Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/31/08
“When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.”
(Abraham Heschel) Don’t be taken in by those who are glib. Look around for those who are doing kind things. A word of appreciation, or a note of thanks would be a nice thing to do. ;-) Jack

FROM B.D. IN MICHIGAN: Who said you were old ??????? Funny when I was 10 I though 60 was old, I feel young, I just can't do some of the thing I use to do as well as I use to do them. I'm sure you feel the same way !!!!!!!!!

FROM S.H. IN MICHIGAN: So do these Winning Words of the book of Hebrews. Moses must have been a very, very, very kind man. And I think I understand from this scripture that it was Christ who made him so. Everything on the computer today seems to be God with us.

MORE FROM S.H.: Here's a quote from Henri Nouwen. It seems to relate to today's WWs. "At first sight, joy seems to be connected with being different. When you receive a compliment or win an award, you experience the joy of not being the same as others. You are faster, smarter, more beautiful, and it is that difference that brings you joy. But such joy is very temporary. True joy is hidden where we are the same as other people: fragile and mortal. It is the joy of belonging to the human race. It is the joy of being with others as a friend, a companion, a fellow traveler."

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: At times clever people appear to be kind; kind people rarely appear to be clever...but they may, in fact, be so.....what do you think?

FROM MOLINER, L.P.: Good Morning. Not only is my dad clever, he's kind. I like to think I am, too.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Right on!!!!!, We have a friend who contributes emensely to our well being, and when he leaves our life is a bit easier to manage. Thank the Good Lord for empathy. Our grandaughter does the same, ecept she doesn't stay long enuf when she comes. But I am not complaining, every little bit helps.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/30/08
“These are my principles, and if you don’t like them…well, I have others.”
(Groucho Marx) I thought that this quote was appropriate for us as we listen to the campaign rhetoric. Personally, I’d rather listen to Groucho. That doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned about issues. I have principles. ;-) Jack

This one's pretty good. Check it out.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: I think Groucho may have written this in an election year. This is a link for my 60 second commercial for LeVotetra. As the status quo surges in both parties, perhaps only Big Pharma can save this election.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: at least groucho was funny and his actions benign! YIKES!

MORE FROM M.L.: i always liked the rubber chicken. life was simple then!

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Groucho Marx was a fountain of wit, and Jack, there's enough evidence on WW that you are too.

FROM REV J.S. IN MICHIGAN: That's like the teacher who had lots of interest but no principle!

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Isn't this the truth? So many, if not all of the candidates have chnaged their minds several's almost funny, if it weren't so very important. We are definitely involved in the process as we have very strong principles also. Too bad Groucho isn't around to vote for!

JACK'S RESPONSE: I don't know that I'd vote for him. Perhaps for Harpo.

J.L'S RESPONSE: Yes, you are right...Harpo would be better...who could go wrong with just honking a horn at important questions??!!??

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: "The secret word is RIGHT ON."

FROM MOLINER, J.T.: I, to am concerned. Advised last week that my Grandson is headed back ti Iraq for his 3rd deployment. This has got to stop. Whom do we listen to?

FROM THE Bs IN BAMA: Loved this one! I, too, would rather listen to Groucho. Before we left for Alabama we went through all the primary hoopla in Michigan. Now we have just gone through all the hoopla for the Florida primary (our newspaper and some TV stations come from Pensacola).

FROM D.S. IN SAN DIEGO: Jack, I agree....Groucho sounds just like the politicians. It reminds me of the old joke, a GOOD accountant, when asked what 1+1 is, will tell you 2. A REALLY REALLY good accountant will tell you "what do you want it to be?"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/29/08
“The jungle is dark, but full of diamonds.”
(Arthur Miller) Yes, there are valuable discoveries to be made if we are bold enough to venture into the unknown. This quote reminds me of the speech, Acres of Diamonds, given by Russell Conwell, in the early 20th Century. You can call it up on Google. Do something bold today! ;-) Jack

