again, I agree with what you have written. I only wanted to present a caveat.

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: Words: , The Par­ish Hymn Book, 1863.
Music: Ev­ery Morn­ing, , 1872 .

Every morning mercies new
Fall as fresh as morning dew;
Every morning let us pay
Tribute with the early day:
For Thy mercies, Lord, are sure;
Thy compassion doth endure.

Still the greatness of Thy love
Daily doth our sins remove;
Daily, far as east from west,
Lifts the burden from the breast;
Gives unbought to those who pray
Strength to stand in evil day.

Let our prayers each morn prevail,
That these gifts may never fail;
And, as we confess the sin
And the tempter’s power within,
Every morning, for the strife,
Feed us with the Bread of Life.

As the morning light returns,
As the sun with splendor burns,
Teach us still to turn to Thee,
Ever bless├Ęd Trinity,
With our hands our hearts to raise,
In unfailing prayer and praise.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Winning Words 6/22/09
“We will either find a way or make one.” (Hannibal, about 200 BC) Sometimes we’re faced with problems which seem to have no solution. Maybe we should reread the story of Hannibal and how he marched an army, including war elephants, across the Pyrenees and the Alps into northern Italy. He found a way to achieve the impossible. Don’t give up. ;-) Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Hannibal's story is quite incredible! Our problems seem insurmountable at times, but in the end, they are climbable, depending on our attitude! My grandson drew me a picture of Twittybird with her (his?) arms on her hips and it reads....Attitude is Everything!

FROM HILLTOPPER JOHN: He also overextended himself and got his butt kicked by Scipio who in turn was double crossed by Cato....Great world!!! JACK'S REPLY: Nobody's perfect!

FROM J.N. OF MICHIGAN: Sometimes I have difficulty finding a way because I keep bumping into an elephant! Just kidding, but I couldn't resist making this smart-aleck reply!

FROM I.D. IN MICHIGAN: I was thinking a lot about that. I think there is no such a definition as problem. People had created this word due to inability to face some changes. There is always going to be a way that can solve any "problem" It's just up to whether how we going to approach this. Beside a common opinion about some issue there is another, personal way (look) on it. Why? Cause God gives us challenges in order to teach us something,to make us stronger and always to be open for something new, whether It's nice surprises or tricky unpredictable exercises that we called problems. :)) P.S. Grammar as always. Ill see you soon.

FROM EMT SINGS IN MICHIGAN: Such good advice especially in these difficult times. BTW--I am sending you a CD that I have found so helpful in these trying times. I would love to get your opinion on it. The story behind it is that the song was written by a 17 year old boy, (who also is the pianist on the CD) from Toronto. It is sung by a 16 year old girl. These kids are part of the Philipino Baptist group from downriver.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: One of your best ones yet! MORE FROM C.F.: One of my other favorites is "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way." Iococca adapted it for Chrysler.

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: .......good one.

FROM A.M. IN MICHIGAN: I am always amazed when I read about Hannibal and all the explorers and travelers in the past. Such endurance, persistence, vision, hope! Have you listened to some of the whiners and complainers at the airport lately?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Winning Words 6/19/09
“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” (Regina Brett) Thanks, Regina, for a week of good quotes. They’re pretty good for a 90-year-old who turned 53 in the space of a week. I will send the whole list of 45 to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Think about her quote that was used today. Picture it your mind. It is sooooo true! ;-) Jack

FROM S.T. IN MICHIGAN: So true! Thanks and have a great weekend.

FROM HILLTOPPER JOHN: When you say "it's so true" do you mean in a relative sense? If so, what makes it not "true"? JACK'S REPLY: I suppose that it's relatively true. In my mind, it's true. I don't know about your mind.

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Nah, I'd go for someone else's. JACK'S REPLY: They my tagline, "It is soooo true," is really false.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: good things can come out of the mouths of 53-year-old babes. i'd love to see the entire list. grateful that regina wrote them down for me. this 53-year-old didn't have the time!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Something;s going on. Your hot link isn't working and hasn't all this week. I think Brett has put a hex on you. Also noticed that it is not in color as usual...may be a clue.

