Friday, July 22, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 7/22/16
“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus.”  (M.L. King Jr)  As a child, do you remember playing, “Follow the Leader,” where someone is chosen to lead and those who follow behind have to mimic the leader’s actions?  It can be hilarious.  Adults can play that game, too…sometimes it’s hilarious…sometimes, not.  Jesus (G-d) said, “Follow me.”  Have you seen the wristband, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)?  Good advice!    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  Indeed, good advice!! Have a very enjoyable and blessed weekend, Jack. My wife and I are headed for Rochester, MN this weekend, celebrating our 46 years of married life and looking around the city. Hopefully be here Monday for Jack's Winning Words.====JACK: Looking ahead...Monday's quote should fit well with your situation.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  The leadership of Donald Trump reminds one of Olaf Tryggversson or one of the other bloodthirsty Viking leaders who devastated the countryside and showed no mercy for anyone.   We truly have "Barbarians at the Gates" right now....====JACK:  A quote that I remember from John Deere Junior High..."The quality of mercy is not strain'd, It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven  Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes."  It was only later in my educational journey that I connected this quote up with the concept of grace.  A real leader knows what grace is all about.  A modern interpretation of what Shakespeare wrote might be, "It's to the benefit for both of us if you'd give me a break here."  I can't see Olaf and Donald as grace-givers.====JOHN:  As ire all that was either spoken by Shylock or about him... A Jew.   They know something about Grace, too====JACK:  True.  Grace is not only a Christian concept.

FROM INDY GENIE:  Wow...I love this quote. I can learn from it:)====JACK:  Look around you.  There are lessons to be learned from much that is happening, both positive and negative.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I taught Kindergarten for just one year, but I was amazed to discover that you could pick out who the leaders of the class were going to be, probably , all through school, already!  I grew up with a group of girls who were leaders, and definitely helped mold consensus in H.S. and college, and even communities, on issues important to them (and me).... Following Jesus is a life-long adventure, and uses every bit of talent you've been blessed with~! Good WW to remember!====JACK:  Leaders can't be leaders if there are no followers.  Hats off to the loyal followers!   

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ: 👍🏻====JACK:  I left leadership examples open-ended, so people can respond...IMO.

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