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Jack’s Winning Words 9/14/15
“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, we will realize that you can’t eat money.”  (Zak Noyle)  There was a time when the effect of global warming was a discussion in theory.  The reality is that we live on a very fragile planet.  Just as our body suffers from ab-use, it’s true also for the eco-system.  It’s said by some that proposed remedies will cost too much.  So, what good is money when there’s nothing to buy?    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  Stewardship all around, body, soul and spirit, would do us all well . . . it is amazing to see the trash blowing around nowadays . . . I still carry with me that conviction to keep and throw away even the smallest piece of leftover wrappers and such . . . I'm still driving and haven't bought a horse yet . . . not sure about corporate waste, though . . . what's put into our air, lakes and streams?! Quite a number of folk around as well, reportedly making sums of money talking about it but not always demonstrating themselves a personal lifestyle for modeling their intent . . . seems like a giant political ball bouncing around at times.====JACK:  It's a tough call if your job is at stake.  But, "what does it profit someone to keep his job and lose his life."  During the Industrial Revolution people had to learn to adapt.  During the Great Depression, people had top learn to adapt.  Adaptation is not always easy.====REV:  Good point, thinking we had to before and will do so again, perhaps kicking and screaming as we do.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  And, yet, an enormous number of Americans believe it is not so.    And these people will play a large role in the election of our next President!====JACK:  Our fate is to live in a world where we are interdependent.  It happens to be the heart of our existence.  When there is heart failure, you know what happens...  But, let's not forget the GRACE of God.  Do you think he cares about elections?

FROM TRIHARDER:  Hopefully, a while before that time.====JACK:  So, "eat, drink and be merry..."  The mantra of the many.====TH:  Or fiddle while Rome is burning.====JACK:  Nero fiddling while Rome burned?  Fiddlesticks!  1) The fiddle had not yet been invented at that time.  2) Tacitus said that he sang during the fire.  Regardless, he was an ineffectual leader in time of crisis.  I shake my head (and tremble) when I look at the leadership qualities of some who want to be the President of the United States.

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  here are two quotes from the Star and Tribune of last week:  in 1850 there were over 150 glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana.   today there are only 25!    and in Alaska, a study of 116 glaciers estimated to have lost about 75 billion metric tons of ice every year from 1994 to 2013.    the times they are a changin' indeed.   This evening I have a "backyard" baptism for some good friends.  would rather be in a church but this is okay for now and they do promise to find a church home soon.  One of those judgment calls we all have to make in ministry...   be well, old friend...====JACK:  Global warming is hard to refute.  What might be the consequences...and how can we adapt?  It's that way with change, in general.  BTW, I used to be "hung up" on doing things as we've always done them...such as baptizing in the church.  Jesus wasn't baptized in a church, was he?  Nor, the Ethiopian eunuch (he didn't have much instruction, either).  I read of a Viet Nam battlefield baptism, where the dying soldier was baptized, using his own blood.  What is baptism, after all?

FROM JD IN THE TWIN CITIES:  GREED IS WHAT PROPELS OUR SOCIETY. I SUPPORT FOOD AND WATER WATCH WHICH TRIES TO BAN FRACKING AND PESTICIDES. YES THE PLANET IS FRAGILE AND WE CONTINUE TO CORRUPT IT.====JACK:  Before I'd ever heard of "fracking," someone called on the church phone and offered money to allow exploring for oil on the church property.  Nothing came of it.  But, just suppose....  It would make for an interesting council meeting in some churches.

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  What a sobering thought!  When you contemplate the enormous number of humans (and animals) living on our small planet, and all the ramifications involved, it does seem we are shortly to be in a dire situation, and we are concerned for our grandkids and "greats' who will have to deal with their troubled world.   Hopefully they will be able to "adapt"  as needed. All we can do is our little bit to keep our corner clean, recycle, etc. etc.  and pray!====JACK:  On the positive side....A lot more is being done these days than was being done in years past.  Tomorrow is trash pickup day, and almost every house has a recycling bin by the side of the road.  Although cars still consume fossil fuel, they are doing so in a cleaner and more efficient way.  One of our church members was recently involved in the Green Peace effort to halt Alaskan oil drilling.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON:  Courage Amigo:  Not all the news on the global warming theory is bad. Zak Noyles sad profession only entrenches existing poor thinking. We all love a sad song, where we can collectively sigh and blame. There actually has been much progress in improving everything most of the huge problems we face, including so-called climate change (formerly known as weather). Note this from recent scientific research (not politics):  “As for the technology’s emissions-cutting potential, the researchers are optimistic. They calculate that given an area less than 10 percent of the size of the Sahara Desert, the method could remove enough carbon dioxide to make global atmospheric levels return to preindustrial levels within 10 years, even if we keep emitting the greenhouse gas at a high rate during that period.”
This finding is preliminary, yet in the right direction,  if global warning indeed needs to be taken seriously, the effort should concentrate on science and entrepreneurs, rather than de-growth movement activists seeking control of via a carbon tax.   Rather than punishing businesses why not put up a $100 million dollar prize to the team that solves the problem?  Accentuate the positive….
====JACK:  The fact remains that ours is a fragile planet.  It should be marked, HANDLE WITH CARE!  It's also true that "You can't eat money."  As an aside, during WW 2, Illinois stopped make license plates out of metal and used soybean fiber board instead.  There was an unexpected problem.  Animals were eating the plates.  E-Bay lists a set for over $130.====JON:  I just wanted to point out all is not doom and gloom.  As with the license plates most political solutions have massive unintended consequences—including changing the motivation of workers to seek their own keep. The producers should outnumber the subsidized by a huge majority, once nonproducers or subsidized reach a voting majority we will embrace total collapse.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Heaping treasures on earth won't be usable.  It will be the ones we heap in Heaven!====JACK:  The story is told of a man who wanted all of his money to be buried with him when he died.  His wife promised to do that.  On the day of his burial, just as they were lowering the casket into the grave, she called out and told them to stop and open up the casket.  She took out all of the money and wrote her husband a check.

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