Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 7/19/16
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”  (Song by Meredith Willson)  Some friends of mine celebrate Christmas in July to give more meaning to the day.  They may be disappointed to learn that Santa and Mrs Claus are taking a break from their Hawaiian vacation to throw a Party for Kids at a local mall.  Christmas Creep is a term describing how retailers are moving Xmas to an earlier time each year.  My friends may have to move their celebration to Dec 26.    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  The Mrs. works for Hallmark at our local mall three evenings a week...they traditionally promote Christmas in July where a large display of Christmas ornaments for the tree or table are there for the purchase. It's quite the ordeal for the store and employees to set up for.====JACK:  There was a friend of mine whose Christmas card was always the first one we received...sometimes the day after Thanksgiving.  Another friend's card always comes toward the end of January.  Early or late, I like receiving Christmas cards.

FROM BLAZING OAKS: Oh, dear Gussey! I love Christmas, but let's keep it in December! Our big family  reunion is always Thanksgiving, which is pretty well eclipsed by Christmas Creep!  Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger these days, too. I notice our big chain stores are promoting "Black Friday" sales in July, which is usually the day after Thanksgiving....Lots of seeming desperation in the economy. If people can enjoy a Mall Christmas Party in 97 degree weather (here the heat index is over 100) more power to them. I will wait for December!====JACK:  Dear Gussey is a new one for me.  But it sounds like it could be related to, Land Sakes, Gee Willikers, Oh Gleeps, Gadzooks, By Gumn Criminy and Little Orphan Annie's Gee Whiskers (and Leapin' Lizards).

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Surprise Winning Words today!  Some stores have Christmas supplies out.  The craft stores have them out early for a reason.  It make Christmas crafts you need supplies.  But July???====JACK:  Many people aren't aware that the exact date of the birth of Jesus is not known.  December 25 was arbitrarily chosen (for a variety of reasons).,.so, it could have been in July.  In reality, the date is not important.  It's the fact of his birth that we celebrate.====JUDY:  I remember hearing that December 25 wasn't Jesus' actual birthday.  I was shocked.  Just for grins, wouldn't it be fun it they changed the date each year?  I don't care about his actual date now, I just care he came!====JACK:  One of the carols speaks to that point when we sing, "Be born in us today."

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