Monday, June 24, 2013

Jack’s Winning Words 6/24/13
“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”  (John Wayne)  Have you ever heard of hippotherapy?  It refers to the beneficial treatment of disabled people with the help of a horse.  The horse’s rhythmic movement has a calming effect.  My g-daughter once worked with children where therapy horses were stabled.  Gene Autry’s, “Back In the Saddle,” is helpful, too.  “…back where a friend is a friend.”    ;-)  Jack

 FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  What an interesting WW again this morning. Hippotherapy--the first new thing I've learned starting out this beautiful summer day. Thanks!!!!====JACK:  The Greek word for horse is, hippus, and the word for river is potamus...hence, hippopotamus, river horse.

 FROM WALMART REV:  Got all excited when my father and mother told me we were going out to visit a family from our church who lived on a farm (back when I was in 1st or 2nd grade in school). I asked if they had any horses I could ride...they said maybe. When we arrived, the farmer said sure you can, and took me to his barn...there he showed me a saw horse sitting in the middle of the barn floor..."hippotherapy" for me that day wasn't working too well!====JACK:  It's good when we have friends and family who have a sense of humor and will share it with us when we are children.====REV:  So true... I surely enjoyed my upbringing in Kansas, the church and especially my family (more so now as I've experienced so many who have not had such a privilege of being reared in a God-fearing enviorment) father was one of those, but found Christ when I was two and I was certainly blessed by the fruit of His decision to follow the life and teachings of Christ. Thankfully blessed-

 FROM HONEST JOHN:  Had a person in the church who was a physical therapist and used that kind of therapy.====JACK:  Therapy means treatment, or healing.  I wonder if Jesus might be called a therapist in today's world?

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We love John Wayne.  My brother-in-law Ken is a groupie and he's 3 years younger than me!  It's hard to believe John still has such a following.  He wasn't perfect but we love his ideals.  My friend Sue has such a stable on Gratiot.  They work with many different kinds of people, not just kids.  (Love Gene Autry too)====JACK:  Thanks to Google, you can listen to Back In the Saddle Again again.

 FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  LAL====JACK:  Duke, horses, Gene...lots to like.

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Certainly True! I think of the courage it takes my friend Jim, with cerebral Palsy, to get up at dawn to get ready to go to his job at the IL State Library...unable to walk, talks with great difficulty, arms don't obey his mind's commands often, etc. Yet he has a keen mind, with a Master's degree in Library Science, and is a committed Christian.  He has had a significant impact on many, many, lives; does  volunteer work, calls on the sick in the hospital, just amazing. One of my grandsons is named after him.
"The truth is you don't have to be perfect or remarkable. You can be ordinary or an outsider, flawed and failed, tried or tired. No matter what shape you're in, God will use anyone from any walk of life to fulfill his plans and purposes." (Carol Osteen Comes)  May we all have the courage of the "Jims" in the world to fulfill God's purposes!====JACK:  Sympathy and empathy are similar words, but we can never really know what it's like to live as another lives.  Even identical twins are not identical, are they?====OAKS:  No, very similar, but with individual traits, as well..

.FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Who said that courage is greatest virtue?...I just finished reading Ike;s Bluff about bluffing the Russians in the fifties.  I guess that is where I read it.====JACK:  Talking about courage...How the courage needed to launch the D-Day invasion, knowing the lives that would be lost and the possibility of failure?.

 FROM MK IN MICHIGAN:  My niece Jess is the director at Banbury Cross in Metamora she was one of the very first people in Michigan to obtain a degree in this type of therapy, she works with many kids with autisim and brain injuries, it is truly amazing what a horse can do to stimulate the brain!  They are now starting a program for soldiers!  She loves what she does she is a dynamic person, the holy spirit just flows out of this lady!  We are just a tiny bit proud of her!  Jessica Moore!  PS I know what a horse does for my soul too!  Love it!!====JACK:  I once had dinner at the White Horse Inn in Metamora.  It opened in 1850 and was once a stagecoach stop.  It recently closed, but Metamora remains a "horse" area.  When we moved to West Bloomfield, we could see occasional horse riders on some of the unpaved roads.  There was even a riding arena near to our home.  I, too, know a therapy trainer.

FROM LH IN MICHIGAN:  Have you heard the one: "Courage is fear having said its prayers"?  I like that one a lot, too.====JACK:  That quote is attributed to Dorothy Bernard, but it's appeared in many places... and it's a good one.

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What an interesting WW again this morning. Hippotherapy--the first new thing I've learned starting out this beautiful summer day. Thanks!!!!
S.H. in MI