Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 6/24/15
“Good health…That’s what I want for everyone!”  (Victor Espinoza)  Did you see the news item that Espinoza, the “Triple Crown” jockey donated his winnings to The City of Hope, a charity that helps people with life-threatening diseases?  Trainer Bob Baffert did the same.  They are to be admired for their generosity.  Charity has a Latin origin and means to show caring with love.  Charities are more than tax deductions.  They’re ways of showing that we care.    ;-)  Jack

FROM TARMART REV:  Very commendable...and delightful to read this morning!!====JACK:  I suppose that some of your race car drivers have done some commendable things, too.

FROM HONEST JOHN:  "Faith, hope and CHARITY, these three.====JACK:  Of course, the typical translation is--faith, hope and love (especially as used in a wedding service).  But I think that "charity" is the more expressive, especially when the root of the word is examined.

FROM BB IN ILLINOIS:  Did not see this news item; so much of what we read is negative.  Thanks for this inspiration.====JACK:  American Pharoah wasn't the only "winner."

FROM DC IN KANSAS:  I picked up these words from Gandhi.  Be the change you want to see in the world.====JACK:  I can't remember seeing a story like Espinoza's connected with horse racing, but I'm sure that there are some.  You can find good people in many places; you just have to be on the lookout.

FROM DFL IN OREGON:  Thanks for the info on the info you sent about the jockey and trainer and their generosity!  Your added definition on “Charity” could well be applied to your gift of time and talent which you so generously share with all of us!====JACK:  The gift often gives more pleasure to the giver that to the givee.

FROM FM IN WISCONSIN:  Jack, I had not heard that – an example that more of our high paid athletes could learn from!====JACK:  We once had an improvement project in the church.  A member could have paid for the whole thing, but asked that the congregation make pledges toward it.  In the end, the donor, anonymously made up the difference.  She wanted to have the members feel that they had a part in making it happen.  I'm sure that there are athletes who also make significant anonymous gifts.
FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  Wouldn't it be wonderful to give the gift of good health?  We can help by buying mosquito nets and water filters for the needy.====JACK:  Our Sunday School children have been raising funds to provide mosquito netting for people where malaria is a problem.

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