Friday, February 01, 2013

Winning Words 2/1/13
“Fear less, hope more.  Eat less, chew more.  Talk less, say more.  Hate less, love more, and never underestimate the power of forgiveness.”  (Dear Abby)  Abby died recently at age 94.  It’s estimated that her daily column (now written by her daughter) is read by 110 million people, including my wife.  Today’s quote is a good example of how humor and good advice can be combined.  Take some time to chew on it!    ;-)  Jack

 FROM HY YO SILVER:  That's a good one - all around.////JACK:  Less is more, except in the area of forgiveness.////HY YO:  Fabulous addition.////JACK:  There's a truism:  "Some people think that forgiveness is a great idea, until they have something to forgive."

 WALMART REV:  I will be working on the chewing more and eating less...hopefully (don't know any reason why we won't), we will talk Monday...busy time with two funerals, Sat and senior adults are graduating on fairly fast in recent times...working my way out of a job before long.////JACK:  What do you think Jesus meany when he said, "Let the dead bury the dead."  Maybe your job will continue, even after you join your graduates.  Chew on that!////REV:  Got me thinking again!?////JACK:  Glad to be of service!

 FROM THE BOOKKEEPER:  Love this Jack. Happy Friday!////JACK:  Are you wearing some red today?

 FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Very good advice.////JACK:  Who do you prefer?  Ann Landers or Dear Abby?

 FROM AN ATTORNEY:  I just received a note for a client whose daughter was killed in a car accident. There is a hearing scheduled for the middle of the month. She refused to sue the truck driver, but wants to meet him. She thinks that it would be healing for both of them. That is forgiveness.////JACK:  What is the attorney's response to this choice?  Is there a place in "the law" for forgiveness?  If I were a lawyer, I suppose I would serve my client best by presenting all sides of the issue fairly and let the client choose.  As a pastor, I would probably commend the person for wanting to forgive...and then try to make sure that this is what she wants to do...and once the choice has been made, to be there for support.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Answering a little late but better late than never.  I have read Dear Abby since forever.  I love her thoughts and now her daughters.  I usually agree.  I especially loved her advice in your Winning Words!!  I read them in her column years ago.////JACK:  The "Dear Abby" column began in 1956, when you were first learning to read.

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Anonymous said...

Chewing here. Impressive WW. She and probably her daughter now always seemed to me so practical. Our newspaper doesn't have Dear Abby in it. I'm surprised that 110 million people are still reading that many newspapers.
S.H. in MI