Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/30/08
“If everyone celebrated the similarities and respected the difference of all religions, then this world couldn’t help but be a better place.”
(Oakland Press editorial) Rosh Hashana begins a time of joy and warm sharing among Jewish families. We could all benefit from doing something similar. Do you have experiences like this? ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: Should I respect the differences of Islamic Fundamentalism that would like to exterminate me??? JACK'S REPLY: What did Jesus say about your "enemies?"


FRP, B.G. IN MI: Good word for today

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Too bad the Jewish members of Congress are taking the next days off work... my ex-husband is Jewish and I don't recall his or any of his Jewish friends/colleagues taking off for Rosh Hashana-- Jewish New Year is kind of a "non holiday." Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is the holiest day of the Jewish year, but that's not till next week. So I guess Congress will be taking off part of next week, too...

FROM J.L. IN MI: I'm not sure celebrate is the correct word, but maybe respect. The Bible tells us to love alll...even our enemies. We pray for them each night asking the Lord to send them the Holy Spirit. And, just who are our enemies now-a-days?

FROM M.E. IN SO CAL: Jewish wife and son in law. Buddhist Thai daughter in law. Polish Catholic niece. Ethiopian Christian niece. Son who taught math and some form of comparative religion in the Peace Corps, and has expressed concerns during this election year, in particular, about for lack of a better term, the Religious Right. Daughter who is a Special Education teacher and, probably like her Father, a bit confused about how to respect the more extreme differences of the Muslim religion, in particular. Am I misinformed about the latter? Any ideas or things I should read that can educate me or help with that apparent prejudice of mine? Always enjoy the Winning Words.

FROM CJL IN OH: I have spoken to several Jewish gatherings and even exchange Christmas cards with one Jewish businessman. Had a TV interview with a Jewish man who has been on
our School Board. Good relations!

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Continuing to find your WW compelling. Makes me watch for little tidbits of wisdom myself.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: I try to practice it every day.

FROM SDG IN TAMPA: This is a little far afield from your topic today, but I thought it was interesting when I received the newsletter from the C enter for Belgian Culture which is located at 7th St. and 18th Ave in Moline. I joined a couple of years ago when my cousin became secretary of the organization. Anyway, the center awards a yearly scholarship based on an essay about heritage. The last few years the entries were from young men and women of Belgian heritage. This month an essay by Kristen Schweppe is printed. She is a student at Augustana and she tells the history of Santa Lucia and of her own study of her Swedish ancestors. Her father is a Lutheran minister. She writes that it "is important to know where you come from so you know where have been. t is only then that you can move forward and become everything you can."

FROM INDY GENIE: love this one....i believe it's what it's all about. Passing this one on to the youth group...start them thinking at a young age!...just like you did for us!

FROM P.O. IN MI: Again, very timely!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/29/08
“Compassion is not weakness, and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism.”
(H.H.H.) Some have called themselves “Compassionate Conservatives.” Old Hubert was looked upon as a “Compassionate Liberal.” What we need in this world are simply
more people who are compassionate, who care about those in unfortunate circumstances and are willing to help in some way. ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: Socialism is "government ownership of the means of production." Many of our conservatives have mixed this up with the idea that to help a friend in need is socialism. This is a perversion of the idea and the definition. We can't let them get by with it. They have turned socialism into a four letter word with which to stamp any helping hand program. Even old Karl Marx would jump out of his grave if he saw this ridiculous type of thinking.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: LOL. Jack, thank you for a good morning chuckle. Very funny! It could go well with a cat is not a dog. How about it’s not a baby it’s a choice? Of course compassion is not socialism. Compassion would involve a voluntary action on the part of the giver. Socialism involves state takeover of private property (money), businesses (healthcare), and the means of production, through taxation, regulation, and finally force. Compassion has to do with awareness of suffering and the desire to relieve it. It is a perversion of the language (and non-thinking people) to take something beautiful like compassion and then say you intend to be compassionate with money collected coercively from a those you pretend to speak for. The $845 Billion Obama sponsored spending juggernaut (senate bill 2344) B.O. wants for the UN Millennial Development Goals, could be more accurately described as activist socialism. Compassion would be a voluntary effort, not back-door, marketing slogan driven fleecing of the American taxpayer. Government schools have mostly done their job now by destroying the ability of many to think. We stand at a crossroad and the people yell, “Give us Barabbas!” JACK'S RESPONSE: This one was chosen especially to get a response from you, and it worked! The "meat" of today's WWs was: "This world needs more people who are compassionate." I'm sure that you are one of those people.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Horatio Hornblower said some good stuff.

