Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 7/27/16
“The rainbow comes and goes.”  (Anderson Cooper)  I’ve got A.C.’s book on reserve at our library.  I want to know the background of the title.  Traditionally, the rainbow is a sign of good fortune, but we know that rainbows are only temporary.  After the Flood, Noah had to get back to work (that’s another story).  If I were to guess about Anderson’s relationship with his mom, it would have up and down times…with a happy ending.  “Somewhere, over the…”    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  ...always a beautiful sight to behold, whenever and wherever!! When trying to chase it, I've never gotten close enough as it is always down the road just a little further. ====JACK:  Some people are so busy chasing rainbows, that they don't take the time to just stand back and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  The rainbow also has become the symbol for the LGBT community, of which Anderson is a member.  Perhaps that has some meaning as well.  The rainbow - all the colors coming together.====JACK:  Even though I knew of it, I hadn't made that connection.  When I read the book, I'll have to see if the subject arises.  Thanks for your functioning brain.

FROM FINN FRIEND:  Rainbows are also used by LGBT people as their symbol and are featured on their "flag", as you probably know.  Anderson Cooper's partner is Benjamin Maisani according to his Google profile.  I wonder if that has some meaning in his title?====JACK:  RS also called this to my attention.  One's sexual orientation doesn't seem to make the "difference" that it once did.  I like Anderson Cooper and his reporting.

FROM RJP IN NAPLES:  Since Anderson has come out as a gay man the Rainbow may have a meaning related to his life's ups and downs in that reference.  I don't know, just conjecture.  Ain't life interesting...====JACK:  You're the 3rd one of make that "rainbow connection."  I would be surprised if I read about that in the book, because I think that, for him, the rainbow has more to do with an up and down relationship with his mother.  But, it remains to be seen.

FROM KANSAN DON:  Rainbows are associated with hope.  But I often try to point out that the flood represented God's utter disappointment in the creatures God made.  That makes the rainbow God's declaration of giving a Second Chance to the undeserved creatures.  I connect the word "forgive" with the symbol of the rainbow.  Or, is it the preacher in me?====JACK:  You make a good point, except that the only people to see the rainbow were the faithful people (and the animals).  The "2nd chance" sign is a good one for us who can read the story and reflect.  The rainbow is a good way to express grace in sign language.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  The book is a good read, especially if you remember Gloria Vanderbilt in her heyday. For years I never connected Anderson Cooper with her. He's never used any of the Vanderbilt money, but is now very close to his mother. I love the Title, and it has impacted how I think of life. The rainbow DOES come and go !====JACK:  There's a certain kind of "softness" about Anderson's style of reporting that I like.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  It's a grand idea God had, to use a rainbow.  It's wonderful too it is only after a stormy or rainy day the rainbows appear.  For in this world filled with so much beauty, we often overlook the radiance because of the ugliness.  If rainbows were in the sky everyday, would we see them at all?====JACK:  The rainbow sign:  Better days are ahead!

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