FROM J.O. IN MICHIGAN: What a quote! How can one find diamonds in the dark?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/28/08
One of the things you will probably remember well is any time you forgive and forget.”
(Franklin P. Jones) Forgiving is sometimes hard, but forgetting is harder. It’s good that we have a God who forgives and then has self-induced amnesia. ;-) Jack

FROM S.H. IN MICHIGAN: God having amnesia? My pastor once tossed off casually an aside in one of our Bible studies, whatever we were discussing I've quite forgotten, but I distinctly remember him saying he believed that when we die all of our past won't even be a memory, it will be gone like amnesia. For those of us who face that great temptation to hang on to our sins, to clutch on to our past or to try to force other people to hang on to their sins, to be stuck in their pasts, and to hinder the transforming work of Jesus among us, that idea of God having amnesia really does seem to go against our own sense of justice. It's a struggle to trust God's sense of justice and I think the best way we can do it is in the Church community.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: I think we forgive precisely because we cannot forget. If we forgot,
what is the need for forgiveness?

MORE FROM CJL: But we don't. We just have to not hold it against people. I struggle with that quite a bit.

FROM L.K. IN ILLINOIS: I want that self-induced amnesia !!

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: But if you remembered, then you didn't forget. Hm................? But that usually only happened with my kids growing up.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: When my son was first learning to say grace before meals, he would say, "God is Grace, God is good, let us thank Him for our food." I remember saying to him, "And, it's God Is great, not God is Grace..." But he said back to me, "No, God is Grace!" I have always remembered that prayer and how correct he was. Thank God for His saving Grace which makes forgiveness such a blessing. I'm sure God has a very short memory, much much shorter than mine. I'm not so good at that part. But, I try!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/25/08
“I guess it’s why you never say never. The only thing you never can do is ski through a revolving door.”
(Lou Nanne) “Sweet Lou from the Soo” was a star in the National Hockey League. His work ethic set him apart from the average player. You become better in sports or at your job by not giving up. His quote shows that he has a picturesque sense of humor, too. ;-) Jack

FROM P.O. IN MICHIGAN: Don'tcha love it --- picturesque indeed!

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: If you were very small (and the revolving door was very large) and your timing was synchronized with the door, you could ski through a revolving door. One fourth of the way is always clear, it is timing.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Here's another old story from my high school days.....I was in art class, one of my favorites, and I couldn't get this one figure painted right. I tried and tried. I went up to my teacher and one other student, Davie Quandt, was standing at the teacher's desk. I said, "Mr. Deuweke, I can never get this right." David said, "Never say never. Nothing is impossible." Mr. Deuweke said, "If that's true, let's see you have a baby." That ended the discussion!


FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: A good sense of humor goes a long way.

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: You can't straddle a tree either.

FROM A.S. IN MICHIGAN: At Ford Credit we had a guy try to drive thru a revolving door;he did'nt make it thru either;only his Gin bottle made it!

FROM H.S. IN ILLINOIS: Rikka, I remember what you said to your Dad when he said "never." How do you like this quotation?

FROM D.L. IN OREGON: One of the best you have sent!! Sweet Lou's metaphor is graphic. Thanks for continuing inspiration.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/24/08
“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”
(Unknown) Turn over a new page. Get out of the rut. Look for new experiences. Embrace diversity. It’s Nike-time. ;-) Jack

FROM JJH IN OHIO: Good one... I can use this with our teachers to be!

FROM L.H. IN MARCO: It depends on if you are happy with what you got. I am very happy with what I got and would be very unhappy if I changed just for the sake of change. Diversity is one of those terms that asks you to accept something you don't believe in; something that goes against what you are. I think that is why the liberals are always so angry.

FROM A.S. IN MICHIGAN: I like my rut! Claudia of course likes diversity! What ever!

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Sounds a lot like the alcoholic who does the same thing over and over and expects different results!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/23/08
“There are times in politics when you must be on the right side and lose.”
(John K. Galbraith) In these troubled economic times, it would be good to have a Galbraith around again. In politics or sports, I hate to lose, but I’d rather be on the right side, win or lose. Adlai Stevenson put it this way: “There are worse things than losing an election. The worst thing is to lose one’s convictions and not tell the people the truth.” ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: EVERYBODY in politics thinks they are on the right side.