FROM BBC IN IL: Thanks, meaningful once again.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Compassion and socialism don't belong in the same sentence. I believe you can be very compassionate concerning people, but I believe socialism isn't compassion, it's a complete takeover by the government. I don't like socialism. I believe I can and do take care of myself, I don't need a government to do it for me. Good words though...they remind me of how fortunate we still are, at least for awhile! JACK'S RESPONSE: The poor early Christians didn't know that they were doing a BAD thing when they decided to have everything in common and share with one another.

FROM F.M. IN WI: I remember meeting HHH while I was in seminary and he was elected mayor of Mpls. He really impressed me then, and I always liked him - a real Christian gentleman.

FROM P.O. IN MI: This is just what I need right now. Thank you!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/26/08
“Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.”
(Thomas a Kempis) Somewhere I read that when you point your finger at someone’s faults, you have three fingers on your hand that are pointing back at you. T a K wrote a famous book, The Imitation Of Christ. He wrote it for inspiration., comfort and encouragement in the turmoil and discord of today….and that was in the year, 1418. ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER G.S.: U be pointin' that finger at me?

FROM EMT SINGS IN MI: Again I say: I like it!

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: The last part of that statement suggests that maybe our goals and aims and life are sometime out of whack with our abilities and interests. It seems to me that part of life is getting those things in line. It makes for a much more satisfying and enjoyable life....

FROM L.K. IN OH: TIOC was one of my Dad's favorites........I've read it several times myself.

FROM B.G. IN MI: Good thing to keep in mind, as the heat of the election season increases.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Good one as we listen to all the lies and smears during this campaign...it's embarrassing! It's very hard not to be judgmental and point my own finger!!! If we all imitated Christ, "what a wonderful world this would be"!

FROM F.M. IN WI: I read this while I was waiting to speak to a service rep from ATT. I have been holding on the phone for one hour and 40 minutes - we have had a lot of problems with our service - last month after a couple of hours on the phone, I thought I had it all worked out - today we received our monthly bill for $148.17 - about $70.00 more then it should be. I have so much time invested now, that I can't afford to hang up - maybe I'll let you know if I ever speak to a person!

FROM C.H. ON CAPE COD: There is truth here. But interestingly, what speaks to be is not the "reprimand" not to judge in the first clause, but the "recognition" in the second clause, that I have not yet made myself as I wish to be! All the sanctification I desire has not yet been realized. That is cause for frustration at times... but is perhaps why I am Lutheran not Wesleyan or some other holiness tradition. Paul was on to something in Romans 7 wasn't he?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/25/08

Jack’s Winning Words 9/25/08
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
(Camus) I was at a meeting the other day when each of us was asked to name our favorite season of the year. By far, the majority said that it was fall (autumn). What is your favorite? Fall begins in the United States on Sept 23. A piano piece that I like is, Autumn Leaves, played by Roger Williams. I also like to sing, Shine On, Harvest Moon. ;-) Jack

FROM M.T. IN PA: My favorite season is the season of change: the vibrant energy of fresh growth; the dark rush of an oncoming storm; a blizzard of falling leaves; the silver sheen of daybreak over an icy landscape.
...that's my creative writing effort for the day... REPLY FROM JACK: You've covered all of the bases. One of the reasons I like Michigan is because of the stark seasonal changes. I guess I do like each for it's own characteristic...The same can be said for the people I know, including you

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Autumn in New York(Frank Sinatra), September Song(Patti Page). Hard to believe - Huessin Obama in the lead for now. REPLY: You could have stopped with September Song.

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: Isn't it interesting....people who don't recognize "The Fall" and its consequences love this time of year!!!

