Monday, November 14, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 11/14/16
“If you get caught up in the things you have no control over it will affect adversely the things you do have control over.”  (Duffy Daugherty)  I saw two lists side by side…Things we can’t control and, Things we can control.  The article’s author suggested that when you start to fixate on something beyond your control, go to the other list.  Coach Duffy knew that he’d have a better football team if they did that.  Life works better that way, too.    ;-)  Jack

FROM HY YO SILVER:  So true====JACK:  Some people can't seem to get beyond the first list.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  Thumbs up====JACK:  That's better than thumbs down.

FROM DR J IN OHIO:  Thanks... I needed that reminder!!====JACK:  I, too, need  the reminder:  Just deal with it...and move on to the second list.

FROM TARMART REV:  Enough, for sure, on that list I can control to keep me busy without struggling over those areas I cannot control . . . can only pray for Godly guidance for me and for that uncontrollable need of assistance. Thanks, coach!!====JACK:  There once was a movement to have coaches (mentors) for new pastors.  It seems to have petered out.  I still think that it's a good idea. ====REV:  Good thought...I've seen some pastors advertise themselves as such...we had one living in Willmar but has sense passed away some years ago...knowing him, he wouldn't have been my choice of a good pastoral coach...maybe it was that "prophet in his home country" scenario...this person never pastored but had the answers for others who were. I remember him teaching on spiritual gifts with him saying he lacked in the gift of mercy as if he was accountable for carrying any.  Most of my chosen coaches I admire I find on the radio... Erwin Lutzer of the Moody Church in Chicago is one of many, but most recently.  A mentor has to be recommended by someone who knows "the situation" and is able to make a fit.  Maybe the idea petered out, because of a lack of "someones."  I'd be leery of  an ad.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  However, don't just quit by using "I have no control over that" as an excuse.    Perhaps, if you had worked at it, you might have exercised some control.====JACK:  Yes, we coulda and shoulda, but we didn'ta.  Let's learn from the past and just move on.====JOHN:  That doesn't address the point I raised====JACK:  From my point of view, it does.  "if you had worked at it" suggests that you coulda or shoulda done more.

FROM EDUCATOR PAUL:  Thanks, Jack!!!====JACK:  I have a hunch that this will need to be reposted from time to time.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  As Mario Andretti (race car driver) observed: "If everything seems under your control, you're not going fast enough!"...HA!  We don't want to "lose control", but we have to realize what things are beyond our power to change...sometimes it's hard to make that distinction!  Good words to remember today!  These football coaches seem to come up with hard-earned truths! ====JACK:  It's one thing to want to be in control.  It's something else when control is taken away from you for one reason or another.  When my mother was 95 she gave up driving.  It was her own decision.  When you and Bill were in the car, who did the driving?  Nowadays I see more and more of the younger women doing the driving.====OAKS:  Until his inoperable brain tumor situation, Bill was always in the driver's seat.  I did a ton of driving "on my own' but never when Bill and I were in the car together!  I tended to have a lead foot, and he was not comfortable with that! 

FROM PR JM:  I don't imagine a whole lot of people quote Duffy D.  I appreciate that you did and I agree with the sentiment not to obsess over things out of your control.  That's also a good time to turn those uncontrollables over to God.  Thanks, Jack, for your winning words!====JACK:  A favorite story of mine is about some children who wanted to pray a trick on grandpa.  While he was sleeping they put some Limburger cheese on his mustache.  When  he woke up, he took a few sniffs and said, "This room stinks."  He walked from room to room and said, "This whole house stinks."  He then went outside, took some more sniffs and yelled, "The entire world stinks."  ...and all the time the stink was under his nose.  What we can control is that which is usually under our nose.====JM:  LOL!  I love the story and you're right about the (few) things we can control being at least close to our nose:  We can control what we think and say and do about the things we have some control over.  A good thought while some of us are not happy with the electoral system of our nation when the popular vote and the electoral vote disagree with each other.  WE can control how we think about people who voted for "the other candidate" and how we will treat those with whom we disagree.====JACK:  Electoral or popular, the vote always results in a winner and a loser...good or bad, depending on who you are backing.

FROM #1 MSU FAN:  How nice that you featured a SPARTAN in your message!====JACK:  Some people don't realize that there were some powerhouse State teams (Duffy's Tuffys) in the 50s & 60s.

FROM STARRY KNIGHT:  Thank you====JACK:  Duffy's advice works in the music business, too.

FROM SA IN WASHINGTON:  Reading WW I hear your voice. It's reassuring and keeps me grounded. I wonder what Jesus' voice sounded like. Baritone? Tenor?====JACK:  The song, In the Garden, says, "He speaks, and the sound of his voice is so sweet the birds hush their singing."

 FROM FM IN WISCONSIN:  So, so true!====JACK:  I need to remind myself of this several times a day...especially lately.

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