Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 9/17/15
“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may be actually falling into place.”  (Spirit Science)  Somewhere I read…“Given enough time, everything makes sense.”  I researched the quote and was directed to…“10 Dumb Things Christians Believe.”  I may be dumb, but I believe with St. Paul (Romans 8:28) that “all thing work together for good for them who love the Lord.”  Much of the world demands “now-answers.”  I like the poster: “GIVE TIME TIME.”    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  Well stated, my friend!!====JACK:  It's hard to go wrong when referring to the letters of someone named, Paul.

FROM TRIHARDER:  Some say that Obama's deal with Iran is evidence of things falling apart. Others some say that it is evidence of things falling into place. Only time will tell.====JACK:  As someone in the legal field, you should know something about the validity of snap judgments.

FROM PR PH:  Great word today.  God bless you and yours. In Time we will see each other again. ====JACK:  Do remember the hymn, "God Be With You" and the line, "till we meet at Jesus feet?"

FROM HUNGRY HOWIE:  What are the other nine things?====JACK:  I stopped reading after the first, because it gave me the idea that I wanted to use.  But, you've made me curious.  (pause)  I did the research.  I picked the best one.

FROM FACEBOOK LIZ:  absolutely!====JACK:  Nietzsche said, There are no absolutes."  What do you suppose he meant by that?====LIZ:  nietzsche was absolutely right!

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  When talking to my son-in-law this morning, we reflected on the hardest things had to deal with in our lives.  Looking back, they were the events which lead up to the family we are today. Surely God knew what we needed when we were facing things terrible events.  We wouldn't change anything.  God has the right answers for us.====JACK:  Another of the "10 Dumb Things Christians Believe," besides the one in WWs today..."God has a blueprint for my life."  As I looked into it further, the author is challenging "the Christian" to look deeper into his/her faith and to ask, "What does this mean?"  For example, "In what way does God impact my life?  Do I have a part in the way life turns out for me...or is it all up to God?"

FROM BLAZING OAKS:   I  GUESS THAT IS TO SAY: "TAKE THE LONG VIEW OF HAPPENINGS"...LIKE YOU I BELIEVE THAT GOD CAN BRING SOME GOOD OUT OF EVERY SITUATION IN TIME, BUT IT OFTEN TAKES PATIENCE AND FAITH!  MY 7TH "GREAT GRAND" ENTERED THE WORLD TODAY, LITTLE ELI WILLIAM (AFTER BILL), SO HOPE THINGS DON'T FALL TOO FAR APART IN THE WORLD HE'S BECOME A PART OF!====JACK:  I think that every generation has some apprehension when a child is born.  The world never is a perfect place.  One of the baptismal services I've used has the words, "We are conceived and born in sin."  Some people see that as an indicator of original sin.  In order to clarify the meaning (in my own mind), I say, "We are conceived and born into sin."

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