FROM J.L. IN MI: Fall is my favorite too, although I love living in Michigan for all of it's beautiful seasons. I best remember "Shine On, Shine on Harvest Moon" as being one of Mitch Miller's favorites too. I loved watching to Mitch Miller!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: And Winter is like Summer. The weather is unbearable. JACK'S REPLY: And on the beach, summer is bareable!

FROM EMT SINGS IN MI: I have to agree. Although I like living where there are seasonal changes, fall has always been very special. For one thing, one of my sons was born in early October and I vividly recall a huge orange maple tree ouside my hospital window. I have always loved school fall activities. My kids (and now grandkids) were/are in sports. I really like Halloween. This year I am going with daughter and her kids to the Greenfield Village Holloween Walk. Never have done that, but hear that it is great. Two grandkids share an October birthday (2 years apart). Living near the high school, I can hear the band practice now. Haven't been able to get out on my bike much lately ( care giving is so 24/7) but I have enjoyed pedaling over there to watch the kids. I do not like the shortening days, maybe that is why all of this is so much more precious.

FROM BBC IN IL: My daughter and son just finished The Stranger (one for school, one for fun); thanks for this quote which shows us another side of Camus!

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: ....we'd better like it.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Fall is beautiful, especially Indian Summer, which was a promise of more, of another chance, But Spring is the real PROMISE. A renewal of life, a new garden. Julie and I used to start our garden on Good Friday. She was a real buddy, my promise to spread the DNA of my parents so the world will become a better place to live in, and together we planted seeds to replinish the food stock so my progeny could live and flourish, Sir and Mam, SPRING is our Lord"s answer to the renewal of life, it is the season of the year to rejoice and spread our love to mankind, especially our family, and family of friends.

FROM C.H. ON CAPE COD: Winter - because I associate Advent with Winter and the family had lots of birthdays in winter....
Spring - new life
Summer - SAILING!
Fall - melancholic and reflective
I love 'em all!

FROM J.B. IN WI: I absolutely LOVE spring when everything is fresh and coming to life again. It seems like such a season of hope. Of course, I like something of all the seasons and that is why I love living in Wisconsin, but spring is my ultimate of the seasons.


FROM CJL IN OH: I kinda like Spring because it is when life "springs" forth again...

FROM THRIVENT TOM: Next time we are together, I would like to hear "Shine On Harvest Moon" Bring along the music and maybe we can harmonize!

The night was mighty dark so you could hardly see, For the moon refused to shine. Couple sitting underneath a willow tree, For love they did pine, Little maid was kinda 'fraid of darkness So she said, "I guess I'll go." Boy began to sigh, looked up at the sky, Told the moon his little tale of woe:
"Oh, shine on, shine on harvest moon up in the sky. I ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June or July Snowtime ain't no time to stay outdoors and spoon, So shine on, shine on harvest moon - for me and my gal!"
I can't see why a boy should sigh, When by his side is the girl he loves so true, All he has to say is: "Won't you be my bride, For I love you, Why should I be telling you this secret, When I know that you can guess?" Harvest moon will smile, Shine on all the while, If the little girl should answer "yes."
"Oh, shine on, shine on harvest moon up in the sky. I ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June or July Snowtime ain't no time to stay outdoors and spoon So shine on, shine on harvest moon - for me and my gal!"

FROM YOOPER BOB L.: Sure like this quote. We are going to Porterfield near Mennominee to lead an evangelism weekend. Then we continue on to N.D. to help our son with the soy bean harvest. I;m sure our eyese will be filled with the autumn flowers!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/24/08
“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
(Carl Bard) I have a note near my computer which reads: WHAT IF….? Each day is a What If Day. We need to be reminded that our decisions and our actions TODAY can make a difference in how TOMORROW turns out. Ask yourself the What If question today. ;-) Jack

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: “I don’t know about my past, but my future is spotless.” Is one of my chapter subtitles in Good Debt, Bad Debt It sounds like “Reverend Ike.” Who used to also say, “You can’t lose with the stuff I use.” AND: Also, What If? Was long Hewlett Packard’s registered service mark and company motto. I think they changed it to “Invent.”

