Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winning Words  12/20/12
“People always worry about the wrong things.”  (Max Tegmark, MIT Physicist)  Max the scientist commented on the Mayan calendar:  “It’s all bull.”  If the end doesn’t come tomorrow, the next predicted date is in 2018.  If you want to worry about something real, focus on health problems, care of the planet, violent behavior…there are plenty of issues.  How we will handle these concerns is more important that just fretting.    ;-)  Jack

 FROM MICHIZONA RAY:  Anyway, I like this quote because it inspires the thought for that which we seek first, because for that which one worries correspondingly identifies that to which one also is seeking. Prior to the biblical reference below Jesus remarks that one cannot serve two masters. It also seems that this applies here too...not just for "stuff", but for what one "covets", wants, or desires. What one wants most at any time will be that which one finds oneself "worrying about" when it doesn't exist or cannot be found! For one does not want what one already has. Hence, the following was what I intending to was much more brief than what I send you:  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:33, 34 NKJV)  I pray "all people" don't always worry about the wrong things! As the apologetics would suggest, the Truth is indeed exclusive; and Jesus either speaks the Truth or He doesn't. Thus, the first thing to "worry" about must be our focus: seeking the kingdom of God or something else. The rest pales by comparison.////FROM JACK:  Yes, worries are usually (but not always) about that which affects us personally.  I like the words from the Sermon on the Mount:  "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

 FROM WALMART REV:  The longer you and I live, the more we see the truth of this observation... interestingly to me is to see how the disbelief of a "coming Messiah" is built up as well..."the sky is falling" enough said has the vast listeners laughing at the notion it ever could or was the Messiah Himself who commented that if the "Day of The Lord" was not shortened in regards to His coming back "there would mot be any faith of His coming found on the earth."  The busier the enemy of our soul can get us trying to "clean up our own act" and off God who cleaned it up Himself...he must be smiling a bit more. It's beyond any "legislation committee" finding an answer to this dilemma from my way of thinking. 0:-/////FROM JACK:  I've been guided by the words, "The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night."  So, always be prepared for the unexpected, whatever that might be...including the end of the world, as we know it.

 FROM DM IN MICHIGAN:  Amen to that Jack!////FROM JACK:  Will you be coming to work tomorrow?////DM:  Of  Course.  But I can say that this has not been far from my mind with all the hoopla going around…..Like Y2K all over again.  I believe that when the Lord comes for me I will be ready.   I will be sad but ready.////FROM JACK:  God's promise is that sadness will turn into gradness.  God's promise is sure!

 FROM TL IN HOUSTON:  Thank you Holy Spirit for sending WW on a morning that I am particularly worrisome.////FROM JACK:  Each day I ask the Holy Spirit to "bless" the words  that are being sent.

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:   How very true.  Worrying about something won't change it at all.  Focusing on something we can act on is the real issue!  Identify the problem and WHO'S problem it is.  Then identify who should do something about it and if YOU can change it.  If you can do nothing, let it go and give it to God.////FROM JACK:  Easier said than done.

 FROM WATERFORD JAN:  2018 is more likely the date of "the end" because U of Michigan signed a contract for a football game that fall.  After the game ends, we can start to worry.  Go Green!////FROM JACK:  Six years can be an eternity when someone's lifespan is set to last 5 1/2 years.

 FROM SAINT JAMES:  I say people should stop worrying and use that wasted energy to get something done!  My family sits around and frets about everything while the world crashes around them, especially the children and grandchildren.  How different things might be if they would channel that energy to get things closer to right!////FROM JACK:  An old saying: "Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair.  It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere."

 FROM BBC IN ILLINOIS:  I think it’s funny that my company holiday luncheon is planned for armageddon.  Let’s hope the conversation is interesting.  Believe there Is some solar event with the milky way that’s supposed to make the night sky pretty tomorrow night.////FROM JACK:  I think that the first prediction for the end of the world was somewhere about 600 BCE.  There have been hundreds since that time.

 FROM MK IN MICHIGAN:  My sister Jen, her two boys 5 and 2, my sister Karen her 10 year old, my brothers 10 and 13 year olds are all spending the night at our house Friday for breakfast with Santa…..Dean hopes the Mayans are right before 2:00 tomorrow!!!!!! ////FROM JACK:  I don't anyone who's taking the Mayans seriously, do you?

Forget your troubles
Come on get happy
You better chase all you cares away
Shout hallelujah
Come on get happy
Get ready for the judgment day

The sun is shining
Come on get happy
The lord is waiting to take your hand
Shout hallelujah
Come on get happy
We're going to the promised land

We're heading across the river
Wash your sins away in the tide
It's all so peaceful on the other side
////FROM JACK:  Hallelujah!

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Anonymous said...

Down here in Houston with Brenda and Kris and Kris' mother, Zofia. Glad we're all together for the end of the world to come. If it doesn't come, hope we make it back to Michigan all right next week. Safe traveling for everyone!!!!! Also Santa Claus and Rudolph and the reindeer--pray they don't collide with a plane.
Sharing Sharon in Houston