Monday, October 10, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 10/10/16
“This world is not my home.  I’m just a-passing through.”  (Albert Brumley)  There’s a lot of talk these days about immigrants.  In Vermont they’re now calling Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, saying that only the American Indian is the true non-immigrant.  Now, it appears that the Indians were immigrants, too, coming from Asia.  Enough!  My faith tells me that we’re all God’s people, put on his Earth as temporary residents.  “This land is his land!”    ;-)  Jack

FROM DRPH IN MICHIGAN:  Keep up the good word. Indeed we are all just passing through "in the Lord's hands"    In Christ====JACK:  It's like the words written on the net that catches footballs when they're kicked through the goalposts...YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS!

FROM SBP IN FLORIDA:  "Service is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." Mohammad Ali====JACK:  For all of my growing up years we lived in rental places.  We never had "a place to call our own."  It's the same with this earth upon which we live...It's just a rental place.  Ali's words seem to fit.

FROM EMT SINGS IN TRAVERSE CITY:  I am wondering how you are weathering this whole political season?  It will soon be over! I am always glad to read your winning words.  Sanity in an increasingly insane world!====JACK:  I'm comforted to know that this world is God's world, and that, in the end, everything's going to work out OK.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  This world is a little nuts!  We just have to remember we are not of this world...we are God's people.====JACK:  "God sent his son into the world, not to condemn the world...." but to show the bad might be made better.  It's an ongoing task.

FROM PASTY PAT:  AMEN!!! (from Jerusalem) I returned home on Sept. 15th from a 5-week 'emergency cover' stint in my village. I was home for 3 weeks and just returned yesterday for a previously scheduled fun trip for the olive harvest.====JACK:  If and when you "go back," you might ponder, "what makes this land "holy?"  Isn't Michigan a Holy Land, too?====PP:Hmmm --- as usual you've succeeded in getting my 'pondering juices' flowing!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Yep..maybe we'll have to rewrite the words to that song that says "This land is your land, this land is my land..." :-)   But it might be true that "this land was made for you and me..."  Chaotic as it stands right now, with last night's debate more suitable for sleazy 'Maury's" talk show. More so for Trump, but Clinton bears some blame as well.  Remember when debates used to discuss the burning issues of the day?!  When debaters were allowed to state their case without interruption and the other side allowed rebuttal without the other one commenting and butting in?  Ah, for the good ol' days.  I do think it is VERY challenging to integrate 1000's of immigrants into another country with different language, customs, beliefs, etc. As Europe is finding out, but their situations are so hopeless unless humanitarian aid & asylum is offered it seems we must do "something".  The world has such a dilemma with all the wars in the Middle East, and Africa.
I guess we try to do what we can, during our temporary residence!====JACK:  The (im)migration of Abraham  and his family to Palestine has been somewhat of a problem for me.  "God has promised this land to me and my people.  You will have to leave!"  Imagine if that were to happen today with some refugees coming to the USA and saying, "God has said that we can live here.  You will have to let us in!"  Refugees...immigration...the poor...It continues to be a problem that will have to be addressed.====OAKS:  In regard to this day's quote, I just read a quote from George B.Shaw, "Life's ultimate statistic is the same for all people everywhere; One out of one dies". This world is definitely not our final home!!====JACK:  "One out of one"....That's an impressive statistic.  It won't be proven until the apocalypse.

FROM FM IN WISCONSIN:  In North Dakota they call it ‘Native American Day.   For the Post Office it is a day off from work.====JACK:  From what I've read, even the "Indians" aren't native to America...but who knows?  My grandson works for PNC Bank and got the day off, too.

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"Service is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." Mohammad Ali