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Someone else said essentially the same thing, but with different words: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

FROM J.L. IN MI: What if each day started out with a positive view, and positive outlook, and positive pray. That's how I start my days...each day I have been forgiven and start with a clean sleet...washed in the blood of the Lord...completely clean!

FROM D.L. IN OR: Yes, today is a "WHAT IF..." day! We appreciate the positive lifts that your "Winning Words"give us each day! Thanks for your time, energy and thoughtfulness!

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Thanks. I needed that.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/23/08
“I finally know what distinguishes man from other beasts: financial worries.”
(Jules Renard) I like the words of Jesus when he said, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust corrupt and thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where none of that stuff happens.” When your treasure is in heaven, you can sleep like a dog and purr like a kitten. ;-) Jack

FROM P.O. IN MI: Love the paraphrasing.

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: I think it is natural to be concerned about financial things. You just can't let them take over. We always balanced the budget in our church....every year. If the income was not what we expected, we cut back on expenses. That seems to be a wise thing to do. You just can't let finances be first. We always had it last on the agenda at counci meetngs so that people would not dwell on that topic since by that time, they were ready to go home.

FROM MOLINER G.S.: Very well said. Had a banker once tell me, "When you tithe, you throw over that money-god."

FROM CJL IN OH: I think I ceased to worry about "mammon" when God called me to be a Pastor......

FROM A.W. IN IL: according to that statement, I guess I am quite a man because I worry lots
about finances....and needlessly so. REPLY FROM JACK: I like this old one.....Worry is a like rocking in a rocking chair...It gives us something to do, but it doesn't get us anywhere.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/22/08
“Tears are the silent language of grief.”
(Voltaire) I came across this thought on the same subject. “I love walking in the rain, because no one knows I’m crying.” There are various kinds of grief, but the tears are the same. It’s always the right time to tell someone that you care. ;-( Jack

FROM J.L. IN MI: Twenty-four years ago, my beloved nephew committed suicide. He was my Godchild and he loved the Lord. We were blessed to have him with us for 21 years. On October 12, we are walking in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention walk. We are helping to raise funds to help prevent suicide. I'm sure there will be tears but also many happy funny memories too.

FROM M.L. IN IL: when my son had been at college for about a week, he called me, and from his ramblings i could tell he needed a good cry. we talked about a "safe spot" where he could have one. i suggested an early morning shower in his dorm, (knowing that no one is up early in a boys dorm). a few days later he sounded much better. when asked how he was feeling, he told me that he had a "nice long shower".
bty-tears are the silent language of my heart, grief and joy and anything in between!
my son seems to have inherited it.

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: It has often seemed curious to me that tears may reflect both emotions of grief and joy. They flow from the depth of sadness or the height of happiness, sometimes evoked by loss and at other times by gain. In either case, it's an occasion when we can join someone in showing that we care.

FROM N.E. IN S.H.: My grandma used to say; "A sigh is the sound of someone who suffers in silence."
I do my crying in the shower, for the same reason this person enjoys walking in the rain.


1. No tears in heaven, no sorrows given.All will be glory in that land;There'll be no sadness, all will be gladness,When we shall join that happy band.
No tears (in heaven fair)No tears, no tears up there,Sorrow and pain will all have flown;No tears (in heaven fair)No tears, no tears up there;No tears in heaven will be known.
2. Glory is waiting, waiting up yonder,Where we shall spend an endless day;There with our Savior, we'll be forever,Where no more sorrow can dismay.
3. Some morning yonder, we'll cease to ponderO'er things this life has brought to view;All will be clearer, loved ones be dearerIn heav'n where all will be made new.

FROM CJL IN OH: It can be a little late, too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/19/08
“Ring the bells that can still ring. Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”
(Leonard Cohen)
Elizabeth Edwards quoted these words when asked how she was handling her medical and family problems. This is a great thought when life seems to push in upon us. Look for the light today. ;-) Jack

FROM CWR IN B'MORE: ,,,,,all vessels are cracked. That's why "the grace of God "is the glue.......

FROM EMT SINGS IN MI: I like this!

