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Jack’s Winning Words 12/5/19
“As a cure for worry, work is better than whiskey.”  (Ralph Waldo Emerson)  One of the causes for depression is loneliness, which often leads to alcoholism.  Alcohol abuse led to the death, at age 29, of country music star, Hank Williams.  Ironically, one of his “hits” was, I’m so lonesome I could cry.  The good news is that researchers are finding new and amazing ways to combat depression  A support group and finding new interests helps, too.   ;-)  Jack
I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY (1949) by Hank Williams - YuTube

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Just keep busy, keep learning new things, keep reading, and keep old friends and make new ones!===JACK:  Get up early, read Winning Words and drink coffee instead of whiskey.===SHIRL:  I am up early today because it is 53 degrees today and I had to turn on the heat! ...and, I do not drink coffee or whiskey! I drink Diet Coke without caffeine and water!===JACK:  It's a little colder than 53 here in wintry Minnesota.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:   That's a sad song, for sure! Apparently he wasn't successful in melting whoever's "Cold, Cold, Heart"! So he was so lonesome, he could cry...:-(  I hadn't realized he  died that young!  Work, or volunteering, or getting out regularly socially, all keep one from sitting and dwelling on negative things, but some people are shy or insecure, and that's difficult for them. But most of us have come to know that "drowning your worries in alcohol" does not solve them, so grab a good book or inspirational material, and reset your mind!  Emerson is right.===JACK:  People who are in the entertainment business (including, in a sense, pastors) need affirmation that that they are successful in what they are doing, and if they don't receive it, they tend to become depressed, and can lead to "whiskey," or what whiskey stands for.  So, as Waldo wrote, "Work is better than whiskey."  Your suggestions are good, also.

FROM PINSP:  we have had two funerals at the church, one in August and one in Nov.  One was 58 and  the other was 54.  both literally drank themselves to death.  soooo  sad for the surviving family.
===JACK:  Alcoholism, opioid, suicide...soooo sad for all involved and for society in general.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I had no idea he was only 29.  I was so afraid of becoming an alcoholic I would never touch it and still don’t.  My best friend’s mom was a bad alcoholic and I saw her too many times not to be severely effected by her drinking.     They are coming up with more and more ways to deal with issues which is a very good thing.  Drug overdoses can be revived with a shot.  Some cities are encouraging their citizens to carry the meds on them to help those who pass out!  My son in law uses it a lot on the job!  Now if we could find a safe way to stop the use!!===JACK:  Sneaking "a smoke" out behind the barn seems soooo mild compared to nowadays.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:   Generally speaking, the more you work at something the better you can become.===JACK:  Generally speaking, entertainers feed off of positive audience response to assuage self-doubt.  Were you ever cheered...or booed?  I knew of a minister who once was booed.

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