Monday, September 26, 2011

Winning Words 9/26/11
“Everybody needs somebody.” (Mahalia Jackson) I usually associate these words with The Blues Brothers, “1,2..1,2,3,4…Every-body needs some-body etc.” Mahalia gives the words a more serious meaning. The Queen of Gospel knew how important it was to have people that she could count on. She grew up in a 3-room house with 13 people and a dog. We are blessed when we have “some-body” in our life. ;-) Jack

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: "Everybody needs somebody sometime"...I think Dean Martin sang it but I'm not sure. It's a true enough saying no matter who or how many people sing about it. I'm not sure I need these Winning Words but I do love to read them. Thanks for being my somebody today!////FROM JACK: It would be interesting to hear Dean sing his famous song using "needs" instead of "loves."

FROM PEPPERMINT MARY: no kiddin!////FROM JACK: When I was in seminary there was a student named, Jack Kidder. No kidding.////QUESTION FROM PM: was he funny? a punster? just curious.////FROM JACK: He was good-looking, well-liked and a good ping pong player.

FROM BD IN MICHIGAN: I'm glad you're in my life; you're a great friend! (Everybody needs great friends) ////FROM JACK: Back atcha! That's more important than being "friended" on Facebook, isn't it?

FROM DAZ IN COLORADO: You and I associate a lot of quotes with the blues brothers. Have you seen the light is another one of my favorites.////FROM JACK: Right now, I'm trying to figure out if there was a special reason for using that "somebody" song at that particular place in the movie. You can uTube it.

FROM BLAZING OAKS: I associate "Everybody needs somebody sometime..." with Dean Martin! Anyway, it is the gospel truth that we all need somebody. (I would put that in the plural!) I didn't know that Mahalia grew up in those crowded conditions, but it's not that surprising, I guess. In Congo, our AB Women financed a big bldg. for abused women and girls (and the offspring that resulted in their rapes, etc.) and had a room for every two girls or women, but we found that they spread their mattresses together, and 26 of them slept in 3 rooms, because they were afraid, and need to be together! (this in spite of a very strong electrical fence around the compound, and guards at the gates!) There is comfort in having "somebody"!
Good WW today! And how blessed we are to live in USA!!!////FROM JACK: Thanks for the Congo story. You're not the only one who associates Dean Martin with these words. He used "loves" instead of "needs." There's a difference. Did you ever hear Mick Jagger do this song, or didn't Baptists allow Rolling Stones music?

There's a somebody I'm longing to see
I hope that he
Turns out to be
Someone who'll watch over me.
Oh! How I need
Someone to watch over me.
Someone to watch over me.
////FROM JACK: A good connect, but not as peppy as The Rolling Stones "Everybody Needs Somebody."

FROM CA IN MICHIGAN: Beautiful thought. I just lost my brother-in-law and though we are all relieved that he has been called home and out of his miserable illnesses, we feel for my sister. Thank God she has many caring "somebodies" in her life to help her walk her next path. So this message is timely for me. Thank you.
////FROM JACK: A song is just a song. Songs become our "favorites" usually when a personal thought is attached to them. For example, the song, "Memories."

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