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Regarding political choice there's enough evidence that "democracy" doesn't always work.

FROM P.O. IN MICHIGAN: I haven't seen anyone willing to do this in a long time.

FROM J.T. IN MICHIGAN: I would love to have Adlai Stevenson around this year! Choices would be easier.

FROM CJL IN OHIO: Stevenson was right. He's a good person to remember what he said.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: I think the LORD very much cares. Imperfections and all, I just wish there weren't so many losers throughout the world. God's vision of fairness eludes me. Too many losers and more than enough winners.....not good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/22/08
It is better to sleep on things beforehand than lie awake about them afterward.”
(Gracian) I’ve found that it’s a good idea to hold off writing a letter or e-mail when you’re “hot under the collar.” With the passing of a day or so, better judgment takes over, and you are saved some grief. If you want to get it out of your system, write the letter, let it sit, and then tear it up. ;-) Jack

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Reminds me of what my Dad used to say, “Measure twice, cut once.” But but putty can make up for a lot of loose fits.

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: You are speaking my language with this one! A lesson paid for by more than one restless night. My mother always warned me about my "spitfire" temper....we used to go at it pretty good and then laugh about it later.

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Your quote is excellent advice, and your wrap-up comment about writing, waiting, and tearing up is equally excellent.

FROM M.E. IN CALIFORNIA: Amen. Will save this one as I never used the lie awake afterward consequence.

FROM L.P. IN ILLINOIS: Yep, sooner or later you learn the "24 Hour Rule." It's amazing how silly that heated letter you wrote looks the next morning.

FROM K.B. IN MICHIGAN: Perfect for me this week--

FROM L.H. IN MARCO: Being the outspoken impulsive person that I am, I have made an attempt to cool down before I take action. However, there are some times where you only have one chance to do something and then you must strike when the iron is hot. The trick is to learn to decide what to do when

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: The same applies to speaking quickly, without 'sleeping' on what you will say . . . there is no way to retrieve or 'tear' up words - once spoken, they are out there .

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Just had a Bible Study about this last's okay to get your anger out and wait until you have a level head, so to speak, but it doesn't solve the problem....

FROM L.P. IN MICHIGAN: Thanks. This was a very timely WW for me today.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Repley: Great idea Jack, a gent by the name of Abe L., said the same thing, some time ago. Now if we could only practice this good idea.

FROM CWR IN BALTIMORE: .........I have a story about that too. At the hospital where I was chaplain, for the whole time I was there , my Secretary (now called Administrative Assistant), was a great person. She was great and she knew me well. Sometimes, when I was tired and stressed and somebody in the organization really irritated me, I'd fire off a memo or a longer letter to them....a letter both blunt and sometimes crude. She always typed them up for me and, being a kind, efficient, and good Catholic mother, put them in her desk drawer for a day or two, and then, if I was in a good mood approach me and say something like, "that letter you asked me to type and send yesterday is ready. Do you still want me to send it?" Those letters and memos never went out and both she and I enjoyed long and successful hospital careers.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/21/08
“The time is always right to do what is right.”
(MLK, Jr) I remember the beginning of the MLK era. As a young pastor, I agreed with what he was saying. However, I thought that he should not push so hard. “Take your time!” How wrong I was, and how right he was. Now, I am proud of my friends who went to march with him. Even today, there is a time to do what it right. ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MICHIGAN: I'll bet that you would never guess that I led a march in Detroit and was responsible for the integration of Immanuel, Detroit. I thought MLK was right on. I don't think some of his successors have been as wise. You can be overly zealous and then you turn into a Zealot and we know how far they got in biblical times!

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: He was very is his's alway time to do what is right...there was and never will be the right time for wrong.

