Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 8/16/16
“Don’t confuse the two, your life and your work.”  (Ann Quindlen)  I  know of a doctor (and a busy one, too) who makes house calls.  In fact, I’ve read that more and more doctors are doing this.  The doctor I know is able to manage his schedule so that there is still time for family and for flying lessons.  The secret is time management, whatever the occupation might be.  Vince Lombardi prioritized his life this way:  “God, Family and the Green Bay Packers.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM SBP IN FLORIDA:   Well, actually I think my future begins from this moment to the next. At first, I didn't think that "jazzing" up the quote you shared was a good idea. But I remember the exuberance that Dr. Schuler exuded on the mornings when he began his service with it. I find myself working on a very amateurish version 0f the quote and it isn't so bad. I'm thinking how our spirit by thought , prayer ,music' etc. is fed much like food feeds our body.====JACK:  Have you read the book "The Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell?  The future happens in the blink of an eye.====SBP:   I read "The Tipping Point". Another way of perceiving life's experiences. I've ordered "Blink". God creates such interesting minds.

FROM CZB IN NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Interesting because I heard her speak at a women's conference and she talked about how difficult life work balance was. She said she finally had to accept that she couldn't maintain friendships- that she could only manage family and work.  At a time when I had young children, as she did, and a demanding job I was relieved to hear it. I think it is very difficult for people with demanding jobs to achieve a good balance. Likely Mrs. Lombardi often wanted more from the Mr.  My kids told me early on that social media presents a person as they'd like to be (beautiful and happy) not necessarily how they are.====JACK:  Even the best of people can have trouble with "balance"...as Simone Biles did with her routine on the Olympics balance beam.  Life's balance is something that we have to practice and work at every day.

FROM TARMART REV:  Challenging and forever on a caring mind for God, Family and Church-work in my case!!====JACK:   For pastors, the priority might be:  God, family, the church.  Some of the clergy I know equate God with the church.  Consequently, the family comes after God and work!  
====REV:  True for many . . . sometimes the church work becomes an excuse to step aside from family obligations as well.

FROM CC IN MICHIGAN:  As a huge life long Packer fan, I love the Vince quote.====JACK:  You know that your pastor in Green Bay is a Packer Fan when the start of the Sunday Worship Service is adjusted so that there enough time to get to the Packer game, or to see it on TV. 

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  That's a challenge to pastors, as well...so many demands on your time, and only so many hours in the day! I have Lombardi's book, When Pride Still Mattered. What a guy! I remember one of his famous quotes was "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we might attain Excellence!" (That was the thought, maybe not perfectly quoted!)  He had so many good ones! Yes, time management is crucial if we are to "have time" for all our interests and responsibilities! Most of us need to do better than we do! Anne Q. also had many good thoughts!! ====JACK:   In reality, pastors are just like other working "stiffs."  Brother Lawrence saw his work in the monastery kitchen (scrubbing pans) as the same as offering prayers in the chapel or preaching in a pulpit.  When it comes to prioritizing life, it's the same for each of us.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Literally in the way to the hospital for my 2nd knee replacement.  Priorities will be a little different for awhile but God comes first.  Amen!!!====JACK:  Do they let you bring your I-Phone into the operating room?  At least, you can take God in there with you.

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Unless it was Sunday - then it was God, the Packers and then family. ====JACK:  Are there any Cheeseheads in Texas?====RS:  Yes - there are Cheeseheads everywhere.  We are in Victoria, British Columbia on vacation and saw a guy with a Packer T-shirt and cap.====JACK:  I have a sweatshirt which reads: "Real men don't wear cheese."  I make a point not to wear it when I visit in Wisconsin.

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