The birds they sang at the break of day Start again I heard them say Don't dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be. Ah the wars they will be fought again The holy dove She will be caught again bought and sold and bought again the dove is never free. Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in. We asked for signs the signs were sent: the birth betrayed the marriage spent Yeah the widowhood of every government -- signs for all to see. I can't run no more with that lawless crowd while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud. But they've summoned, they've summoned up a thundercloud and they're going to hear from me. Ring the bells that still can ring ... You can add up the parts but you won't have the sum You can strike up the march, there is no drum Every heart, every heart to love will come but like a refugee. Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in. Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in. That's how the light gets in. That's how the light gets in.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Elizabeth is a very strong woman. Besides fighting breast cancer, she didn't have the support of her husband. I'm glad you put this quote in today because it gives me some peace, as it does her, to know she lets the light shine through. I hope and pray her light is Jesus.

FROM J.T. IN MI: You read the same article I did yesterday. It impressed me too. I cut it out to save.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/18/08
“It is dangerous business going out your front door.”
(Tolkien) The alternative is to stay cooped up inside all day. Who wants to live like that? A little bit of danger adds zest to life. What is there that has added zest to your life lately? ;-) Jack

FROM F.M. IN WI: We don't go out our front door very often - when we leave we go out our 'back' door, into the garage. That makes us able to take one of our two cars - use the service door to the yard, or I take my bike for a ride. Yesterday I rode over 10 miles - today I took the car and make a call on one of our shut-ins and visited one of our local pastors - who is still serving at almost 70 years of age.

FROM B.S. IN FL: Who knows Jack. My wife refuses to go out on the trail for exercise. So she misses all the chickies who say "Have a nice Day" to me, My problem, I am trying to get rid of fat so my blood sugar will drop, so I can't stop to jawbone. You realize how rough life really is?

Jack’s Winning Words 9/18/08
“It is dangerous business going out your front door.”
(Tolkien) The alternative is to stay cooped up inside all day. Who wants to live like that? A little bit of danger adds zest to life. What is there that has added zest to your life lately? ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: We are going to Greenfield Village today....

FROM P.O. IN MI: Every day is an adventure --- and for several years now my mantra has been that "it's not safe to go out unhugged" (started that when my boys got 'too old for hugs' --- I told them that I knew they didn't need it, but I did

FROM MOLINER G.S.: fortunately I've never had to say, "I wish I had." Lots of wish I hadn'ts though

FROM J.L. IN MI: I'm way into the dangerous part of my life. My dangerous zest is playing in the sandbox with Noah (this is dangerous as you never know if your two tractors will have an accident), standing on a ladder to change a lightblub, trying on the old blue jeans to see if they fit, opening the door of my shed to battle a wasp nest, balancing the checkbook (can you tell me anything more dangerous!!!), and trying to beat Gary at Scrabble! Now that's a dangerous life if you ask me!!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Old proverb: Back door friends are the best. JACK'S REPLY: It reminds me of this one....What did the stomach say to the belch? Be quiet, and I'll let you out the back door.
Jack’s Winning Words 9/18/08
“It is dangerous business going out your front door.”
(Tolkien) The alternative is to stay cooped up inside all day. Who wants to live like that? A little bit of danger adds zest to life. What is there that has added zest to your life lately? ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: We are going to Greenfield Village today....

FROM P.O. IN MI: Every day is an adventure --- and for several years now my mantra has been that "it's not safe to go out unhugged" (started that when my boys got 'too old for hugs' --- I told them that I knew they didn't need it, but I did

FROM MOLINER G.S.: fortunately I've never had to say, "I wish I had." Lots of wish I hadn'ts though.

FROM J.L. IN MI: I'm way into the dangerous part of my life. My dangerous zest is playing in the sandbox with Noah (this is dangerous as you never know if your two tractors will have an accident), standing on a ladder to change a lightblub, trying on the old blue jeans to see if they fit, opening the door of my shed to battle a wasp nest, balancing the checkbook (can you tell me anything more dangerous!!!), and trying to beat my husband at Scrabble! Now that's a dangerous life if you ask me!!

