Friday, January 04, 2019

Jack’s Winning Words 1/4/19
“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life.”  (Mark Twain)
What’s your idea of the ideal life?  Did Mark forget to include good health, plenty of money and a warm climate?  Or, maybe he thought that friends, books and a calm mind counted more!  Try this out on some friends today.  “What’s your idea of the ideal life?”  Any surprises?   ;-)  Jack

 FROM HONEST JOHN:  To know that you are loved...all else falls in place if that is true... ===JACK:  Mark Twain was married to his wife, Olivia. for 34 years, until she died.  How long have you been married?===JOHN:  We have been married for over 45 years...I made it to 34 before I got married...I have been lucky to have been loved for all my someone(s).     Of course, the Love of God is the ultimate for life

FROM QUILTING CAROL:  I truthfully don’t believe there is an ideal life as our lives are so complicated these days.  Maybe in bygone eras people could sit on their porches and visit with neighbors or one another; find time to play games in the evening. I think we need to learn to make time for our spouse, our children, grandchildren, extended family and friends.  To find time to listen to one another, share thoughts and dreams…when do you hear of people talking about their dreams anymore?  We all run around in our little circles of life trying to stay ahead of ‘something’.  I’d love to sit and read good books, do handwork or visit with a family member or friend, but find myself trying to stick to a schedule to stay ahead of what might pop up that needs doing.  Wishing you your ideal day!===JACK:  OK, you've listed some frustrating negatives...Now, look back over the past year and name the blessed times that you've spent with husband, children, grandchildren, friends and even strangers.  Knowing you...there have been those times.  You always seem to make time for those you love.  Ideal doesn't necessarily mean, perfect!===QC:  Yes, there are the positives – quilt retreats with friends, camp with two youngest grandsons in the summer, trip around Lake Superior with Bob this fall, helping our oldest granddaughter make a quilt for her other grandpa as a surprise, spending weekends with our kids, family holiday dinners, the joys of hearing our youngest granddaughter talk about her first teaching position…and some of the bad things that happen with it, hearing the joy in our oldest granddaughter’s voice telling me she got a new job in Duluth and would be moving soon.  I guess I shouldn’t forget the wonderful times, but I guess that I wish there would be more of them!   You mean I can’t have a perfect life???? HA!  Thanks for straightening me out once again!
===JACK:  When your cup overfloweth, maybe it’s time to say, “That’s enough!”  But. That doesn’t seem to be your nature, nor mine.

FROM PASTY PAT:  New Year's blessings, Pastor Freed  --- and thank you for another year of WW. It's one of my "touchstones" when I'm wandering about the world. 2018's travels included a Habitat Build in Portugal, a mission trip to Uganda, and of course the olive harvest in Palestine. Re Mark Twain, I guess I'd substitute "doing some good" or something similar for "a quiet conscience". I'd hate to think I just took up space and used up oxygen and resources while I was here. But I'm having every-other- Sat. coffee with friends today and will ask the question.😊===JACK:  I seem to remember when you made your first trip to Palestine...and what a satisfying adventure it was!  A lot of water has gone under the bridge since that time.  You have no sleepy conscience, that's for sure!
===PAT:  Yes --- no one has been more surprised than I at the ensuing chapters.===JACK:  Amazing things start to happen when God gets involved with your life.

FROM JT IN SJ:  Loved your ww for today  Any surprises???  You tell me!!!  A very very good surprise!😍===JACK:  Last evening daughter J was backing out of the driveway and noticed a lady on the ground two houses down.  She drove over to see what was wrong.  The woman had slipped on the ice, fallen and couldn't get up.  After checking to see if everything was OK, J helped her to her feet, gave her a hug and drove off.===JT:  NI CE.  A Good Samaritan!!===JACK:  Yes, the Good Sam in 21st century garb!

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I agree that good health and enough money to live comfortably are
essential to enjoying life. Good books, love of family and friends and work to do to make a slight difference in your little corner of the world also are so needed.  We all have made our peace
perhaps in not expecting life to be Perfect...but I'd have to say mine is blessed in many ways!!! So thankful. Happy New Year, Jack, to life "as it is"!!===JACK:  Being able to "move on" is essential, too.

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