Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 8/3/16
“The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.”  (Oliver Wendell Holmes)  If you found the Fountain of Youth, would you drink from it?  Growing old doesn’t have to be that bad…lots of memories…no career worries….9:30 bedtime is OK…looks aren’t everything.  My mom, in her 90s said, “Now I can eat all the bacon I want.”  Yes, there’s always a downside, but life seems to go better when you look for the sunnyside.  Try it today!    ;-)  Jack

FROM IKE AT THE MIC:  How about calling in my radio show titled  "BRIGHT SIDE OF AGING" on that theme, the show is aired daily from 11AM-11:30AM on WCXI  1160AM,on the internet plus on Fridays is also simulcast on WNZK 690AM?  I start the show with "Age is a matter of the mind,if you don't mind,it doesn't matter"  You are welcome anytime.====JACK:  I read this quip:  "How young can you be before they say, 'He died of old age'?"

FROM BB IN ILLINOIS:  Oooooo nice one.   Nope, I don’t want to go back – you?  I have a sticker on the back of my ipad that reads “wisdom keeps you from getting into situations where you need it”.  Did that come from you?  With age there are a few less quandaries.  Then I heard another quote (cannot recall attribution) recently that went something like, when I find that I am right about something, I am now actually kind of amazed.  I would concur with that one too.  In earlier years being right was more important and the self-perception of being right; in hindsight it is easier to see how many times one was incorrect and to make assertions less forcefully.  One of our political candidates hasn’t gotten that message yet.  Not sure about the 9:30 bedtime (of course one can always tape the good games and tv shows) but I’m a big fan of the afternoon nap!====JACK:  I plan to use that "wisdom" quote in the near future.  It's a good one.  Bedtime is 10:30.  I'm not old enough for the 9:30 one.

FROM DAZ IN COLORADO:  The sunny side  You bet====JACK:  Eggs, sunny side up are too runny for me.

FROM RI IN BOSTON:  You're right, growing old isn't bad, it's just disappointing.  It denies all the exciting possibilities that would be in store for us.  Thanks for reminding us that our latter years do relieve us..."no career worries, 9:30 bedtime is OK, looks aren't everything."  Those concerns seemed so overwhelming when we were young.====JACK:  I sometimes go into a room with most (if not all) people younger than I.  I think to myself.  "I know what it's like to be your age, because I've been there.  But, you don't know what it's like to be my age.  I have a point of understanding that isn't yours."

FROM SBP IN FLORIDA:  Isn't there a song, "Keep the/your sunnyside up..."? And as I am well down on my Bell Curve of life, it's a lot more comfortable being on the sunnyside even with the tribulations. Only one thing, I want my egg "over easy.====JACK:  Ask, and you will receive.

There's one thing to think of when you're blue,  There are others around much worse off than you!
If a load of troubles should arrive,  Laugh and say, "It's great to be alive!";

And keep your sunny side up, up,  Hide the side that gets blue.
If you have nine sons in a row,  Baseball teams make money, you know!

Keep your funny side up, up,  Let your laughter come through, do!
Stand up on your legs,  Be like two fried eggs,  Keep your sunny side up!

Life can be a pleasure or a pain,  Good or bad, successful or in vain;
Happiness is just a point of view,  If you have it here's the thing to do;

Keep your sunny side up, up,  Drown a frown with a smile.
If you think it's raining for you,  Just remember, others are blue.

Always look for the bright side,  Start the day on the right side;
You'll find life worthwhile,  Learn to wear a smile,  Keep your sunny side up!

FROM AMC IN WATERFORD:  Smart Mom.  I eat bacon every Sunday before I go to Mass. ====JACK:  I admire the vegans for their passion.  I  try not to think about the pig while I enjoy the bacon.  Maybe that's a sin to confess.

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  My Mother said, I feel  and think like a young women But when I look in the mirror I see an old lady. So I said what are you going to do and she replied, stop looking in the mirror (true Story)====JACK:  I can't recall that people were so obsessed with looks in the old days.  Oops!  I forgot about Narcissus.

FROM HS IN ILLINOIS:  Jack, I passed this message on to Lois, who is now 87 and LOVES bacon. ====JACK:  I grew up in Moline, Illinois, in the midst of "hog country," so we ate lots of pork products.  As a child, I remember when unwrapped food waste was picked up by the garbage trucks and hauled off as food for the pigs.  We used to call the trucks, "the salad wagons."  They really did smell.

..EVERY AGE CAN BE SATISFYING, PROVIDING YOU REALLY LIVE WITHIN IT!  OLD AGE DOES HAVE ITS COMPENSATIONS, SO LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE AND ENJOY WHAT YOU CAN!====JACK:  Perspective is one of God's great inventions, whether it be as a part of art, or a part of seeing the bigger picture of life.

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Isn't there a song, "Keep the/your sunnyside up..."? And as I am well down on my Bell Curve of life, it's a lot more comfortable being on the sunnyside even with the tribulations. Only one thing, I want my egg "over easy".