Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 8/9/17
“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.”  (Malcom Bane)  Sometimes, at the close of worship, our pastor says: “Go in peace.  Remember the poor!”  This week a group of volunteers is providing free medical and dental care in Detroit…no questions asked.  Thousands expected!  Similar church-sponsored missions take place around the world.  I admire those who don’t just stand there.  “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day,” wrote Edgar Guest.    ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  St. Paul also remind us the people are converted by the preaching of the Word.  but, yes,  faith without works is also a dead faith.====JACK:  Writing as a preacher, I think that example and caring conversation are probably ahead of preaching when it comes to "conversions."====PAUL:  i think its a both/and:):):)   God can use many venues to bring us to faith. ====JACK:  Take away preaching and both of us would have to look for new work.

FROM HAPPY TRAILS IN NOVA SCOTIA:   I have heard the following attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt: "Nobody can accomplish everything, but each of us can do something.". Just tried to google that but so far haven't succeeded.====JACK:  I think that you're right about Eleanor.  Google doesn't know everything.====HT:  operator error is certainly a possibility--I also needed to change gears and terminated the search earlier than I might have.  Just finished reading the new book "We'll Always Have Casablanca." Very interesting--I was one of the Harvard students in the mid-60s watching and cheering Casablanca during every exam period at the Brattle Theatre, a few steps from where Hannelore was living when we met. One of the themes explored from many directions in the book is inspiration.

FROM MIKE'S CUZ:  Thanks for all your daily words of wisdom.====JACK:  I like to pick quotes that interest me and that I think will interest others (like you).

FROM BB:  Your words are always so encouraging.  Thanks!====JACK:  ...and so I call them, Jack's Winning Words!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We do have a lot of caring loving people in this world!!  Even people who serve chaplains for police and firefighters!  That's a caring loving act!!!====JACK:  Been there.  Done  that.  Both fire and police.

FROM WATERFORD JAN:  I see a sermon every day that I read Jack's Winning Words!====JACK:  Some days are better than others...from my point of view.  You can't expect a winner every day.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  I wish someone would provide decent jobs for them, as well.====JACK:  The Detroit Public Schools are beginning to offer an option...regular high school curriculum, or skill training for jobs that are available...building operator...etc.  Not everyone is going from high school to college.

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