FROM S.G. IN TAMPA: Who is this Regina Brett, Jack? I must have missed the details when I was in Texas.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: It's so easy to fall into a "Pity Party" as we call it. But just listen to those around you and your problems become so very small. This is my favorite quote so far in Winning Words. This will go on MY computer...and I don't have any there yet! Good ones. A blessed weekend to your bloggers and YOU my friend!

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Isn't that the way of the world? They think they have to trade problems or have some consistently. Why not throw your problems on the pile and forget them? Unless this WW assumes throwing them on the pile doesn't solve them? Maybe Regina meant if we "compared" problems with others we'd probably prefer our own. Now that makes sense, I know my problems intimately--they are mostly self inflicted. Brevity is not one of my problems...

FROM CJL IN OHIO: You're right...on both counts!

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: ......we've both been around long enough and in a spot (vocationally) to know that quote to be true.......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Winning Words 6/18/09
“No matter how you feel, get up. dress up and show up.” (Regina Brett) There are some days, I know, when this sounds like nagging. So what? Once in awhile we need someone to give us (as Bob Stevens would say) “a boot in the keister.” Bob grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and learned colorful language. Regardless, Regina of The Cleveland Plain Dealer gives us good advice today. ;-) Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Good words...good advice!!!


FROM GOOD DEBT JON: A few weeks ago my son and his friends went to a truck show at our local drag racing track. The weather was threatening, so few people attended. All of his friends and his truck won a little trophy and bag of prizes; because they were the only trucks there. Sponsors wanted to give out the prizes. Which proves the old adage, “Anyone can be a winner, especially if no one else shows up.” JACK'S REPLY: Yep! Who knows what good stuff awaits you when you bother to show up?

FROM M.L. IN ILIINOIS: regina and i have travelled together in a previous life. REPLY FROM JACK: And now you get to be reunited in this life throught WWs.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: and shape up. But, then, if you do the other three "ups," shaping up is a work in progress.

FROM S.G. IN TAMPA: How important a thought that is, especially as we get older, to keep our minds and bodies active. When we are younger, we don't have that much of a choice.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: I'm up. I'm dressed. My bed is made. What more do you want?

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Good advice. And I always feel better when I do!

FROM R.P. IN FLORIDA: I have a friend who has a simple philosophy............ SHOW UP, ON TIME, DRESSED TO PLAY.............simple way to say be prompt and be prpared......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Winning Words 6/17/09
“Time heals almost everything. Give time time.” (Regina Brett) A friend of mine who has lived in the Cleveland area knows of Brett and says that she has dealt with personal difficulties, and she still keeps the optimistic spirit. Time is a great healer, but so is the right attitude. Let’s work on it. ;-) Jack

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: ...and more time, and more time, and more time, but keep stepping forward with positive intent. each positive step builds upon the last. btw, i can't get into the blog anymore. is anyone else having the same problem? it might be my anti-spam on steroids.
FROM JACK: I like the song, Time in a bottle, sung by Jim Croce

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that Id like to do
Is to save every day
Till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
Id save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
Ive looked around enough to know
That youre the one I want to go
Through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
Ive looked around enough to know
That youre the one I want to go
Through time with

FROM M.T. IN PENNSYLVANIA: Here's another 'time' quote. I think this one qualifies as 'black humor'. :-)
"Time is a great teacher....but unfortunately, it kills all of its students." Hector Berlioz FROM JACK: It's Black Humor if you're deluded into thinking that time has the possibility of never ending.

FROM M.R. IN MICHIGAN: “Time wounds all heels.” FROM JACK: That's what the Last Judgment is about.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Isn't it interesting that the words "attitude" and "altitude" can help you reach great heights?

FROM L.G. IN MICHIGAN: God gave me a wonderful gift at birth--the gift of an optimistic outlook. I have had many trials in my lifetime that threatened my health, my safety, and my sanity. Yet through all, I remained positive in my outlook on life and hopeful that better days would come. Even in my most depressed times, faced with very bleak prospects, I could find beauty in the world, goodness in others, and humor in some aspect of my circumstance. I am so grateful for this gift! I thank God for this gift! From this outlook I developed my own personal philosophy statement: My happiness is my fault!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Time definitely heals but time is relative to each person. As time goes by, memories become sweeter to me. FROM JACK: Time also allows us to forget some things.