FROM PR P.H. IN ZONA: Jack, many now think that we have focused too much on the I Have A Dream Speech (sort of sentimentalizing the past) and forgotten the really hard work of fighting racism. By the way, its sunny and 66 today in Arizona. We are here for two weeks. Very nice indeed. (many I should back home fighting racism!!) Blessings

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: i was told yesterday by my brother that my pacifist ways are a cop-out and selfish because i choose not to defend myself with violent means. we were, at the same time, having a discussion on gun control. he loves me dearly and replied that he would "fight to the death" to defend me (and his guns). i thanked him for his love, but added that he is not responsible for my protection. it is way past time that we start using firm words of truth and love to resolve conflict. violence only begets violence. if we choose to use it to defend ourselves, we are no better than the ones who choose to use it against us. the time to teach and model this behavior is now. it is right. period dot!

FROM CWR IN BALTIMORE: ....those were the days, weren't they? I got in the middle of it in South Carolina and later , as a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, met King and Bayerd Rustin and worked with them to get Carl Stokes elected Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio.

FROM A.W. IN ILLINOIS: Jack, I grew up in Chicago, and like you, I thought Dr. King pushed too
hard. During internship, I heard him give a lenten midweek sermon at Central lUtheran Church in Minneapolis. I have never forgotten his powerful eloquence. Thanks for this reminder.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/18/08
“Time heals almost everything. Give time time.”
(Unknown) In some ways, I’m an impatient person. But most of the time, I’m pretty patient. I’ve learned that many problems are solved with the passage of time. I guess secret is to know when to step on the gas or step on the brake. All in all, “Give time time” is good advice. ;-) Jack

FROM GRANDSON, JFC: In some ways, I’m an impatient person. But most of the time, I’m pretty patient...
time to go mary!
...haha sorry it fit perfectly.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: Most of us don't think in the longer term. We fail to see how big is the world, and "how great Thou art"........

Endure the present, and watch for better things. Virgil

FROM MOLINER, J.T.: How well I know. Yesterday my partner fell and broke her Pelvis. Now, "time" steps in. No surgery - just time. She'll be in the hospital for 2 weeks or more. Good timing.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/17/08
“Enjoy when you can. Endure when you must.”
(Goethe) Two words stand out for me in this quote….Enjoy and Endure. For most people, life seems to be a combination of both. My mind allows me to remember more joys than sorrows. I also try to work hard at being an empathetic person. What does Wolfgang say to you? ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: A Christian can reflect more on the joys than the sorrows, having been given so much to enjoy from God, and finding strength from Him to prevail during our sorrows. That strength is just another of His gifts enabling us to leave our hardships behind. In my own life I remember more of the good than the bad, during my childhood, where I've resided, where I've been employed, and during my military service. There were troubled times, but they get little notice now.

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: Sometimes it's hard to endure the enjoyment.

FROM CWR IN BALTIMORE: .....there's a country song which goes something like "when you're goin' through Hell, just keep on goin' and you may get out 'fore the Devil even knows your name....." This is not as sophisticated as Goethe, but as profound........

AND HERE'S THE SONG! Well you know those timesWhen you feel like there's a sign there on your backSays I don't mind if ya kick meSeems like everybody hasThings go from bad to worseYou'd think they can't get worse than thatAnd then they doYou step off the straight and narrow And you don't know where you areUse the needle of your compassTo sew up your broken heartAsk directions from a genieIn a bottle of Jim BeamAnd she lies to youThat's when you learn the truthIf you're going through hellKeep on going, don't slow downIf you're scared, don't show itYou might get outBefore the devil even knows you're thereWell I been deep down in that darknessI been down to my last matchFelt a hundred different demonsBreathing fire down my backAnd I knew that if I stumbledI'd fall right into the trap that they were laying, yeahBut the good newsIs there's angels everywhere out on the streetHolding out a hand to pull you back up on your feetThe one's that you've been dragginig for so longYou're on your kneesYou maight as well be prayingGuess what I'm sayingIf your going through hellKeep on going, don't slow downIf you're scared don't show itYou might get outBefore the devil even knows you're thereYeah, If you're going through hellKeep on moving, face that fireWalk right through itYou might get outBefore the devil even knows you're thereIf you're going through hellKeep on going, don't slow downIf you're scared don't show itYou might get outBefore the devil even knows you're thereYeah, If you're going through hellKeep on moving, face that fireWalk right through itYou might get outBefore the devil even knows you're thereYeah, you might get outBefore the devil even knows you're there.

