Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jack’s Winning Words 1/20/16
“You gotta go to that happy place in your mind and remember--everything’s gonna be all right.”  (Daniel Schetter)  Daniel is that man who continues to surf the waves of Lake Superior all winter long, even with ice on his whiskers.  He believes that cold is all in the mind.  If you think Gitchigumi’s too cold, it will be too cold.  Negative or positive?  It’s in the mind.  As Proverbs puts it, “As one thinks in his heart, that’s what he will be.”  Surfing, anyone?    ;-)  Jack

FROM TRIHARDER:  I try to project my thoughts forward, e.g., 2 weeks hence, when I know I will have solved the problem, or implemented its solution.  Losing someone, though, I confess, is a bit more difficult to deal with.====JACK:  The mind sometimes has a mind of its own and will do things beyond our control.  "The best laid plans of mice and men...."  (From To a Mouse by Robert Burns)  Bobby had one of those great minds.

FROM TARMART REV:  ... I keep reminding myself that my cold sore fingertips when pushing the snow again on our driveway aside these past few days is just a figment of my imagination . . . must admit it does disappear thankfully when finding myself back inside our warm house once again.====JACK:  I didn't know that people got cold sores on their fingertips.  I thought that they only appeared on your face.

FROM JK IN CALIFORNIA:  Thanks so much for this one! Great words for a rough day yesterday! Evening is OK, just had major internet and computer issues that consumed the entire day and night on tech support with HP* Still isn't resolved, hope it will be soon!====JACK:  Sometimes we focus so much on the problems with things (like computers) that we overlook the blessings that surround us.  God is good!

FROM ANNE IN WATERFORD:  There is a lot of truth in this.  We treat depression with drugs.  We are  learning the mind and heart hold the peace and love.====JACK:  Judge Richard Bernstein spoke at WBHS on the occasion of the MLK Jr event and encouraged his listeners to celebrate the little victories when they begin to feel sorry for themselves.  He spoke from personal experience ...which made it real.

FROM CHESTER THE GOOD:  HANG TEN!====JACK:  Have you ever done "the 10 thing" on a surf board, a skate board or on a basketball hoop?

FROM ANNEJ:  Perfect thought for today !  I'm sitting here waiting for radiation!====JACK:  I have a favorite book of "modern prayers."  I can't believe it's 50 years old, because it seems so up to date.  Here are some of the headings..."I know it sounds corny, Jesus, but I'm lonely...I want to be alone and not be alone, both at the same time...I find it very difficult to pray in this situation."

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  We were very impressed with him!  We used to swim in Lake Superior and let me tell you, it was a quick dip.   As for his quote, it was right on!====JACK:  How about those Finns who take a sauna and then go out and roll in the snow?  Have you ever done that?

FROM FLYER TG:  Maybe Hawaii Jack!!!====JACK:  Hawaii sounds great, today...but no surfing for me.  I'm a beach bum.

FROM ST PAUL IN MESA:  I will pass on that one.  but I have seen the guy on the news.   pretty hearty soul for sure...====JACK:  Anyone who winters in Arizona certainly would not change places with a guy who spends the winter swimming in Lake Superior.

FROM DB IN MICHIGAN:  Um, nice thought, but neurons tell us its cold to preserve our bodies to prevent frostbite and losing fingers, toes, nose tips, ears, or preventing hypothermia. Wouldn't you agree?  My toes protested vehemently one night and the next day after locking my keys in the car in January of 1996.====JACK:  I wonder if the "mind thing" is akin to those who walk on fire?  Could it work with cold, also?

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