Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 11/29/16
“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”  (Harper Lee)   I had a dream the other night where I had a virtual reality headset which allowed me to see the world in the same way that the person next to me was seeing it.  Weird!  But think about it…  Wouldn’t a lot of problems and misunderstandings be solved if we could see the other person’s point of view?  Fewer arguments, lawsuits, divorces, wars.  Am I dreaming?    ;-)  Jack

FROM HONEST JOHN:   I think that is critical if you want to really deal with people.   I can never agree with your extreme position on positive thinking since I think we need to understand original sin as present in everyone in order to see what is happening in the world and how to react to it ( e.g.   Trump's election); yet, I respect your position and like to hear it because it represents a good balance against getting too caught up in the original sin thing.====JACK:  I had a regular visit with my doctor yesterday, and he agrees with the concept that positive thinking generally brings positive results.====JOHN:  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a very positive person; however, I think it is necessary always to be aware of the world's wiles.   I think Luther was there, also.   He certainly was not afraid to act but knew that evil was always lurking.    If you go on as though it is not there or no real object, I think you are in for some big pitfalls.====JACK:  You need to have a headset like the one I dreamed about; then you might correctly understand where I'm coming from.

FROM DR JUDY:   LOVE THAT DREAM! You are wise even in sleep.====JACK:  Our dream world deserves more scientific exploration.  Why do we dream as we dream?

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  You might be dreaming but it sounds like a heavenly dream -  it wouldn't solve everything, but with a little compromise and tolerance the world would sure be a better place.   ====JACK:  I "see" where you're coming from.  Trump would have to be willing to wear the headset, too.====RS: Absolutely.  As they said in Avatar - "I see you".

FROM GEEP:  As usual,  you seem to hit a home run just about the time we need help.  Your "Winning Words" of today helped me answer a letter that is adding to the turmoil of a family situation.  I have used your Winning Words of the day to respond to an e-mail we received.  With Thanx for your timeliness and trusting is your understanding.====JACK:  God has ways of working things out.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:   What a wonderful idea!  It would seem being able to vision what someone else saw would be so beneficial in more ways than one.  If we "saw" what was in the head of a sad, mentally ill, or misunderstood person, we would be able to find some way to help them and anyone with the same problem.  By the way, that is a weird dream!!!====JACK:  There are several instances in the Bible where God spoke to someone in a weird dream.  Can it be that it still happens?

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  You really have to practice empathy, to see things from another's point of view...it doesn't come naturally!  In Life's Little Instruction Book, he suggests going for 24 hours without criticizing anything, and  trying to see it from a different point of view. Not as easy as it sounds, usually.. but what a difference it can make!====JACK:  You can start with just one person...and really try to see things from that person's point of view (without using a special headset).  It's not always easy.



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