Jack’s Winning Words 9/18/08
“It is dangerous business going out your front door.”
(Tolkien) The alternative is to stay cooped up inside all day. Who wants to live like that? A little bit of danger adds zest to life. What is there that has added zest to your life lately? ;-) Jack

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/17/08
“No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys.”
(Doug Horton) Who’s got your keys today? Isn’t it strange how we give our keys to some reckless drivers? Be determined to take control of your life. ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: One thing that is bothering me recently has been the enormous number of lying, half-truthed emails that have come out in this political campaign....particularly from the conservatives. I am going to send you a reply I wrote to one of them. I will attach it to this email. Let me know what you think.
Though man a thinking being is defined,
Few use the grand perogative of mind.
How few think justly of the thinking few;
How many never think, who think they do.
(Quoted by I. B. Gilbert)

FROM MOLINER C.F.: At the cost of gas, no one wants to drive me ANYWHERE.

FROM N.E. IN S.H.: That's a good one!!

FROM A.W. IN IL: this is a good one...I shall find use for it.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Lately it's a short trip...but I am keeping my keys in my pocket! I'm not letting anyone I don't trust to "drive" me around.

FROM CJL IN OH: Amen, brother!

FROM F.M. IN WI: I didn't give my keys to Wall Street, but they are driving me crazy!

FROM L.P. IN MI: An interesting quote. I feel like my fuse is way too short lately. Perhaps I'm too willing to give up the "keys" or perhaps I have become a terrible "driver". Either way I'm posting this quote on my wall JACK'S REPLY: I like J.B. Phillips' translation of Romans 12:2

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/16/08
“When someone is giving you their theology, their God-words, you should listen hard and be very gentle. The time to deliver your God-words is when you are asked.”
The Real Live Preacher) The temptation is to jump right in and try to make a point. The better solution is to wait. This works well in other situations, too, not just in religious discussions. Someone once gave this advice: “Hold your tongue.” ;-) Jack

FROM M.T. IN PA: Here's a related quote from Albert Einstein:
"If A is success in Life, then A equals X plus Y plus Z. Work is X, Play is Y, and Z is keeping your mouth shut."

FROM J.L. IN MI: Very appropriate for the political atmosphere. Gosh, it's unreal the lack of respect on both sides! I am really trying hard not to give my opinion when it's not asked for under any circumstance! It's tough though as everyone wants to be heard. I will try harder today!

FROM CJL IN OH: Remember the statement: What is the question? before you speak!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Today, you have inspired me to resist tempation.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/15/08
“Is it not careless to become too local when there are four hundred billion stars in our galaxy alone?”
(A.R. Ammons) Isn’t it amazing that in the vastness of this universe, there are individuals who care about one another? Be thankful today for someone who has picked you out from among the stars. ;-) Jack

FROM J.L. IN MI: A good one! I sent it to my husband and told him I was thankful he picked me. But I'm more than grateful God chose me!

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Contemplating the universe can be astounding, challenging one's imagination. Such a wonder can't just be swept aside...so now I'll act locally, think globally, and dream universally.

FROM MOLINER LIZ: What a lovely thought! Certainly there must be a man in our galaxy for me...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/12/08
“Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me to be yours.”
(Beethoven) These are words said to have been spoken by Beethoven on his death bed. I wonder who he had in mind when he said them? Friendship is a real treasure that we often take for granted. Thank you for being a friend. ;-) Jack

FROM B.D. IN MI: Almost ever day you make a difference in my life "My Friend" I take the time to reflect on your winning words. What a great way to start my day with a few minutes to think about something positive,

FROM J.L. IN MI: As far as I know, I'm not on my death bed....so don't worry!

FROM J.C. IN H.K.: Death bed, eh? I like this better, "Please continue to be my friend ... as I'll be yours until the end."

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: What is a friend? To me it is someone we know well enough that we can trust them....we may know others well enough to not trust them....these are acquaintances


"Cherish friendship in your breast--
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold." (Joseph Parry)

FROM JACK: Good Debt Jon, one of our WWs contributors is now a songwriter. You might be interested in hearing a recent song. It's about the pain of filling up the gas tank. I'm not sure I agree with some of the solutions. But it's worth a listen. Let me know what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_07UFukWdDU

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Thank you for being my friend. :)

FROM CLASSMATE P.B.: And thank YOU Jack for your friendship. Yesterday was the first day of my 9th decade. Just want you to know that I appreciate more and more each day being a recipient of your important ministry!

