Thursday, December 01, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 12/1/16
“I want to hold your hand.”  (The Beatles)  This first of the Beatles’ hits was released 63 years ago, and it’s still relevant.  In these times I sense that there are people who want reassurance, who want to be calmed.  Most hand-holding is romantic, but it can also say, “Everything’s going to be OK.  Don’t be afraid.”  One of my favorite hymns is, “Precious Lord, take my hand.”  The words seem to take on added meaning as they are sung.    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  Putting my hand in the hand of the Man who calms the troubled seas, while reaching out to others!====JACK:  Thanks for the reminder of another hand-holding song.

FROM ROSE IN BOSTON:  Its one of my favorite hymns as well.====JACK:  Thomas Dorsey wrote that song, because he was in need of comfort...and it has brought comfort to many others, as well.

FROM MY LAWYER:  53 years ago.====JACK:  I stand corrected.  That was in your hey day, wasn't it?

FROM WATERFORD JAN:  We sang "Precious Lord, take my hand" in church recently.  As always, when an "old time" hymn is sung, the congregation sang with fervor.  Both the familiarity and the words enhanced our voices and the significance of that hymn.====JACK:  Hymns are not necessarily good because they are tuneful.  They have to appeal to the mind as well as to the foot.  This one does both.

FROM TRIHARDER:  63? Typo.  I was 12-13 (7th grade)  it was 1963/1964====JACK:  I chose this quote for this date (Dec 1), because I read that Dec 1, 1963, was the day that The Beatles' first hit was released.  My fingerbones were not connected to my headbone when I typed that particular section of Winning Words.  You have an eagle eye.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Wonderful words again!  We still hold hands all the time just like my grandparents and parents did!====JACK:  Some archaeologists uncovered a grave in Siberia where a couple were buried together holding hands.  It's estimated that they've been holding hands for over 5000 years.  Perhaps it can work out that way for you and Gary.

FROM CS IN RO:  Beautiful thought today.====JACK:  I seem to recall reading that hands are difficult for artists to paint.  Is that true?  Praying Hands is a famous etching.  Perhaps someone should do Holding Hands.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  It's heartwarming how my little "great-grands" grasp for my hand when ready to cross a street, or go into an event, or pull me along to show me something, as my kids, and grandkids did before them.  I'm sure we did the same as youngsters, so many years ago!  The reassurance, as you say, that things are O.K. and someone is "in charge" in their (our) lives. When we get unsteady on our feet, THEY will take OUR hands, and reassure US!!====JACK:  I remember in grade school when the teacher would have the class form a circle.  "Now, hold the hand of the the person next to you."  If it was a girl....UGH.  Maybe that's why I'm not much of a hand holder.

FROM AW IN ILLINOIS:  Jack, did you know that hymn was written by a grieving talented organist and choir  director in a famous black chicago church.  He had quit and was his lowest after his wife died . He was inspired by the Spirit, and after writing this hymn, went on to write many more. ====JACK:  Many hymns that we have in church have interesting background stories connected with them.  Your story is somewhat correct.  Google Thomas Dorsey (not the band leader) and get the full story of Precious Lord.  BTW, one Sunday we sang "I Love to Tell the Story" in church.  Afterward a visitor came up to me and said, "I'm glad you sang that  song today.  It was written by my great grandmother Hankey."  What are the chances of that happening?

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