Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Winning Words 4/23/13
“Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.”  (Joey Adams)  Do you remember your first kiss?  Were you playing “spin the bottle,” or was it on a date?  History first mentions kissing, 3000 years ago.  The Greeks introduced the romantic kiss.  The study of kissing is called, philematology.  Joey’s point is that we should be wise in the choice of those we permit to be close to us.  Each day presents choices.  Choose wisely!   ;-)  Jack

FROM WALMART REV:  ...one might turn into a "bull frog" full of bull, if not careful!////JACK:  It's not only in fairy tales that a frog can be turned into a prince.  The high school yearbook doesn't always show the true"picture."

 FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  My first kiss was on my 16th birthday by Mike Crome.  He was later killed in Vietnam, but I will always remember him.  It's so important to bring along friends in your life who will uplift you, stand by your side and love you when you aren't lovable.////JACK:  We can remember the past, but we are destined to live in the present.

 FROM BLAZING OAKS:  HA! KISSER BEWARE! :-)  SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE, AND HAVE HAD GOOD KISSERS IN OUR LIVES.!!  INTERESTING BIT OF HISTORY ON THAT. THANKS FOR STARTING MY DAY WITH A SMILE...////JACK:  As you may know, in the Greek language, there are three different words for our English word, love.  I wonder if there are different words to describe the different kinds of kisses.

 FROM SBP:  You bet!....and we're still kissing...61 years later!

 FROM PLAIN FOLKS CHESTER:  A kiss is the bushes is worth two on the hand.////JACK:  What's a buss on the bus worth?////CHESTER:  A token of affection?////JACK:  I'll accept that.  Put it in the till.

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SBP said...

You bet!....and we're still kissing...61 years later!