FROM L.P. IN ILLINOIS: Good Morning. I like this quote a lot. I'm going to print it out and put it on the bathroom mirror. I'm adding, "Change what you can."

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: God has GIVEN me 80% enjoyment, 20% endurance. Not bad. If I am to go tomorrow, I'll be glad about where I've been and where I'm going.

FROM J.C. IN HONG KONG: I enjoyed this post ... thanks for sending it, and goodnight.

FROM N.E. IN MICHIGAN: You work hard at being an empathetic person.
I have been told I am empathetic, and I often find myself wishing I weren't. I am sure it is a good trait, but it is very difficult sometimes. I actually have a very difficult time even watching the evening news.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Sounds to me Wolfie had to endure more than he enjoyed. Lately, I am just enduring and struggling to enjoy. Enjoyment is slowly winning the battle though as it usually does. It's hard to "put on a happy face" each day but it definitely pays off. I fondly remember more joys than sorrows as sorrows pain is washed away by enduring memories! Happy moments of God speaks today!

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: A good election year attitude.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/16/08
“The best mirror is an old friend.”
(George Herbert) The internet provides us with a chance to connect with Old Friends. Amazing. Then, there’s Face Book. I haven’t tried it. And how Simon and Garfunkel’s song, Old Friends? One of my favorites. I guess nothing beats sitting down, face to face, with an old friend. Why not make list today of some of those you’ve reconnected with through cyberspace. ;-) Jack

FROM S.A. IN VEGAS: Getting Christmas cards through standard mail was nice. I enjoy the walk to the mailbox. There’s something about passing a photo of old friends around the kitchen table…..but to hear from my Uncle Jack nearly every day is a real treat.

FROM D.S. IN SAN DIEGO: You would definitely be in my top 5!!!

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: Had a 70th b'day party last week by one of our daughters for me & my wife (b'days are 4 days apart). Tuscan cuisine, in our home with 2 couples (long-time friends). One of the 2 best b'days I've had - the other was when I was 8 or 10. Old friendships are precious.

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: With you as my mirror, I know the image before me is much better than myself.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: We're young friends, you and me, Jack, so are we good mirrors nonetheless? I bet so.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: i'll be singing about old friends all day. it's one of my favorites as well. thanks and love to an old friend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/15/08
“We have to fight them daily, like fleas, those many small worries about the morrow, for they sap our energies.”
(Etty Hillesum) Etty kept a diary during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. She and her parents were sent to Auschwitz in 1943, where they died. Her fleas are not our fleas, but we all have daily battles. May God give you the strength and fortitude to overcome them. ;-) Jack

FROM J.O. IN MICHIGAN: I am learning each day about how important it is for us to manage those fleas. If we fail, those tiny creatures can ruin our lives! Let us stay strong in the fight!

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: A great winning word for the day - the only word I'd add is that many of those 'fleas' that sap our energy are worries of our own devising . . . if we had more faith, greater trust, and deeper convictions in our beliefs, there would be fewer 'fleas' to pester us. "Lord, I believe, remove my unbelief, which causes me to worry needlessly!

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: We all do have our pesky fleas....thank you for asking God's help in gaining the strength to overcome them! Some bite worse than others, but are just as bad! God's warmest blessings to you!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/14/08
“Lord, prop me up on our leanin’ side, so we will stand straight and tall again.”
(Unknown) Someone sent this to me last week. An old deacon had a weathered barn that was leaning and about to topple over. He propped it up with some poles on its leaning side to keep it standing. Sometimes the storms of life can cause us almost to collapse. That’s when we need the deacon’s prayer: “Lord, prop us up.” ;-) Jack

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Today's quotation indicates that the origin is "Unknown" but I believe it may be attributed to the Archbishop of Pisa.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Sometimes those storms come on like a freight train and sometimes like the down of a thistle, but they can still knock you down. Thank the good merciful Lord for pickin' us up and dustin' us off and proppin' us up!!! Happy Monday!

