Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 12/14/16
“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”  (Lily Tomlin)  In a devotional book I use, an anti-stress kit is described for those who need “relief.”  It contains a rubber band (be flexible), a candy kiss (everyone needs a kiss--encouragement), a life-saver (be a helper), an eraser (we all make mistakes) and a toothpick (pick out the good things in others and in yourself).  Other stress relievers: Eat wisely, breathe deeply, shake and dance…and watch TV (not the news).    ;-)  Jack

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  we are all "shaking" right now... its 8 below zero!  don't even want to know the wind-chill...correction, Jack.  its 8 degrees now and the wind chill is minus 8.  on Sunday morning they are predicting 18 below zero,  and that is actual temp.   wowsers.  we are packing for AZ!====JACK:  You'll probably be shakin' in Arizona for other reasons.  WOWSERS!  ,,,so you're a fan of Inspector Gadget!  I think that the comedian, Joe E. Brown used that expression, too, but you're too young to remember him.

FROM DR JUDY:  Great kit products!====JACK:  There's a song from WW 1, "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile."

FROM DOCTOR PHIL:  Had a friend Therapists who had people wear a rubber band on their wrist and snap it when they were getting stressed. Nice job.  When I was stressed,I used to get up out of my office chair and go and sit in the chair of the person who came and visited me and just say to myself--- Jesus walk/be with me.====JACK:  A chair can be a helpful prop.  When I was teaching confirmands about prayer, I would place a chair in front of them.  "Now, imagine Jesus sitting in that chair, and speak to him as you would speak to your best friend."

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  Excellent advice especially the part about not watching the news. ====JACK:  Have you ever watched, "The Carbonaro Effect" on Tru-TV?  That's my relaxation!  You can watch an episode on YouTube.====HOWIE:  I JUST WATCHED A COUPLE OF EPISODES OF THE Carbonaro effect. I did laugh out loud especially at the banned medical device and the cooked chicken when the guest says do you have another chicken, thanks very funny. ====JACK:  That's better than some of the news, isn't it?

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  You're right about watching the news.......except the last 5 minutes of the CBS evening news with Scott Pelley.  They always try to end on a positive story.  Last night was about a girl with Down Syndrome that couldn't get a job so she started her own business baking cookies.  She has received orders from all over the world for over 25,000 cookies.   The CBS reporter kept pressing her for her "secret ingredient."  Collette finally gave in and told him - Love. Here's the link to the print story from Boston:  Try to stay warm - understand it's a bit chilly up your way.  Heck, we're supposed to go down into the 20's here on Sunday.  Time to spend some time in South Florida or Hawaii!====JACK:  Mary watches Lester Holt on NBC.  He, too, usually ends with a positive story.  Mary's hometown of Merrill,  Wisconsin, expects 21 below this weekend.  No, that is cold!

FROM JE IN MICHIGAN:  On the “watch TV” suggestion, I recommend the Hallmark Channel. The holiday movies are soft, sweet and heart-warming. They really slow life down and bring joy. ====JACK:  I'd almost forgotten about Hallmark, the nostalgia telecaster.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Reading is good too! My latest book is an astronauts guide to life on earth! It literally takes u out of this world!====JACK:  I suppose that the astronauts can never look at the earth in the same way as they did before they saw it from outer space.

FROM PRJN:  Love the advice to de-stress.  I had forgotten that "formula" and it is worth bringing back -- to my own life as well as others.  Blessings of a contemplative Advent and a joyous Christmas!====JACK:  Sometimes stress happens, because we don't do the thing that needs doing.  I like the Nike slogan...JUST DO IT!

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