Friday, December 07, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 12/7/18
“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.”  (William Gibson)  Do you know the significance of these numbers?  12/7, 9/6, 9/11, 1492?  I read an article on what enables us to recognize and recall.  Everyone doesn’t have the same cognitive skills…often depending on age an experience.  For example, how about these expressions?  Glo-up, That’s Boss, Ankle-Biter, In Cahoots!  Part of understanding one another often depends on recognizing their slang.!   ;-)  Jack

FROM JB INOLV:  9/6 is a trick question........a child is is a biblical  reference.  The rest are obvious.☺===JACK:  I should have known that I couldn't fool you.===JB:  You did make me really think should write questions for Jeopardy:)

FROM WALMART REV:  You don't say!===JACK:  I remember a comedy skit.  A guy answers the phone..."You don't say!...Hummm...You don't say....You don't say!"   The 2nd guy asks, "Who was that?"  The 1st guy answers: "He didn't say!"

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  i rely on urban dictionary a lot when communicating w/younger people. i also look up slang/idiomatic expressions from my generation to determine whether they will know what i am talking about. we will recognize those of our own generation in heaven bc of our common language, music and taste... see ya there someday!===JACK:  A writer from the Detroit area, Mitch Albom, has written a book: The Five People

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