MORE FROM J.L.: I loved RI took me a second to realize it was a pun and then I laughed.....too funny

FROM L&M IN MICHIGAN: I really like this one!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/11/08
“Why do some people always see beautiful skies and grass and lovely flowers and incredible human beings, while others are hard-pressed to find anything or any place that is beautiful?”
(Leo Buscaglia) I celebrate the fact that I have many friends who are incredible human beings. And I look forward to the springtime, because the flowers will bloom and the grass will turn green again. That’s what I see. What does this world look like to you? ;-) Jack

FROM K.B. IN MICHIGAN: Did you ever notice that sometimes even the sunniest of people see grey skies?

RESPONSE FROM JACK: I'm looking outside, and the reality of the time is a grey sky...but then my optimism kicks in!
The world might seem dark and cold
Without a heart and soul
All the helpless, young and old
Silently gather and pray
That someday a light will shine
To take the pain away, and...
The sun will shine again friend
A life that has no meaning
Is a life that's hard to live
Still we keep on dreaming
Of a world where we can sing
Songs of truth and wisdom
For the chosen ones to hear, and...
The sun will shine again
Towards the morning horizon
Hand in hand we walk
To begin another season
Of happiness and joy
All of those who followed
Will finally know

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Hanson World Forecast: Unlimited opportunity mixed with intermittent difficulties, brief showers of optimism, growing wisdom and serenity as the seasons progress.

MORE FROM JON: I think optimism is empty without action. I know a lot of optimistic people that are doing nothing but being optimistic.

FROM M.U. IN MICHIGAN: My heather has purple blooms right now!

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: Sunshine.

FROM C.A. IN VEGAS: Have you read the book, The Secret? It talks about how you attract things into you life based upon what you "put out" into the world. If you put out a positive vibe then that is what will come back to you. The reverse is also true. It also talks about how if you visual positive things in your life they will come to you. I'm not sure I believe all of what the book says, but my mother always told me that if you are nice to others, they will be nice to you. That philosophy has seemed to work though out my life.

FROM M.L.: Good morning, Thankyou for the winning words. How are you today? We have lots of rain, but it's warm.

FROM S.A. IN VEGAS: My wife bought a small flowering plant on Wednesday because flowering plants make her feel better. She’s an incredible human being. I look forward to Spring cleaning and fresh paint on the patio furniture. Maybe I should try painting some flowers on the outdoor planter boxes this year.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: I never mind winter as I know spring's just around the corner. One of the reasons I love living in Michigan is the fact we are able to celebrate each season. Each season is a wonderful new pallet...just ready for God's paint. Even the gray days turn sunny. That's so we can appreciate the sunny ones more! The same with our incredible human race! We deal with the grumpy ones and turn to deal with the cheerful ones. They are all blessings of Grace!

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: like a rainbow. just call me mary bailey, for i'm the richest woman in town.

FROM J.O. IN MICHIGAN: Each day I look for things of beauty that God has created. Sometimes, it the bright sun on a cloudless day; other times, it's just watching the rain or snow fall. Sometimes, it is a kind gesture such as the one you extended last Tuesday which I appreciate very much. Another thing of beauty that I experience is the friendships that I have with people like you. It's amazing what a "hello" or a comment or a joke can do to get things on track.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/10/08
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
(Colin Powell) I would add one more: perseverance. And the Nike slogan is another: Just Do It! A follow up to all of this is the question: How do you define success? Ask someone today: What is success? ;-) Jack

FROM L.H. IN MARCO: How someone defines success depends on his/her character and values. For example, your friend Hillary wants to be President and will try to do so at any cost. Mit Romney wants to be President but not at the sacrifice of his religious beliefs and values.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Our children are my success. They grew into beautiful people inside and out and I know they are and will be raising our grandchildren the same way. What could be more important! Leaving this wild wacky world with people who care, believe in the Jesus as their Savior and they will be leaving children who believe the same...that is our success.

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: Success is is not measured by anybody else.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Paul J. Meyer: :Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

MORE FROM JON: Seems like we all pick definitions that put us in the best light.

FROM S.H. IN MICHIGAN: Too bad Colin Powell isn't running for President.