FROM S.G. IN TAMPA: How true.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Winning Words 6/16/09
“Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.” (Regina Brett) Some corrections from yesterday: Britt should be Brett, and Regina is 53-years-old, not 90. Evidently someone on the internet thought it would be more interesting to attribute the article to a 90-year-old. It seemed to work, because it’s been circulated around the world. In reality, is it a person’s age, or is it the thought that counts? Her words are still good. ;-) Jack


FROM K.B. IN MICHIGAN: I once had a boss who talked about her children's idea of fairness being that everyone gets exactly the same thing--she reminded them that one child often has a greater need than another and fairness was not about equality--I guess that is what this quote is about--so bottom line is it is one of my favorites. Thanks for being in my life. JACK'S REPLY: Life...Fair...Good! A definition is needed for each.

FROM HILLTOPPER JOHN: I think it depends on how we define "good." That isn't easily done. Is life "good" for the people who were involved in the Armenian genocide? For the Hutus and Tutsis? etc. JACK'S REPLY: And while you're at it, also give me a definition for, fair.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Probably someone in the Obama admin. They sometimes hit their budget numbers within 100 percent of their projections. But I am sure they meant well. JACK'S REPLY: It would be a good world if we all tried to mean...well. Now, for a definition of, well.

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: .......one of my father's quotes, and I don't know where he got it it was....."don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see"......and I do know this, from personal experience in court that "Eyewitness accounts are the least reliable bits of evidence" according to the Judge....and I was an eyewitness..... Cheers!!! Remember Truman Capote: "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: Sometimes I think life is not good, but it's nonetheless fair........why, because it's God's world, not mine....

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Yeh, it meant more coming from a 90 year old. What the hell does a 53 year old know about life?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Winning Words 6/15/09
“Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry, God doesn’t blink.” (Regina Britt in The Cleveland Plain Dealer) To celebrate her 90th birthday, Regina put down 45 lessons life has taught her. Someone sent them to me, and I’m going to use some of them this week as Winning Words. I recently read the book, Blink. It was recommended to me, and I recommend it to you. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Blinking isn't bad, nor is change. The former is good for the eyes and the latter can lift the spirit.

FROM INDY GENIE: the thing I've learned about change is this: things change and then they change again and then they change again ......so...if an unwelcomed change occurs, just hold on (or let go) ....just around the bend here comes another change that may be more to your liking! JACK'S REPLY: I like the hymn verse: Change and decay in all around I see, O thou who changest not, abide with me. FROM GENIE:
cool...never really listened to that verse.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: I am eternally grateful to God who doesn't blink, sees all, and still bestows His grace and love!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Sometimes a blink clears your vision.

FROM MOLINER A.E.: He wink's? JACK'S REPLY: Sometimes.

FROM GUSTIE M.N.: I have read them and they are great. And everything really can change in the blink of an eye—it did for me!

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: I think if a chickie reaches 90 someone will pay a bit more attention to what she sez and does. One of my sunday school teachers down here was in her 90's and I must say I listened when she spoke. I asked her "why aren't there more negroe ( colored) members of our church."? She said,"maybe they don't trust us". Doesn't make you sit up and pay attention? When ever I see her I always greet her, and she remem bers me. JACK'S REPLY: The longer I live, the more I realize that age doesn't necessarily equate to wisdom. I've learned good lessons from my children and my grandchildren...and my younger wife.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Winning Words 6/12/09
“Come, my friends: ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.” (James Joyce, in his novel, Ulysses) I saw this quote in yesterday’s Free Press. The writer was describing his 82-year-old mother’s wedding. This isn’t necessarily about age or marriage; it’s about not being afraid to explore new worlds. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: That's a worthy objective for all of us. I shall try harder to live for that.

FROM S.B. IN MICHIGAN: Actually, the quote was originally from the poem, "Ulysses," written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Joyce may have recited it later. It's one of my favorites, and thank you for your "Winning Words."

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Great to see, isn't it?

