Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 10/27/16
“When things go wrong, consider what went right.”  (Kristen Jordan Shamus)  Some friends told me of a pastor they once had.  He had no arms.  When he came to eat at their home, he ate with his feet.  Somehow, he even painted his house using his feet.  During the Great Depression there was a saying, “We’ll just make do.”  We adjusted, and it seemed to work.  No car?  We’ll walk.  No home?  Some neighbors took us in.  And, they’re called, the good old days.    ;-)  Jack

FROM LBP IN PLYMOUTH:  Re today's WW, have you seen this? (Google: Tell America it's great))====JACK:  How refreshing!  Sometimes we need to be reminded how GREAT America really is.

FROM TARMART REV:  I remember a pastor telling a bunch of us younger ones, he walked all over town making calls on his parishioners, as he had no car in those earlier days. Never knew the size of the town, but have always remembered the illustration, "making do!"====JACK:  When starting new churches pastors have to find temporary meeting places.  You used a Jewish Temple.  I've heard of using a funeral home and even a bar.  The Lord's people know how to make-do.====REV:  Read of the same as well . . . always found it interesting to read of the early Christians meeting in the catacombs of Rome. Wouldn't that be like meeting at a graveyard committal chapel today? Most likely somewhat nicer, I would envision it to be?====JACK:  Some other unusual places for ice rink, a movie theater, in the back of a semi trailer, in a lumber warehouse.  Joel Osteen fills a discarded basketball arena.  My Winning Words Church meets on the computer.

FROM MV AT ML:  I saw a movie about a woman who had no arms. She learned to drive, grocery shop, dress herself, put on makeup without arms. I bet she could have been a good soccer player! ====JACK:  This week I saw a video of a toddler, with no arms, holding a fork with his toes and feeding himself.  I continue to be amazed by people who "make do."

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I marvel at how God helps even the most "damaged" people to adjust and be made whole!====JACK:  The damage is not always visible.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Makes me think of Nick Vujicik, born with no arms or legs, and what marvelous inspirational speaker he is, and amazing what he is physically able to do as well; And now married with a healthy son.  I have his video, "No Arms, No legs, No worries..." and another bio of him, and he is a gifted Christian, reaching so many. Our young people first got acquainted with him at the ABY convention in Boulder, CO.  So many disabled seem to be able to use humor to cope.  Yes, your WW are good advice for us all....there are always SOME positives. Consider them ... ====JACK:  I have mixed feelings.  One part of me says, "I don't think that I could deal with being in that situation."  The other part of me is a more positive one, quoting St. Paul, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."====OAKS:  He almost committed suicide when he was about 10, but then thought of what that would do to his folks, and didn't want to hurt them!  I'm sure there were many times that he cried bitter tears, but he says he prayed to grow legs, and even kept a pr. of shoes in his closet to show God he believed God could do this!  I don't think any of us would WANT such horrible challenges to grow our faith!!!====JACK:  Keeping the shoes available is really touching...better than the farmers who went to church and prayed for rain, but didn't bring umbrellas.

FROM DMF IN AV MN:  Reminds me of this:
====JACK:  People like Bonnie Consolo really amaze do all who are able to overcome.

FROM JF IN ARIZONA:       This story reminds me of a similar experience I had when Cal and I were at our first church--Belvidere, IL  A pastor, whom I think was then living in and serving a church in Chicago, came for a pastors' get-together at our church who also ate with his feet.  I also remember that he had no coat because he had given his to someone he met on the bus who needed a coat.  That was sometime in the years 1953-54 but has remained clearly in my mind since them. ====JACK:  When I was an inner-mission chaplain in Chicago I made calls at Oak Forest (the poor farm).  They had a wheel chair choir there, directed by Billy Burns who had no hands or feet.  He lost them when they were frozen while he was living on the streets during the winter.

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