Friday, November 18, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 11/18/16
“Call home at least once a week.  It’s a proven fact that we call home less the older we get.”  (Randy Pausch)  The idea behind these words is that, with the passage of time, home becomes more and more of a memory.  Is it a city, a house, a family?  Randy was told that he had less than a year to live.  He began to look at life with new eyes.  He didn’t take things, like home and time,  “for granted” anymore.  Is there a letter to written, a call to be made?       ;-)  Jack

FROM HONEST JOHN:  My niece now lives in the house in which I grew up....but it isn't home to me anymore.   I still love East Moline even though it is not a very spectacular place.   Love Augustana, too.    Great memories there.====JACK:  I wish the house I grew up in was still standing.  Now I have to stand in front of a parking lot in downtown Moline and try to remember.  3 things say "Augustana to me...the dome, the Swedish bell tower and the seminary chapel spire.

FROM QUILTING CAROL IN RICE LAKE:  This most certainly true.  Miss calls from my kids…but then I’m not good about calling either knowing they are all leading very busy lives.====JACK:  I like spur-of-the-moment calls...just to say "Hi" and see how you're doing?

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Are you talking about Randy Engstrom?====JACK:  Randy Pausch, whose quote I used.  He's also the subject of the book, The Last Lecture.  It's worth reading. or Google can give you a synopsis.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  There are always letters and phone calls.  But home is here now.  And emails keep us siblings in touch daily.====JACK:  We probably keep in touch more now than it the past.  Back then, letters were a big, e-mail goes out with the click of a mouse.  Back then, long distance was changed by the minute (Don't talk so long, it's long distance!), most phone plans have no restrictions on the usual calls out of the area.

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