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: I would like the saying to read and newer..better...world, but I guess he assumes we would know that fact. It's always good to seek new and better (that's the key word here) worlds. JACK'S REPLY: Better is a relative term. Joyce took the idea from Tennyson in the mid-19th century. Ulysses, in old age, is seeking s new world as he did in the past. As the poem begins, Ulysses has returned to his kingdom, Ithaca, having had a long, eventful journey home after fighting in the Trojan War. Confronted again by domestic life, Ulysses expresses his lack of contentment, including his indifference toward the "savage race" (line 4) that he governs. Ulysses contrasts his restlessness and boredom with his heroic past. He contemplates his age and eventual death — "Life piled on life / Were all too little, and of one to me / Little remains" (24–26) - and longs for further experience and knowledge. His son Telemachus will inherit the throne that Ulysses finds burdensome. While Ulysses thinks Telemachus will be an adequate king, he seems to have little empathy for his son—"He works his work, I mine" (43)—and the necessary methods of governing—"by slow prudence" (36) and "through soft degrees" (37). In the final section, Ulysses turns his attention to his mariners and calls on them to join him on another quest, making no guarantees as to their fate but attempting to conjure their heroic past:
… Come, my friends,
'Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Push off, and sitting well in order smite
The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds
To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths
Of all the western stars, until I die.
It may be that the gulfs will wash us down;
It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Winning Words 6/11/09
“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” (Denis Waitley) This is the kind of message needed for these times when so much emphasis is being put on economic issues. That’s not to say that there aren’t other important issues. But sometimes we take time and health for granted, until it’s too late. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: The earth and its resources are other assets that we take for granted, and like time and health are being carelessly wasted. Some of our nation's most fertile, arable land has been sacrificed for commercial development and parking lots. The earth's beauty and bounty have been ravaged. Do you suppose Jesus was including that when he said, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."? JACK'S REPLY:
Yes, we are carelessly treating the earth (creation). If Jesus were living on eath today, he might say again, "Father, forgive them etc." But in the olden days he had other fish to fry.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: My prayers are always for walking in His way, not my own and good health. Economic issues are way down our list. As long as we have enough it is enough.

FROM GUSTIE M.N.: All of that is so true!!! My husband and I thought we still had years left! We were wrong. My heart aches for what is going on in the automotive industry and so much of Michigan. Of course it spills over into the whole economy.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: "sometimes" is the key word. The reminder is most appropriate & necessary! JACK'S REPLY:
Sometimes, yes! Some times I feel discouraged, And think my work’s in vain, But then the Holy Spirit Revives my soul again.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Too soon old, too late smart. FROM JACK: Ve get too soon old und too late schmart." ...Pennsylvania Dutch saying

FROM C.L. IN MICHIGAN: Amen and Amen



FROM PR P.H. IN MINNESOTA: Amen to that!! FROM JACK: Welcome to the Amen Corner.

FROM JACK: Each of the Amens has its own story behind it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Winning Words 6/10/09
“There’s always some kid who may be seeing me for the first time. I owe him my best.” (Joe DiMaggio – Sent by D.C.) Shoeless Joe Jackson was accused helping to throw games in the 1919 World Series. A boy came up to him and said, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” Joe D. was a good role model. For me, former Red Wing, Steve Yserman is the best player/role model that I’ve known. Do you have a favorite? In truth, the quote is one that applies to each of us. Eyes are watching. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: For some reason we did not get WW yesterday. But I did access the blog and found the WW message about Joe D. posted there. It expressed an admirable attitude. JACK'S RESPONSE: Two or three said that they didn't get WWs yesterday. The resourceful ones checked the blog. I don't know what happened.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Winning Words 6/9/09
“Hypocrite: mouth one way, belly ‘nother way.” (Australian Aboriginal proverb) We read references to hypocrites in the Bible, and we may have met one or two, but I think that this description is one of the best I’ve seen. The word has a Greek origin and means: a play actor, a phony, a deceiver. Jesus said, “Do not be as the hypocrites.” ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Some, like this one, are very good. Where do you dig these up? My jokes come mostly from 3 guys. JACK'S REPLY: You should see the stack still to be used. I'm anxious to send out tomorrow's, because I think that you'll like that one, too.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Wow, I have to ponder this one! Just the mental imagine is strange mouth one way, belly 'nother way! Does give a good description of a deceiver! Great Words!