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: I have been reading Bill Clinton's most recent book, GIVING. It should be a must read by every clergy, and with the emphasis in the ELCA in giving by leaders, I would recommend it to every Bishop. To sum up the book, success is not obtaining, gaining, receiving . . . rather, success is GIVING! I don't want to ruin it for you, but be sure to pick it up at your library.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/9/08
“Among the attributes of God, although they are all equal, mercy shines with even more brilliance than justice.”
(Cervantes) In the Last Judgment, I think that we all are looking for mercy. Let justice be for the other guy. Even in this world, it’s the same thing. Grace is a great word. ;-) Jack

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: As even Obama will experience, if not actually learn, one day...death is the great equalizer. Justice is mine, saith the LORD......

FROM REV. J.S. IN MICHIGAN: Mercy without justice ceases to be merciful. That's what Bonhoeffer was talking about when he dealt with "cheap grace." No "chea[ grace" is mentioned in the New Testament.

MORE FROM REV J.S.: You are a sinner because there is justice. If there were no justice, you would not be a sinner. You need mercy as do we all because there is justice. You plead for it. So do I. I know that God's justice condemns me if I am held to my own record. People who talk only about grace and mercy have no idea what those things mean. You can't desire mercy if you are not a sinner. You are not a sinner if there is no justice. And theology is important if we are to carry out the commands of our Lord. How can we preach a gospel of grace if there is no need for grace?

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Mercy and Grace are two of His greatest gifts....they have to be made with Love. Lately, all we hear in our synod is justice. That's well and good, but we wouldn't need justice if we used mercy and grace and love. I love your idea....Let justice be for the other guy. How true! I wish you grace for your day.

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: Those WW's words make me think that I am to be more merciFUL and let judgment be for the other guy. Grace is a winning word!

FROM T.S. IN MICHIGAN: Although I don't respond to your daily "Winning Words", this one was especially meaningful. I like that thought of "God's Justice is for that other person".

FROM A JUDGE IN MICHIGAN: Many times justice calls for mercy.

FROM N AND D IN THE U.P.: GRACE is the word that my mother started every letter she wrote - plus PEACE.
I have kept some of her letters and it would be in Swedish - Nad och Frid.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/8/08
“Be courteous, kind, and forgiving. Be gentle and peaceful each day. Be warm and human and grateful, And have a good thing to say.”
(Steve Martin’s grandmother taught him this song) There are other verses, but you wouldn’t be interested. I thought you might like a change of pace from yesterday. Be gentle and warm today! ;-) Jack

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Words to live by.

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: I like it.....I'd like to know the tune.

FROM JACK: I told her to get a banjo and make up her own tune. I also sent her the rest of the verses.

FROM PR P.H. IN MINNESOTA: during an election year, are you kidding??

Monday, January 07, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/7/08
“I’m so depressed today. I just found out this ‘death thing’ applies to me.”
(Steve Martin) You might think that these aren’t WWs, but think again. Is the realization that life is finite depressing to you? If not, what word would you choose to describe it? Steve Martin’s comedy causes my brain to work. ;-) Jack

FROM L.H. IN MARCO: I would think that a non Christians would be very depressed thinking of death because that is the end in their mind.

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: A Fanningism, "Death is the living end!"


FROM E.A. IN MICHIGAN: In answer to your question----"not at all." I use the philosophy to live as if today is your last day on earth----and remember you will answer to someone or something some day.

FROM E.P.: Yes, it's very depressing-- will I have enuf time to fix up all the stuff I've screwed up?

RESPONSE FROM JACK: How about this from The Rubaiyat?
The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it
-- Omar Khayyam The healing begins when we choose to move on. TODAY IS A NEW DAY. LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: If you think heaven is better than life, or at least not worse, it helps.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Oh man, I wouldn't even want to think about staying "down here" for eternity. I'm glad death applies to me...I just hope it waits a little....well, quite a bit longer for me!

FROM J.T. IN MICHIGAN: How about "overwhelming". It's not that I am finite, it's that family and friends are.How about "not in control".