FROM A.J. IN MI: I really like this one. Thank you for being my friend

FROM P.L. IN MI: Every morning I read your words of wisdom. Every one of them makes me think. I appreciate knowing you. Thank you,

FROM C.L. IN MI: and thank you for being a friend and someone I can trust and talk to. Peace

FROM CLASSMATE G.C. IN S.D.: Thank YOU for being a friend.

FROM B.S. IN MI: Thank you for being my mentor…and friend.

FROM L&MS IN MI: Look forward to your winning words every morning! God bless, you are a god-send to many I know!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/11/08
“We do a lot of churning here, but we don’t produce a lot of butter.”
(Phil Hardberger, the mayor of San Antonio) There are many places where this happens. Can you think of some of them? Sometimes there’s a lot of churning that goes on within us without much being accomplished. Let’s work today at producing more butter. ;-) Jack

FROM D.S. IN MI: I am all about butter

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: How about synodical meetings? Lots of churning and lots of time spent. What has been produced?

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Washington D.C. The biggest producer of lard in the world.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Committees in general churn and churn and churn and churn....... MORE: We made butter in Girl Scouts but it was by shaking a can with heavy cream. It was very good butter.

FROM P.O. IN MI: aka "thrashing about" --- I seem to do a lot of that!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/10/08
“By forgetting the past and by throwing myself into other interest, I forget to worry.”
(The Manassa Mauler) Do you have a secret way to put worry aside? I have a feeling that it’s a difficult thing to do, but as M.M. says. It’s not impossible. His story, before he became famous, is really interesting. The old poops will know the source of the quote, and the really smart cookies will know where Manassa is. ;-) Jack

FROM CWR IN B'MORE" I must be a child because I don't remember the source of the quote, but isn't Manassa in Colorado?

FROM DAZ IN CO: It's a long way from Manassas to Masassa. I know more about the former than the later even though Manassa is in Colorado (I looked it up)

FROM J.L. IN MI: What me worry? Nope...doesn't happen. I'm not a worrier and if something does happen to sneak in, I just go to my imagery place where I sit and rock in my rocking chair with my husband at our imaginery lake home or cottage. I don't know who the Mauler was but I believe Manassa is in Colorado.

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Good morning. I gotta try this! I am neither an old poop nor a smart cookie (apparently) so I give up. Who's the source of this?

FROM GOOD DEBT JON: Work Whippeth Worry
If worry is a sin, then I am a sinner
If worked more I’d be thinner
I got to go, I’m late for dinner

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: For me the Manassa Mauler was always Jack Dempsey. But, do you know who the "East Moline Kid" was?

FROM T.S. IN MI: I figure I'm an old poop - but this one gets by me. Who is the Manassa Mauler? REPLY: Jack Dempsey, the prize fighter, who was from Manassa, Colorado

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/9/08
“If you would have a faithful servant, and one that you like, serve yourself.”
(Ben Franklin) Many of Ben’s pungent proverbs were printed in a book, called, Poor Richard’s Almanac. He first began publishing them in 1732, the year of George Washington’s birth. Many are as meaningful today as they were when he first composed them. I smiled at this one, because it’s like a mirror. ;-) Jack

FROM M.L. IN IL: good old ben...a fascinating and quirky guy! REPLY: You two should get along just fine.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Yep, it's a good one! It made me smile because I have a friend who will not let anyone do anything because no one can do it as good as she can. I am content to sit by and watch her work! I smile then too!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/8/08
“A truth that’s told with wrong intent beats all the lies you can invent.”
(Andrew Root’s father) Andrew’s father told him that it’s wrong to rearrange the truth to suit one’s particular situation. If there are times when telling the truth is not telling the truth, are there also situations when rearranging a lie is not lying? ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: Ah! The magic word reappears...."situations" REPLY FROM JACK: I could have used occasions or circumstances, but then you probably wouldn't have responded.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Situations are critical...but I know sometimes it's so much easier to tell a "half-truth) especially when the person you are talking too doesn't want to hear the truth. But, lies always backfire...sooner or later they will out. I would love to hear one full day of nothing but the truth. Jim Carey did a movie about the truth...and sometimes truth isn't so nice to hear....but lies are always always bad news.
PS I didn't tell you the truth...but not intentionally. I did watch the full coverage of the GOP convention..or at least as much as I could. I kept switching channels. Very interesting.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: I prefer, "If you can't tell the truth, don't say anything."