FROM S.G. IN TAMPA: Mother Angelica used to give this advice to a caller who said he didn't go to church because he knew too many hypocrites who went-'one more won't matter." JACK'S REPLY: The church isn't the only place where hypocrites are found.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: You remember that stuff from Wahlstrom? JACK'S REPLY: No. Tell me about it.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Hipocrite motto - Don't do as I do, do as I say.
JACK'S REPLY: Preachers have to take the Hypocritic Oath before they step into the pulpit.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Hypocrite: A disingenuous heart coupled with a mind intent on

Monday, June 08, 2009

Winning Words 6/8/09
“My mother used to tell me to look each day for something I could do for another to make that person’s day a little easier. I’ve done it every day of my life.” (An elderly nursing home resident) She slowly and carefully pours coffee for visitors who come to the home. It’s her way of making them feel welcome. What is it that you and I can do to make this world a friendlier place? Let’s share some ideas. ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER G.S.: When I start the day on my knees, I get started right.

FROM L.G. IN MICHIGAN: I use eye contact and my smile, Jack. Some people are never really seen or smiled at. I think it's imperative to really see people--to give them the gift of your attention, even if only for a moment. It sounds kind of silly as I write it here. But I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, and people respond, some with surprise in their eyes! My daily prayer is to see with the eyes of Jesus...

FROM MARY ANN AND RAY IN MICHIGAN: Visit friends in care centers and others who have special needs. Some just need someone to talk to! Provide transportation to and from worship services for persons in need. Serve willingly when asked to help with special luncheons remembering people. Just a few of our thoughts

FROM C.L. IN MICHIGAN: How about greeting all we come in contact with a big smile and a pleasant have a good day. I am always amazed at the number of people who pass you by without a word, I won't let them do that and at least greet them with a good day.

FROM MOLINER LIZ: I take care of my best friend's mom, who has dementia, so she can stay in her home.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: A smile is catching and it's free.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: See "Hello" to someone you don't know--not only at Church Like someone has said: Go to a Church where they don't look like you...

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: What a wonderful way to begin the Winning Words week! What a wonderful way to live and what a wonderful blessing! Thank you for sharing! Go Red Wings!!!

FROM EMT SINGS IN MICHIGAN: I am currently baking cookies for a new neighbor. I found out after I moved down here from T.C. that homemade cookies shared sometimes for "no reason" was very much appreciated. Boughten cookies won't do for this as it is the time invested that is signficant! I am not degrading "boughten" goods, it is just that I like to bake!

FROM PR P.H. IN MINNESOTA: how about one of us develop a much simpler tax code? last time i looked it was 1900 pages in length! JACK'S REPLY: I'LL BET YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THE TAX CODE. AND, SECONDLY, I'LL BET YOU HAVE SOMEONE DO YOUR TAXES FOR YOU.

FROM PR F.M. IN WISCONSIN: I have found that a telephone call to a person who is lonely, sick, mourning, tired, hurting, or facing change can be helpful to the person, but also rewarding to me. Today it was a call from a pastor who spoke of Phil Wahlberg's illness and hospitalization - I then called a widow whose husband was one of Phil's closest friends and she was so thankful for the call. Tonight I called Pete Erickson, one of
Herb Chilstrom's staff members who is fighting pancreatic cancer - it was diagnosed just six weeks ago but he is going down fast, according to his wife Enid. Today too I spoke to Harvey Peters, a very close friend of Arnie Tiemeyer, who died on Memorial Day and whose funeral was on last Friday evening . . . so Alexander Graham Bell's great idea serves me so well.

