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Winning Words 6/3/13)
“The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.”  (Chuck Swindoll)  Swindoll went on to say, “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”  Recently someone sent me a video of some children who literally live in a dump.  They have formed an orchestra, using instruments made from recovered trash.  Their music is beautiful, and their attitude is outstanding.    ;-)  Jack

 FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  I've seen that video and it is impressive. If we are talking about the same video, what was also interesting to me was that they were playing classical music. Certainly impacts on people's attitudes about cultural stereotypes of poverty.====JACK:  One of the great mysteries of life... Where does music come from?  Some have it; some don't.  I appreciate many kinds of music, but what I create is "trash."

 FROM WALMART REV:  The old joke about the boy wanting a pony for his birthday and he ran down to the barn his birthday morning to only find a pile of manure facing him in the stall...all excited, he jump in there with all hands and a smile on his face, saying to himself, "There's pony in this pile of manure someplace!" Now, that a positive person, I'd say!!!====JACK:  "Manure" comes in different forms, and so do "ponies."  It' up to us us to decide how much we want the "pony."

 FROM SF IN MICHIGAN:  "...and so it is with are in charge of your attitude."
This quote by Swindoll is one of my very favorites. I think about it often and even had it posted in a frame in my office! It empowers me every day!====JACK:  All attitudes are not the same.  Each day we wake up to a menu of attitudes before us.  Hmmmm.  What will I choose today?  I think I'll take that one labeled, "positive."  It certainly looks better than that one marked, "negative."  The day for us is a matter of choice..

 FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  With my shoulder in a sling, I've formed a better appreciation of how a one-arm person gets on with life.====JACK:  Pete Gray made it to baseball's Major Leagues. ====GEORGE:  With one arm? What position did he play?====JACK:  Pete Gray was right-handed until he lost his right arm at age six, when he got into a truck accident. The arm had to be amputated above the elbow. His enthusiasm for baseball led him to learn to bat and field one-handed, catching the ball in his glove and then quickly removing his glove and transferring the ball to his hand in one motion.  His speed and place hitting ability made him a successful minor league outfielder.  The St. Louis Browns purchased his contract in 1945 from the Chicks.  Gray played left and center field for the Browns. He appeared in 77 games, batting .218 with a .958 fielding percentage in center field. He played competently in the outfield, transferring the ball from glove to hand with remarkable speed.  Gray set an inspirational example for disabled servicemen returning from World War II. He visited army hospitals and rehabilitation centers, speaking with amputees and reassuring them that they too could lead a productive life.  "Boys, I can’t fight, and so there is no courage about me.  Courage belongs on the battlefield, not on the baseball diamond."

 FROM CL IN MICHIGAN:  someone in my distant past said " It is about attitude not aptitude"  have carried that about for many years.====JACK:  It still holds true in so many situations.  Attitude beats aptitude every time...except maybe as a brain surgeon.

 FROM SHALOM JAN:  I'm sure more than one of your Winning Words recipients would like to see the video.  Can you send us the link tomorrow?  Thanks for the encouragement this ministry brings, Jack.  I look forward to your "words" and play catch-up pretty quickly when I've been away because there is always wisdom, humor or both!====JACK:  How about sending the link today?  I hope you like it.  "Miracles" often happen because of the proper attitude.

 FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I have seen that video--they make better music with junk than many do with very expensive instruments.====JACK:  Mary and her 3 sisters made up a string quartet when they were in high school.  The 3 violins and the 1 cello that they used were all made by their grandfather.  He was a shoemaker and hand made shoes for handicapped children and adults.  He never made much money, but he made people happy.====MARLYS:  Oh my--I hope they still have those instruments!  They are priceless! ====JACK:  They do.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Thank you Lord for my "string"!  Some days it's in tune and some days not so much...but it's always there for me to use.====JACK:  When the early Swedish immigrants came to America they had no pastor and no organ for church services.  A devout shoemaker led the service the hymns were accompanied by a one-stringed instrument called a psalmodikon.  You can Google it.

  FROM PLAIN FOLKS CHESTER:  One string and an attitude can create an opus.====JACK:  You may remember that Opus #1 was a big hit for Tommy Dorsey in 1944.  But, of course, he used a complete orchestra, instead of one string.  Louie Bellson may have been the drummer for that song, since he once played for Tommy.

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  "An attitude  of Gratitude" was one of Bill's favorite phrases. And he had it!  A "can-Do" attitude means a lot, and we all admire those with determined cheerful attitudes.  Nice people to be around!  Good  words from Chuck Swindoll today. Max Lucado stresses positive attitude in his books. A Good sense of humor doesn't hurt, either!

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I've seen that video and it is impressive. If we are talking about the same video, what was also interesting to me was that they were playing classical music. Certainly impacts on people's attitudes about cultural stereotypes of poverty.
S.H. in MI