Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Jack’s Winning Words 6/2/15
“In good times, we enjoy the music.  In hard times, we understand the lyrics.”  (Unknown)  The hymn, Precious Lord, is a favorite of many people.  Thomas Dorsey wrote the words after being notified of the deaths of his wife…and his infant daughter.  Sometimes life becomes so difficult that we are caused to cry out, “Precious Lord, take my hand.”  While I often whistle the tune, the words, to me, are what “make” the hymn.  Can you think of other songs?    ;-)  Jack

FROM BLAZING OAKS:  So many of our hymns were written after people experienced tragedy or heartbreak. IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL, written after Horatio Spafford lost all four of his children when the boat they and his wife were taking to join him out West, sank, and his wife alone survived; Fannie Cosby wrote SAFE IN THE ARMS O F JESUS,  after her baby daughter died, the only child the blind Fanny ever had; WHAT  A FRIEND WE  HAVE IN JESUS, written after Joseph Scriven was betrayed by those he had thought were his friends....So lyrics often have fairly profound meaning.  I love the modern hymn SHINE JESUS SHINE, both the music and lyrics! It will be sung  at my Memorial service...:-)====JACK:  Who should choose our funeral hymns?  ...the deceased, or the mourners?  A professor of liturgics at my seminary said that hymns should appeal to the heart rather than to the feet.

FROM CG IN MICHIGAN:  so true, have a great day====JACK:  What's a favorite "message" song for you?====CG:  would have to think about that for a long time.====JACK:  Listen to September Song for an example.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  One of many of our favorite hymns are favorites because of the words.  "Just as I am" is one of them.  The words are spot on.  But there are many hymns that we have memorized because we sang them in the car on long trips, in church, or just sang them to our children.  They are the old favorites everyone loves still today!  I'm sure you know which ones they are!====JACK:  I would venture to say that most hymns were words before they were music... people trying to put their thoughts about God into words.  The music would come later.

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