FROM D.S. IN MICHIGAN: I have noticed that simply smiling and saying hello to a stranger you pass or meet in the parking lot can start a positive habit of spreading smiles. Let’s spread smiles

FROM L.W. IN MICHIGAN: Every day we can do something for someone. Sometimes, it just might be a smile to lift someone’s spirits. What an awesome way to live our lives. Wouldn’t the world be wonderful if we all lived that way? I will be working on this every day. It’s terrific. Thanks for sharing that with everyone.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Winning Words 6/5/09
“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude
determines how well you do it.” (Lou Holtz) I always liked watching Holtz when he coached Notre Dame’s football team. He’d run along the sidelines, argue with the officials, and throw his ND cap. He had ability, motivation and attitude. And he wanted to win. We don’t have to imitate his antics, but his attitude is worth copying. Like in the Hokey Pokey, he put his whole self in. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: And judgment evaluates the importance of what you do. What about football in the scheme of things? (And, seen displayed on a bumper sticker recently: What if the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?") JACK'S REPLY: Ahhhh, you're right. Lou should have included judgment.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Each day I get a progress report on a relative's battle with weight. Today, I sent her this email! It is perfect! Activate and motivate! That's what effects our attitudes! Good one...no...great one!!!
LOVE IT!! Thanks!! This one is going on my fridge.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: How well you did it depends on perception. FROM JACK: How about persperation?

Very good.

FROM ACS IN MICHIGAN: I'm forwarding this one to my grandson. Heard this expression the other day. thought you'd like it, you optimist, you. "Optimists and Pessimists are both wrong. But Optimists have more fun!"

FROM C.L. IN MICHIGAN: your Lou Holtz quote today brings to mind a line from a sales motivation seminar I attended back in the '60s. The presenter was a fellow named Gariapy don't remember his first name and he said " Success is based on attitude not aptitude" Have never forgotten that

FROM CJL IN OHIO: I'm not sure I'd put "holtz" & "hokey-pokey" together. But his enthusiasm is contageous! And those three words do fit together!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Winning Words 6/4/09
“Few things are necessary to make the wise man happy, while no amount of material wealth would satisfy a fool. I am not a fool.” (Og Mandino) This reminds me of the movie, The Jerk, when Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) says, “I don’t need anything to make me happy…except this ashtray, these matches, this paddle game, this remote control, etc.” A poignant scene, and yet I laugh. What is it that you need to make you happy? BTW, Og is short for Augustine. Og was a great inspirational speaker and author. His books are worth reading. ;-) Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Things that make me happy: Jesus' eternal life gift, my family and friends, freedom, reading, sitting on our backyard swing wiht my husband listening to and watching birds, secret acts of kindness, good conversation, reading my Bible, scrapbooking, singing, memories, traveling, the simply joys of life and much much more, for which I am deeply grateful!

FROM E.D. IN ARIZONA: I've read the Spellbinder's Gift - Highly recommended

FROM GOOD DEBT JOHN: Communion with God, love and respect of my wife and kids, and the warmth of my dog. Perhaps the top four. Health and wisdom would be tops. I like my stuff but the list above is what is important.

FROM MOLINER C.F. A fool and his money are soon parted. JACK'S REPLY: You copied this from Abe Frieden.

FROM MKH IN MICHIGAN: Sunshine, Sometimes Rain, The Great Lakes, Blue Sky’s with Puffy White Clouds, Fabric, Quilting, Food, but none of that works if I am by myself though, without family and friends its all for not! Maybe a little quilting by yourself but much better with a pal, Marilyn and I spent hours with our fabric and sewing machines, talking, laughing, crying, you know like girly girls do!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Winning Words 6/3/09
“Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.” (Aaron Douglas Trimble) I didn’t find much bio-material about Aaron, except that it seems he’s a runner, and with that, the quote does fit. Personally, it’s the phrase, “your friends beside you,” that has meaning for me. Many thoughts come to mind as I think about the word, friend. What comes to your mind? ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Friends are the wind at your back and the sun in your face.

FROM PR P.H. IN MINNESOTA: i always like the one that said to keep your shoulder to the wheel and your nose to the grindstone. but in that position you can get almost nothing done!!

FROM MKH IN MICHIGAN: Faith Trust Loyalty Humor Comfort Strength Honesty Compassion

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: It sounds like the perfect day doesn't it? What could be better than a sunny day, a cool wind and wonderful friends!!! Perfection!

FROM CJL IN OHIO: One who knows you and still cares for you. "What a friend we have in Jesus..."

