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Jack’s Winning Words 12/22/16
“I love Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, peace on Earth, mangers and the Salvation Army bell ringers and cookies.”  (Mo Rocca)  A friend of mine signed up to be a Red Kettle bell ringer…and also “volunteered” his sons.  It was a good experience for all.  I recall days when “kettle people” would sing carols or play musical instruments.  In fact, I once saw a Salvation Army person playing two trombones at once.  The “Army” is a great charity.    ;-)  Jack

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  enjoyed a raucous caroler yesterday outside the grocery store. he was having a grand time, tho i wonder if he was actually driving people away...i can never pass by a kettle. not thrilled w/SA's non-gay policy, but people say they are the best in a disaster. ====JACK:  From what I've read, Salvation Army benefits are available to "all."  Their views on the gay-life, based on Bible teachings is "under review."  So...that evidently means that their policy is under review, too.====LIZ:  good, tho i fully support religious freedom... even if i do not believe as they do.  the bad publicity looks as if it has hurt their cause around here. the kettles are unmanned most of the time.====JACK:  If I were younger  and saw "unattended" kettles, I'd seriously consider becoming a volunteer, because I support what they do.  I think that it was Edgar Guest who wrote: "I'd rather see a sermon that hear one any day."====LIZ:  yesterday i was two blocks away, & could hear my fav bellringer!====JACK:  I get tired of the sounds of beeps and buzzes.  I like hearing bells...jingle bells, church bells, even alarm clocks.

FROM TARMART REV:  Definitely makes Christmas a little brighter and more more welcoming for many!!====JACK:  Christmas is not only about giving.  It's about receiving, too.  I'm waiting to hear stories about some of the people who receive the "money" gifts that you've been asked to deliver. ====REV:  Here's some copies I've sent the donor early on:  "I want to say a very special thank you to You Pastor!!! You are an amazing person and I can't thank you enough for what you handed my husband and I tonight at Walmart. It helps more than you will ever know!! ❤❤🎄🙏🏻🙏🏻👼🏻"
Since we are on a's another one.  "Thank you for the very thoughtful gift today.  And Merry Christmas to you and your family."  Here's another one--  "I just want to say Thank you!! You blessed me with something so unexpected but needed.  I will pay it forward.  God bless you and yours Merry Christmas.  Gods work definitely touched me." 

FROM BB IN ILLINOIS:  Some still play instruments and sing  here in Chicago…perhaps it depends on their gifts?====JACK:  I've read that the S.A. hires ringers ($8.40 an hr) when there aren't enough volunteers.  I'm OK with that, because it provides jobs for the jobless.  I do see padlocks on the kettles.  I'm OK with that, too.  It's a sign of the times.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Yes it is.  We keep money in our car especially for charities.  My kids/grandkids never pass by a Red Kettle.⛑====JACK:  Generosity is a lesson that should be taught early in life.  That's a good idea to keep some donation money in the car.  Oftentimes I have fish around for cash when the opportunity to give presents itself.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Our Bell Choir quartette played carols on bells at the red kettle at HYVEE market (huge store). It was a festive time and their bucket was well filled!  They ring for charity in different locations every year Yes, the Salvation Army is well worth our donations!  Several friends of mine have also "rung the bells" at Schnucks, Penney's, Walmart, etc.  Bless them!! ====JACK:  What a great idea.  It could work for vocal groups, hour or two at a location in the community.

FROM GUSTIE MARLYS:  I agree!  I support them.====JACK:  How about "floating" the idea with your ladies that next year, a quartet of vocalists or bells would volunteer a couple of hours, or more, to the Salvation Army?

FROM BS IN ENGLAND:  The Salvation Army were playing carols in my local super market Sainburys yesterday.  It certainly  made shopping more enjoyable!====JACK:  I suppose you know that the Salvation Army began in London in 1865.  It began as The Volunteer Army, but soon changed its name.  It was meant to help people in need of the 3 S's...Soup, Soap and Salvation.  ====BS:  Yes! I did know,  and the Salvation Army still do a soup run every night in Norwich.
Our church always gives all produce brought at harvest for the soup kitchen.  My mother loved the Salvation Army  and when she was dying she loved to listen to hymns sung and played by the band.  She even had her own tambourine  that she would tap and shake!  I like the uniform particularly  the bonnets!====JACK:  I don't suppose you have your mother's tambourine.  There are some things from the past that we "shoulda kept!"

FROM HAWKEYE GEORGE:  The Salvation Army is one of just a few with admin. costs less than 8%, which is why we support the Army.====JACK:  It might be interesting to attend  one of their worship services.  In Davenport (3400 W Central Park Ave  563-391-5325), Sundays, 11 to 12 noon.  Let me know what it's like.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  And the good news is that after Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott jumped into the huge red kettle after a touchdown, the video went viral and Salvation Army red kettle donations are up 61%.  A lot of people are donating $21.00 - Elliott wears number 21- and he personally donated $25,000 to the Salvation Army.====JACK:  The money to help the needy is "out there."  Elliott has found one way to get some of it channeled to the Red Kettle. 

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  The Army also served well in Wartime. They were ever present. ====JACK:  Did you ever see them overseas?  Or just in the States?  They do have groups in many countries.

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