Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winning Words 2/14/13
“Dogs never lie about love.”  (Jeffrey Masson)  As I was browsing at the Valentine card display, I saw a “Valentine from the dog – I WUF YOU!”  Dogs don’t usually send a card, but they do lick your face, jump up and down and wag their tail.  Someone wrote:  “I was so happy I wished I had a tail.”  Our favorite dog, Tiger, showed his love in so many ways.  We still talk about him and laugh.  Have you had such a dog?    ;-)  Jack

 FROM JC IN HONG KONG:  I know that Tiger dog from a video I made for someone's birthday  You remind us that time heals while experience teaches us to dwell on the fonder memories ... after all, all us dogs have had our "daze".  Let's keep wagging our tails in hope for the future.////JACK:  Wagging tails are better than wagging tongues.

 FROM WALMART REV:  Someone once told me...Put your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car for 30 minutes....see whose the most happiest to see you when you open the trunk.////JACK:  My first "smile" of the day!

 FROM RI IN BOSTON:  Yep, we had such a dog...she was just special, and so dear to us that we have never been inclined to get another dog.////JACK:  "Every dog has his day," but some days are more special than others.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Buddy, Taffy and SuSu were the best dogs!  We had others who have left marks on our hearts but they were special.  We don't have dogs anymore...but Granddogs.  Chief, Opie and KoKo.  They are great dogs too.  The joy pets bring into our lives are inmeasurable.  I understand why the lower our blood pressure and enrich our lives.  They love us even when we are unlovable!////JACK:  Sometimes you have to be careful when dogs want to leave a "mark."

 FROM SHARIN' SHARON:  Calvin--got him from the Humane Society when he was just a little puppy. He looked like a big Finnish Spitz. We didn't know he would look like a Finnish Spitz when he was a puppy. Then we thought he was a German Shepherd.  He was one smart dog!!!!!! and knew us so well which was I think what endeared him to us so much. Still miss him and always enjoy remembering him.////JACK:  The Finish Spitz is the National Dog of Finland and was bred to hunt bears.  Did Calvin do any hunting  BTW, his name in Finnish is, Suomenpystykorva.

 FROM ILLINOIS LIZ:  we had a black lab, higgins, who smiled.////JACK:  I like a smiling dog, rather than a snarling one.////LIZ:  some people thought she was baring her teeth. a wonderful & gentle dog was higgins... :)

 FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  Oh yes--a couple of them.  Remember Noodle?    Carol and Carl just got a new puppy.  The girls just lug her around all the time.  She soon will be too big for that--she is a "Golden Doodle" Mini.  They named her Dolly.////JACK:  Who can forget Noodle and her many appearances on your Christmas cards?  But that was then, and a new family is now building their dog memories.  Hello, Dolly!

FROM PEPPERMINT MARY:  all of our dogs have been quirky and funny.  (apple-tree?)  i must admit though that our little lucy pugglestein has captured our hearts.   we have more time now as empty-nesters to really enjoy the fun of a dog.  our nest is not empty anymore!  btw...again the perfect ww's for today.  mark and i are leaving for a two week trip to ecuador and the rain forest.  we have never been apart for that long.  pray for us!////JACK:  Lucy P. has a quirky name, too.  How did it happen?  Be on the lookout for some interesting dogs while on your trip.

  FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Love the "I was so happy I wished I had a tail!"  quote. That's happy!! :-)  We once had a Beagle, Fritz, who chewed the heels off  of my new alligator pumps.  Money was scarce, with 3 boys needing things, and it was a real loss!! Years later our son brought a  bedraggled stray puppy home from college, which our daughter quickly adopted before we could give him to a "good" home. We had her for 14 yrs. and there are many "Queenie" stories. For months after she died, I would expect her to come bounding down the driveway joyfully welcoming me home from a day of teaching school! One time I even brought 3 cans of  Alpo dog food home from the grocery story, when my mind slipped a cog, and forgot she was gone.... Now I have four grand dogs, and one great-granddog who occasionally visit with the kids! ////JACK:  One of my favorite dog songs is "Old Shep."  Red Foley will sing it for you on YouTube.

 FROM FM IN WISCONSIN:  Yes, we had Gretchen, a miniature Schnauzer.    The only problem she had was that her tail had been cut off before Jewel bought her.////JACK:  I had church members who had a pair of Schnauzers.  Bark!  Bark!  Bark!

  FROM MY FLORIST:  Well, you know what dog spells back-words!////JACK:  "In dog we trust," doesn't sound right.

 FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Have one now – they are the best!////JACK:  I know a song, "The Yellow Dog of Texas," or is it yellow rose?////RS:  We have both here - yellow roses and yellow dogs.  The roses are better.  We sent the yellow dogs to California.

  FROM BS IN ENGLAND:  Our dog Notley was such a character---------do you remember your first visit to our home on Pinecroft Drive when he knocked over a plant pot with his tail and compost went everywhere?   Happy days!!////JACK:  I remember the name, but I can't place the face.  In my calling, I always appreciated meeting a friendly dog...the sign of friendly people.

 FROM EMT SINGS IN MICHIGAN:  No, but we do have a magnificent cat named Marvin who does amazing things.  He is named Marvin because we got him as a rescued cat that was found very skinny from being neglected.  They called him Starvin Marvin.  We kept the name and are daily delighted by him and his seemingly appreciation for being robust and healthy and so well attended!////JACK:  Cats have a brain, and I'm sure that Marvin thinks: "Wow, I've got it good at this place.  Thank you, Lord!"

 FROM BM IN MICHIGAN:  No dog, but we had a cat for 17 years.  The cat mostly ignored us for 17 years!////JACK:  Maybe the cat ignored you, because you couldn't remember its name.

 FROM KF IN MICHIGAN:  There's a reason they are "man's best friend".......there is not another creature which is more loyal, loving and truthful! My other favorite saying : Dogs tails don't lie : )  We really enjoyed watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this week - a journey back getting to see all the dogs we've had in our lives ....... dachsund, beagle, poodle, irish setter, cockapoo, and westie, all of whom stole our hearts for the time we had them (& they all had long, happy lives).  But out of all of them, I'd have to say the terrier breed has been the smartest. You don't have to train them, they train you!////JACK:  Our terrier, Sparky,  would walk 4 miles through the city (by himself) to go to the house of my aunt and uncle who would give anything he wanted...including his own Dairy Queen cone with the curl on top.

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Calvin--got him from the Humane Society when he was just a little puppy. He looked like a big Finnish Spitz and we are members of congregation which was originally Finnish. We didn't know he would look like a Finnish Spitz when he was a puppy. Then we thoght he was a German Shepherd.
He was one smart dog!!!!!! and knew us so well which was I think what endeared him to us so much. Still miss him and always enjoy remembering him. Thank you.
S.H. in MI