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Jack’s Winning Words 12/10/18
“Laughter is the best medicine, and the cool thing is, you can’t o.d. on it, and the refills are free.”  (Rob Paulsen)  I’ve read that laughter can aid in healing for sick people.  One suggestion was to bring a “whoopee cushion” to the hospital when visiting a friend, and put it on the chair before the doctor comes in for his consultation.  Of course, that will depend on the doctor’s sense of humor.  Also, it is said that having a good sense of humor helps people live longer.   ;-)  Jack

FROM SP IN SP:  i recall a study that said laughter relaxes heart muscles.   so here is a joke.  where do pencils go for a vacation?  they go to Pencil-vania, of course:):):)    (Pennsylvania, just in case you didn't get it:):):).===JACK:  I always liked the song about the states…
Oh, what did Delaware, boys? Oh, what did Delaware?
Oh, what did Delaware, boys? Oh, what did Delaware?
Oh, what did Delaware, boys? Oh, what did Delaware?
I ask you now as a personal friend, what did Delaware?
She wore her New Jersey, boys. She wore her New Jersey.
She wore her New Jersey, boys. She wore her New Jersey.
She wore her New Jersey, boys. She wore her New Jersey.
I tell you now as a personal friend, she wore her New Jersey.
Other verse pairs include:
Oh, what does Iowa? She weighs a Washington.
Oh, what does Idaho? She hoes her Maryland.
Oh, what does Tennessee? She sees what Arkansas.
Oh, where has Oregon? She's gone to Oklahoma.
Oh, what did Massa-chew? She chewed her Connecti-cud.
Oh, how did Flori-die? She died in Missouri.
===SP: who sang that song?  was it Perry Como by chance?===JACK:  I learned the song at a YMCA Camp one summer, along with "I wear my pink pajamas."
===SP:  i NEVER wore pink pajamas.   but do you recall that song about camp that began with Hello Mutter, Hello Father,  here I am at Camp   something or other...
Allan Sherman - Hello Muddah Hello Faddah (1963) - YouTube
...and back to pajamas...since you always went to church camp, it's no wonder you missed on this one.  (Tune: Battle Hymn of Republic)
I wear my pink pajamas, in the summer when it's hot.
I wear my flannel nighties in the winter when it's not.
And sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall,
I jump right in between the sheets with nothing on at all.
Glory, glory, Hallelujah;  Glory, glory, What's it to you?
Balmy breezes blowing through ya,  With nothing on at all.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  drs do not have humor, first of all, and bodily functions are not humorous. ===JACK:  OK.  I'll leave the cushion at home when I come for a visit.

FROM SHALOM JAN:  I like this "drug of choice"!===JACK:  Between Pepsi and Coca Cola, I choose Coke, first sold in "drug" stores.===JAN:  Since it had cocaine in it, that's where Coke belonged.===JACK:  Now, you'll be able to buy Mary Jane cookies in Michigan.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  You won't live too long after a beating from an irate Doctor!===JACK:  Here some actual names of doctors practicing dentistry...   Dr De Kay, Dr.Filler, Dr.Fear, Dr.Tusk, Dr. Drewel, Dr Les Plack, Dr.Fang, Dr.Hurter, Dr.Toothaker, Dr.Daryl B Payne, Dr.Smiley, Dr.Schotz, Dr. Spits, Dr. Yankum, Dr Screech, Dr. Phil Ing, Dr. McCavity.

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  Thanx Jack. this will be in this week's Champions bible Study. ===JACK:  Most Bible readers laugh (or, at least. smile) when reading...Genesis 18:11-13.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  I would put a whoopee cushion on my doctor’s seat but only after surgery!===JACK:  Some doctors do have a sense of humor.  I had my tonsils removed by a doctor who was my uncle.  Afterward, he gave me jar with my tonsils floating in some kind of liquid.  I wonder whatever happened to that jar?  My mom probably "ditched" it.===JUDY:  I imagine she did!  When Andy was born, I saw a lump in his mouth.  They took him back quickly to see the Dr.  He came in a few minutes later and said, “Mrs. Lenn, your baby has a tooffy!”===JACK:  Goofy! 

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Oh Yeah! I have a DR. with a terrific sense of humor, and Bill's heart surgeon, when he gave the surgery  report to me, said, "We had to do quite a lot of work on Bill's heart; We needed more veins than we could take out of one leg, so used some from his chest, as well. Since he's a hand ball player. we wanted him to have a one good leg to stand on!" :-)  My twin was a great one for turning any disaster into a funny situation. Once when she accidentally turned the oven UP instead of down to WARM, when she had company for dinner, and everything was VERY well-done (!) she breezily told them (I was there)  that she was giving them a Biblical meal; In ancient times it was known as a burnt offering!. They never forgot the "burnt offering dinner" which she served with some hastily fixed grilled cheese sandwiches. :-)  A sense of humor often saves the day, and we've all experienced it. My twin and I did a program, entitled "She who laughs, Lasts"...and our research turned up a ton of evidence about how healthy it is to laugh! It was a very funny program! ===JACK:  One of our church members was reading the scripture on a Sunday and stumbled over a word.  She began to giggle, then snicker, then laugh, then snort.  She ran down the aisle into the narthex, laughing all the way.  I think that her sister got up and finished the reading.  Memorable!
===OAKS:  Jan and I were terrible gigglers growing up, especially in  church or some solemn occasions when you absolutely should NOT be giggling!!  I loved the songs you wrote in the blog today. Brot back camp & retreat memories!  I copied them down for old times sake...maybe sing 

to my "greats" ?!===JACK:  When singing to the children, you might try this one..."He's got His eye on you, He's got His eye on you.  My Lord sittin' in the kingdom, He's got His eye on you."  Then, 
begin to substitute someone's name for the "you,"  Like, "He's got His eye on Grandma..."  Point at the person when you come to the name.  You came make up the tune, or I can sing it to you over the phone (just kidding).

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  That makes a lot of sense!===JACK:  What makes you laugh?

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