Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Jack’s Winning Words 12/11/18
“Nobody goes through life without a scar.”  (Carol Burnett)  I’m reading C.B.’s book which describes her life in show biz.  As with most people, life has its bad times.  I have a knee scar which reminds me of a childhood fall.   You probably have scars, too.  …and there are mental scars…hidden from others…but we “see” them!  Carol sees her scars as reminders of what made her who she is today.  Robert Schuller wrote:  “Turn Your Scars Into Stars!”    ;-)  Jack

FROM LBP IN PTG:  I have a scar on my shin where a rooster attacked me. I learned to carry a rake.
===JACK:  That's a good one.  I can visualize.  A goose attacked me when I was a child.  Scary!  It only scarred my mind.  Don't get too close to Mother Goose!

FROM SP IN SP:  good words from Schuller but they didn't seem to do HIM any good.... kind of a sad ending to his story... ===JACK:  Yes, a sad ending by the world's measurement, but God has a way of turning our scars into stars...at least, that's my hope.  "It's not over 'til it's over" and we each stand before "the judgment throne."

FROM SF IN FLA:  Reminds me if the title of my nascent book, ‘Everyone Has a Story’. With your encouragement, I am moving it!===JACK:  "Nascent" is a good word. I guess that it could apply to each of us as we move out into the world today.  Keep working on that book.  I like the (possible) title: Everyone Has a Story."  Think of the many people that have been in your life and the story behind each one.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  I have another saying by Schuller, "When the going gets tough, the tough, get going".Bill and I worshipped in the Crystal Cathedral once, so beautiful, and the sermon was tops, as was the music (Bill thought more "entertainment" than "worship"...). I also have his book "Horns into Halos". He had a way of saying and writing things that did get your attention. His faith was certainly tested in the end, with the brain tumor, and disintegration of that ministry!  Carol Burnett gave us so much fun and laughter, in spite of her sometimes sad personal life; She is an inspiration to laugh in spite of scars! (which we do all carry: Me, far fewer than others I've known!)===JACK:  I liked Schuller for a variety of reasons...Our ministries paralleled...We both started a new church at about the same time...I met him personally and talked with him, one on one...I liked his positive message and the way h e was able to hold his listener's attention...I like the fact that the Crystal Cathedral was an organized congregation (Churches that I've served have folded, too)...Illness has a way of "changing" family situations.  Having said that...the final judgment for each of us, including Robert Schuller,(and Carol Burnett) is God's.

FROM DAZ IN CO:  There are good scars from successful operations. I have a scar over a hole in my skull behind my right ear where they went in to fix nerves related to my Trigeminal neuralgia. That was a very painful condition which the operation cured. In fact, I look upon that as one of the many miracles in my life. ===JACK:  I remember the before and after of that situation.  Yes, some scars are worth it!

FROM DS IN SOCAL:  FROM DS IN SOCAL:  Strangely, I, just the other day showed MY knee scar from when I was about 7 years old.  Still looks the same 74 years later.===JACK:  Do you remember the days of basketball knee pads?  They saved me from having other knee scars.  They didn't prevent me from having a knee replacement.  Any b-ball injuries for you?

FROM JB IN OLV:  ....or wrinkles:)===JACK: For you, those are laugh lines.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Everyone has scars both inside and out because we go wildly through life.  We all have different ways of obtaining our scars but we all continue to survive!  With God’s help.===JACK:  Others see the outer scars, but we are the only ones aware of those unseen.

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