Friday, January 04, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/4/08
“I don’t pretend to understand the universe. It’s a great deal bigger than I am.”
(Thomas Carlyle) If we can’t understand the universe, how can we understand the creator of the universe? I’m suspicious of those know it all. I’m comfortable with a knowledge that is incomplete. In the sweet by and by, we’ll understand. ;-) Jack

FROM REV J.S. IN MICHIGAN: We don't need to understand the Creator of the Universe. We NEED to know one thing: what are his intentions toward us? If the Creator despises us, we have real troubles. If the Creator is indifferent to us, we need to just carry on and do our own thing. If the Creator loves us, hallelujah! If the Creator is also the Redeemer, we better start listening and worshipping and hearing the Word the Creator has for us. Thus, the Revelation in Jesus Christ. It doesn't deal with a knowledge of God as with a knowledge of what God intends toward us and for us. Maybe we should listen carefully to that revelation and not just set it aside. If our reason is to faulty to understand the universe, perhaps it will fail us in other areas.

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: I share your suspicion. As Iris Dement sings "I'll just let the mystery be".

THANKS FOR MENTIONING THIS SONG. I LIKE THE THOUGHT: Everybody's wonderin' what and where they all came from.Everybody's worryin' 'bout where they're gonna go when the whole thing's done.But no one knows for certain and so it's all the same to me.I think I'll just let the mystery be.Some say once you're gone you're gone forever, and some say you're gonna come back.Some say you rest in the arms of the Saviour if in sinful ways you lack.Some say that they're comin' back in a garden, bunch of carrots and little sweet peas.I think I'll just let the mystery be.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: one must just put one step in front of the other, placing trust in the universe and creator. she is an awesome power. how sweet!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/3/08
“It’s easier to do things the wrong way, but it’s always best to do them the right way.”
(CleoMae Dungy) Tony Dungy remembers his mother saying these words. They appear in a book by Tony that I a Christmas present. I also got one by Steve Martin. I’ll quote from that when I’m brave enough. ;-) Jack

FROM D.G-H IN NYC: I bet every family has a similar saying. My father's line, which rings in my ears and those of my brothers, is: "It's never wrong to do the right thing.".

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: I'm not sure I agree with Mrs. Dungy's comment, but yours about receiving books as gifts interests me. When someone gives a book they apparently believe it presents something in which the recipient has interest, or there is something in the book about which the recipient should be informed. So, for myself, I'm always anxious to get into it and find out what is there. I have to admit that in many such cases I find the author writes much more than is necessary to cover the subject. It's as if the premise is, "well, I've got to write a lot because the book has got to be big enough to command $25 in the bookstore." Do you ever feel that way?

FROM REV J.S. IN MICHIGAN: How many times I heard from my mother, "If you are going to do somethng, take the time to do it right." I think it is finally sinking in although my creative instincts are much stronger than my perfectionist instincts.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: My parents always said..."Do it right the first time and you have more time for the fun." And, us kids, well, most of us kids, did it right the first time. I'll be watching for Steve's words one of these days!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 1/2/08
“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”
(Unknown) The new year is before us with opportunities for change. Some people make resolutions. Successful people make resolutions and carry them out. I wonder what changes 2008 has in store. ;-) Jack

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Send that to Obama. If Clinton becomes the Democrats nominee, then nothing changes.

FROM REV J.S. IN MICHIGAN: I'm excited about the new year. I think it has a lot to offer. The election could bring us someone with a vision for our country. The little church of which I am a member has a chance to turn things around. The synod is making strides. The Panthers have already shown that the Maroons are no problem for them. And Jack Freed continues to bring us his winning words. What more could we want?

FROM MOLINER, C.F.: Why is everyone so focused on change? And so unwilling to do anything about it? Even at that, MUST we always push for change? There's a lot to be content about. Think about that for a change.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: well-one change wwill be my added title of mother-in-law. beth and her evan will be married this year! wow!

FROM T.S. IN MICHIGAN: I hope that you and your family have a greight oh eight.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Change...there's that scary wonderful word again. I hope to change everything this's not my "resolution", as I resolute never to make a resolution and am able therefore to succeed each year. But, change is good sometimes...okay, most times. So, I am going to change something each day, if even just my routine!