FROM EMT SINGS IN MICHIGAN: I think a friend is someone that knows you very well and likes you anyway! There is nothing better than good friends. They can even be family members!

FROM S.S. IN MICHIGAN: A friend is not only beside you sharing your journey, sometimes he's behind you giving you a push in the right direction and sometimes he's in front of you leading the way. But he is always with you! Once again, thanks for your WW

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Winning Words 6/2/09
“Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to lick it, one day at a time.” (Charles Schultz) There are some people who inspire me with the way they handle life’s problems. They live like the words of the old Timex commercial: They take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Do you know people like that, too? BTW, I miss the creative talent of Charles Schultz, but I am thankful for reruns. ;-) Jack


FROM L.G. IN MICHIGAN: Good one, Jack! I love Charles Schultz, too! One of my favorite people gave me some of my most beloved characters and wisdom! Keep 'em coming! FROM JACK: Which character do you relate to? I think Snoopy describes me best.

FROM HILLTOPPER JOHN: I like to take nice bites out of my ice cream cones....licking is for wimps

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Or, take a big bite and get an ice cream headache. FROM JACK: I've never gotten a headache from eating ice cream. When I was a kid, I'd go to Prince Castle and get a pint of fudge ripple (with a spoon) and eat the whole thing.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Was Charles Schultz a writer who could draw or an artist who could write? I suspect the former. Whichever it was, he communicated like no other.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Not always in the flavor you like... JACK'S REPLY: Ain't it the truth? I almost always choose butter pecan; I choose others sometimes, but I don't remember choosing something strange. I'm afraid that I won't like the flavor. Yes, sometimes life causes us to taste those things we would not choose.

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: Jack, as I read this WW, I thought of friend who died on Pentecost, Arnie Tiemeyer. Arnie licked a lot of issues in the area of social justice in his ministry.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Ah ice cream! My absolutely favorite treat! And Charlie Brown's Christmas Special was one of my favorites too. I know a lot of folks that keep on tickin'! In fact, if I ever got some more dogs, they would be named Timex and Seiko...they'd be my "watch" dogs.

FROM A.S. IN MICHIGAN: These are really cool. I haven't been on a blog. I guess it is time to start. JACK'S REPLY: Ice cream is meant to be cool. Now, you're on the blog. Welcome.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Winning Words 6/1/09
“You cannot tailor make your situations in life, but you can tailor make your attitudes to fit those situations.” (Zig Ziglar) At times we all find ourselves in circumstances, beyond our control, that are not to our liking. Z.Z., a well-known motivational speaker, says that a positive attitude can find some good in the bad. Have you found that to be the case? I have…most of the time. ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Too often people say, "I prayed and God didn't provide a solution." They want a tailor-made solution handed down for a problem. What God has done is give us the wherewithal to provide the solution to the problem ourselves, or it's something that will work itself out if we are patient enough to wait a bit.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: I have set the internal default on my personal operating system to: is the next best approach? Sounds silly, but without this approach the default setting can be: “Complain, groan, pout, and let it eat away at your insides.” Moving from ideal to best to then next best works for me. Remember the old Sears Catalog: Good, Better, Best? I was always able to get the best… JACK'S REPLY: Ahhh, the Sears catalog! I liked the soft pages best.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: take about memories on Memorial Day. The Kenosha bands used to march at Somers , Wisc. Irene and i used to sell candy bars for the kids so they could get credit to travel with the ( a ) band during the summer. Well the parade was on the main drag, and at the end of the parade most of the fire engines and others travelled down that road with their sirens blasting. The noise was so fierce it rattled your teeth right out of our mouth. it was crazy. I couldn't hear right for several days after wards.Wow

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: .......excellent.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Or putting it another way: It's not the stimulus, but the way you react to it, that counts.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: it's all in the way we choose to look at life in general, don't you think? JACK'S REPLY: Yes.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Yes, attitude sets the background of our reaction to each situation, both good and bad. Most of the time I am up for the task however, once in awhile I falter.

FROM MOLINER G.S.: I grow best under tension of some sort.

FROM INDY GENIE: I bet Zig is a champion player of the glad game....wouldn't it be fun if there was a Glad Game Tournament?....televised and everything? No losers.