Monday, June 05, 2017

Jack’s Winning Words 6/5/17
“It’s hard to beat somebody when they don’t give up.”  (Babe Ruth)  An adage of baseball is that you never give up on a ball.  “Things” happen.  It works that way in life, too.  Maybe we need to hit the “replay” button to recall how God has been with us in some difficult times, to hear again his words, “I’ll never leave you.  I’ll always be with you.”  St. Paul’s words assured some frightened people: “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  I think about God's grace in my life each and every day. I'm sure you do too.====JACK:  Some church hymnals have changed the hymn, Amazing Grace, to read:"that saved a soul like me."  I think the original: "that save a wretch like me,"  puts it more accurately.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  That was one of several messages in "The Shack."  Have you seen the movie or read the book?====JACK:  Started the book but (for one reason or another) didn't finish it.  Haven't seen a movie since Inspector Gadget.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  God generously gives us memories to spend time to think back on both blessings and blemishes.  Blessings far outweigh the blemishes!====JACK:  I think that some people have a better assortment of memories than do others.====JUDY:  Yes and some have great memories but no memory left to bring them to light.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  That's the secret isn't it? Perseverance! Just read the story of Mariam Sobh, a Muslim woman, very attractive, with a Master's degree in broadcast Journalism, born and raised in America, but because of wearing the scarf (hijab) has never found a job in television (her dream) as a news anchor, talk show host or anything else.  When she sends out tapes of her work, she gets many interviews, across the country, but when meeting in person, they find a reason not to hire. She says she will never give up, and if she doesn't become the 1st Muslim TV anchor, perhaps her daughter (she's 6) or someone's daughter will achieve that goal, and she will have paved the  way. She certainly has the personality and intelligence to do the job!====JACK:  A young Muslim woman in our community explained to me why she chooses to wear a hijab.  From her point of view, it's a matter of choice.====OAKS:  Yes. She made that very is a choice; To her it is the symbol of her commitment to her faith. I think that is why she titled her article "Just a scarf away". She realizes that station managers probably think when an audience would see a Muslim woman anchoring the news, it will be biased reporting, but she knows she would bend over backward NOT to biased. She broadcast for 3 years on the U. of Illinois network while a student and grad student there, and her professors lauded her work, and thought she would go far in TV broadcasting, but if so, not yet!  She makes her own videos and I guess puts them on the internet...====JACK:  Things aren't fair when you're profiled.  So, we sing..."I shall overcome!"

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes it isn't easy to think about that.  My grandson with the broken foot and ankle is getting his hard cast today.  He has already had six surgeries.====JACK:  Even Jesus (on the cross) called out:  "My God, WHY?"

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