Friday, September 18, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 9/18/15
“It’s true.  God does provide!”  (Harry Houdini)  Houdini came from a poor family.  His rabbi father would say, “God will provide.”  One day 10-yr-old Harry performed some magic tricks on a downtown sidewalk.  People tossed money into his hat.  He couldn’t believe it.  He went home and told his parents, “God does provide!”  Often we take it for granted—how God has provided.  Looking back, I say with Harry, ”It’s true!”  God has been there!  …in your life, too?     ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  Five unforgettable years worth in West Bloomfield, Michigan-- no doubt about it!!====JACK:  The church did not become what you imagined it to be, but think about what was accomplished in those years...the friendship, the "sitting at the table" ministry, an AG church meeting for worship in a Jewish synagogue.  As Archie and Edith used to sing..."Those where the days, my friend."====REV:...I know I met a dear Lutheran pastor that truly welcomed and befriended me and that will always be in my most pleasant memories!

FROM THE FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR:  He sure has Jack.  Our family is very fortunate.  My nephew, who attends, Adrian College, was at a pool party at the University of Michigan.  He dove into the pool, which was only 4 feet deep and gashed his head.  He got out of the pool and didn't feel right and was taken to the hospital.  He broke the C-1 vertebrae and the top of the neck.  Nothing moved, it was a clean brake.  He is in a halo cast for 3 months.  The medical team was amazed!  They told my sister and brother-in-law that usually this type of break results in death or paralysis from the neck down.  He is home now and hopes to return to school yet this Fall.  The doctors indicated that they provide medical care but someone else was also involved.  We praise the Lord and know that he was watching over Ryan.  Have a nice weekend.====JACK:  Some people ask, "Why aren't miracles performed these days like in Bible times?  Ask that of Ryan.

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