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Jack’s Winning Words 12/12/16
“Anyone can ride in a spaceship or serve as a politician, but class is rare—something lacking in this crassest of American eras.”  (Ted Rall in Forbes)  John Glenn was classy!  He was humble, well-mannered, intelligent, who never tried to build oneself up by tearing others down.  William Milliken, former Michigan Governor is a politician  like that.  Among pastors I’ve met, Conrad Bergendoff epitomized class.  Who comes to your mind?    ;-)  Jack

aFROM HONEST JOHN:  Almost impossible to pick someone from one's own generation or I might have picked you.    I will go with Con Trued.   Incredible pastor.    I loved the pastors with whom I grew up.....rev. Brigham.  (1st Presbyterian in EM),   Elton Anderson (Immanuel Lutheran in EM).....great folks.....kind and compassionate.    How about Fritiof Fryxell?      Art Arnold?====JACK:  I totally agree with your choices of Trued, Fryxell and Arnold...all of them soft-spoken and self-effacing.

FROM MY ATTORNEY:  Remember the immortal words of Leo Durocher:  Nice Guys Finish Last. ====JACK:  Leo would not be on my list, but John Wooden would be there.  Wooden finished first more often than "the Lip" did.

FROM JDR IN CALIFORNIA:  RICHARD RAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!====JACK:  Perhaps you didn't know this, but when your husband was growing up on our street he had the nickname of, Chick!

FROM KANSAN DON:  I nominate Carl Lund-Quist, former campus pastor (U OF Minn), positions with National Lutheran Council, finally Exec. Secy. of Lutheran World Federation.  It is reported the farmer boy from Lindsborg, never owned a car.  Never married.  Died in 1965 at hospital in Lindsborg.  I had privilege of bringing him baloney sandwiches, brushed his teeth in the Hospital.  Officiated at his burial at Freemount Lutheran, Lindsborg (old home church) in August 1965 (month after moving to Lawrence.  Good biography by Emmet Eklund.====JACK:  What's the story behind his hyphenated last name.  As for you....What class! brush someone's teeth for them.  That's what Jesus would do.====DC:  Your comment to the effect of tht being like Jesus brought me a surprise.  Your compliment about me brushing Carl's teeth.  I had held that as a badge of honor or special privilege not many had -- never came to mind as servanthood or humility.  Something about faith and works?

FROM GP IN MICHIGAN:  Yes I can come up with a name====JACK:  Well?

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Let's see..............Arnold Palmer, Bobby Jones, Roger Staubach, Jon Lee (our former pastor).  I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind.====JACK:  I think that Arnie was a great golfer, in part, because he was the son of a groundskeeper, instead of being the son of a rich member.  Kids who hang around the course and play at the odd times seem to have a real feel for the game.  They tend to be more humble, too.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Oh, what wise words from Ted Rall today!   Crass is certainly a perfect word to describe our present day era, unfortunately! Adlai  Stevenson and Paul Simon were IL politicians who had integrity and intelligence, in my opinion. Yes,Dr. Bergendoff belongs in the "classy" echelon. I think of Dr. Ray Honeywell of Moline's Methodist church (My pastor during H.S, and who married us) had class, and many clergy persons I've known did and do have the quiet dignity associated with that word!  But for our society in general, Ted Rall's assessment would seem to be most accurate ! :-(====JACK: of the greatest candidates not to become President.  Eleanor Roosevelt stands for class, too.

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Hubert Humphrey Tremendous person.====JACK:  I had the privilege of meeting him in person in Wisconsin during his run for the Presidency.  As you know, the best candidate doesn't always win...but that politics!

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  Bob Hurlbut was a classmate of mine at the Seminary who married Suzan.  Suzan grew up in Texas and was a lifelong friend of Lynn Glenn,  John and Anne's daughter.  Bob and Suzan were in a support group with Margaret and me for almost 28 years.   Lynn Glenn now lives here in St. Paul and we were at her home recently for a surprise birthday party for Suzan.   Lynn unfortunately had to miss the party (others hosted it on her behalf)  because she was back in Texas taking care of her Dad just before he went into the hospital. Lynn is a lovely person much like her Dad.   Small world as they say.  Blessings on your day, Jack.====JACK:  When I interned in St. Paul, the Governor was a member of the church and regularly sat in a pew like the other members.  Do you remember the song I sing a song of the saints of God?  The last stanza goes...."They lived not only in ages past;  there are hundreds of thousands still.  The world is bright with the joyous saints
who love to do Jesus' will.  You can meet them in school, on the street, in the store,  in church, by the sea, in the house next door;  they are saints of God, whether rich or poor,  and I mean to be one too."

FROM KF IN IN MICHIGAN:  Q.E. II=====JACK:  Regal is a word that fits her, too.

FROM QUILTIN' CAROL:  Mother Teresa====JACK:  "By their works you shall know them."

FROM DC IN MICHIGAN:  Conrad Bergendoff was a classmate of my father,.Ernest A,Palm. When I went up to him at one of the Augustana Heritage gathering.meals, he said, "I have to stand up for Ernie Palm's daughter."  I still have a silver plate he gave to my folks as a wedding gift.====JACK:  There was a classy pastor, O.V. Anderson, who would have an intern each year.  The first thing he would teach the student was how to shine shoes.  He also would never refer to church members by their first names.  It was always, Mr, Mrs, Miss...even for those that he knew well.

FROM VW MARY:  Here are a couple definitions from the internet:  Having qualities that make someone special…Showing impressive character: very good, kind, etc...Those would do for starters! ====JACK:  I suppose you had some bosses who were classy...and some who were not.


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