Monday, February 29, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 2/29/16
“Just keep livin’.  No matter what comes your way, you gotta keep livin’.”  (Daniel Norris)  Daniel, a Detroit Tigers pitcher and a thyroid cancer survivor, spoke these words to 11-yr-old Hunter Bowman who has cancer similar to Daniel’s.  They were together as part of Chevy’s “Day It Forward” program which encourages people to do something nice for someone on Leap Year’s extra day.  Why not use today, the 29th, to do a nice thing for someone?    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  I'll add my good wishes for you to have an extra blessed day in honor of my grandmother's birthday today . . . She was born on February 29, 1896 . . .  Let's see, she would have been officially 80 today . . . If my memory is correct, she passed on during her 22nd birthday celebration year!?====JACK:  George Burns, Mamie Eisenhower and Jimmy Doolittle were born in 1896.====REV:  Like my grandmother-- I've not seen them around lately!? You and I will take up the mantle and, "just keep livin for the moment!! Blessings again on our extra day on the calendar, my friend!!====JACK:  Someone asked me recently if I'd ever met someone who had fought in the Civil War.====REV:  I stand corrected on her literal birthday-- would be 30 today (120 years old). Wouldn't want to insult her making her older than she is/was. 0;-/

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  Maya Angelou, who certainly had her share of troubles and sorrow, once said, "Life loves to be taken by the lapel, and told, "I'm with you kid let's go!"  Yes, "Ya gotta keep livin'." And we all know people who inspire us by doing just that in spite of terrible circumstances.  Today is a special day to do some good for somebody! Thanks for these words from D. Norris to get us going!====JACK:  It's easy to just do the "ordinary" daily good deeds.  What is that out of the ordinary deed that would make the extra day special?====OAKS:  I wouldn't say it is "easy" anymore to even to the ordinary good deeds. Everything is more of an effort! Mine today is to make a call on 92 yr. old in a nursing home with a fresh bouquet.  Which requires driving into town, going to the store, etc. etc :-)

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Sounds like a great idea!====JACK:  I hope that Daniel is rewarded with an injury-free year of good pitching.

FROM DMF:  Do something nice….like come visit you?====JACK:  That would be EXTRA nice.

FROM JK IN CALIFORNIA:  Really nice, I'm gonna====JACK:  I tried to make an "unexpected" call to someone, but "no answer."  I'll have to try again.

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