FROM INDY G.G.: ohh...good question, professor....one to ponder.

FROM L.K. IN OH: How appropo on all sides!

FROM P.O. IN MI: Omigosh --- do you actually try to make me crazy or am I just prone to craziness?!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/4/08
“Always do your best. God will do the rest.”
(Unknown) I sort of know what it means to do your best. But after that, how does God fit into the picture? That’s a rhetorical question. It’s something for all of us to ponder today. There are various answers for home, school, work and relationships. ;-) Jack
I’ll be off line until Monday. Have a good weekend…and be positive!

FROM F.M. IN WI: I do try to do my best - which usually takes more time - more time then what someone else believes should be spent on the endeavor!

FROM J.L. IN MI: Even our best is sometimes imperfect...that's where God comes in. He smooths the bumps, clears the way, and puts on the finishing touches!

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: I grew up thinking only the Swedes said to their children"Do the job right the first time, that way you will not have to go back and do it over." Then I heard my Italian friends say the same thing

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/3/08
“If you’re going to be a leader, make sure the heels of your shoes are shined.”
(Dale Schweinberger) Dale has retired as a successful businessman and is now a “computer geek” for the elderly. He was a Sunday School student of mine in Moline and played on a Sunday School basketball team that I coached. He went on to play basketball at Augustana College. The heels of his shoes were always shined. ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER C.F.: How do you shine basketball shoes? FROM JACK: When I played, they had black leather ones.

FROM J.L. IN MI: My goodness...he must have retired very very early in his 30's if he was your student!!! His quote was right on! There are many "leaders" out there with shined shoes, but then again, there aren't many people out there with shined shoes. I even have a few scuffs! It's a wonderful goal though as God has promised to take care of the scuffs providing we take to stop shuffling our feet!

FROM THE AUTHOR, D.S. IN SAN DIEGO: Oh MY!!!Who the heck is that guy?I don't think HIS shoes were always that shined as well as they should have been.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 9/2/08
“It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”
(George Lorimier) Have you ever made an inventory of the things that money can’t buy? If so, how long is that list? I’m going to spend some time this day thinking about the blessings that are mine. Now, where do I start? ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: If we follow through today with thinking about the blessings we have, it's going to be a long day.

FROM MOLINER G.S.: the older I get the more I realize that whatever assets I have, including my family and my health, are just on loan from God.

FROM MI: My husband is under tremendous stress at work right now and has been having problems dealing with it. One of my suggestions for him was (besides a lot of prayer) to write a list of five things he wants to do, good things he has accomplished at work, or five of his blessings. It has helped him, and I have started doing it also. In this world right now, we all need to concentrate much more on our blessings and less on what we don't have. Good winning words!

FROM EMT SINGS IN MI: My list is very long, and you are on it!

FROM MOLINER C.F.: That's what the MasterCard commercials are all about. "Some things money can't buy" is right on.

FROM CJL IN OH: With Mary, of course!

FROM PR F.M. IN WI: I don't know where you will start, John, but I'd start with the blessings I have received from the Calls I received and accepted - for five years and the wonderful accepting folks at Calvary Church in Two Rivers who accepted me as a novice from seminary, for 10 years and the great opportunity for ministry and mission in the fast growing Menomonee Falls, for the wonderful folks I met and worked during the 22 years I was on the staff of the LCA, and for the people and ministries of Resurrection Church, Cross Church and Dr. Martin Luther Church where I served for 19 months as interim pastor.

FROM INDY G.G.: I'll start with you....I'm grateful for your continued presence in my life!

FROM M.L. IN IL: money can't buy me love. it is however, these days, playing a big part in my little girl's wedding. the date is 9/13. pray for me!