Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 12/16/08
“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
(Lou Holtz) Coach Holtz is in wide demand as a motivational speaker. Someone once sent me tape of one of his speeches. Wow! I don’t think his football teams ever lost because they weren’t motivated. They just didn’t score enough points. Ninety percent of the time, we can use some motivation. How do you get yours? ;-) Jack

FROM MOLINER C.F.: Life is delivering us 6" of snow today. My reaction to it is to stay inside.

FROM D.S. IN MI: So, I get motivated by hanging out with positive thinking people. ;o) I wish the “news” was focusing more on the positive ways people are responding to the economic news. That would make us all feel better. One year when my son was young our family published “The Positive News Gazette” – it didn’t have many issues but what we did write allowed us to focus on what great things were happening in our lives every day. More of us need to get back to that. It’s much easier to complain.

FROM J.L. IN MI: Coaches are motivational by trade. Larry Bielat has written several motivational books that are quite interesting to read. WhenI see you after the 1st, tell me if you would like to read them and I'll make them available to you. By the way, in case you didn't realize it, you're a motivational person too -- and a good one.

FROM J.B. IN MN: Thanks for adding me to your mailing list. I am looking forward to reading your uplifting words.

FROM L.K. IN OH: This one's exceptional.

FROM C.S. IN WI: How do I get motivated? DEADLINES!!!!! JACK'S REPLY: It used to be that way when I was writing sermons, but now I'm motivated, because I have a bell, and I want to ring it.

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: The radiant early morning sunshine cutting across my bed...that motivates me.

FROM MOLINER J.T.: (Motivation?) Usually from "winning words" !!!!

FROM J.L. IN MI: (Motivation?) Lots of prayer and a lot of determination.

FROM J.O. IN MI: I get my motivation from knowing how blessed I am and how rich I am because of those blessings. Although I am not monetarily rich, I am surrounded by exemplary individuals who are a constant reminder of how much I must do to improve as a person. It is an extremely humbling experience, but well worth it.

FROM K.B. IN MI: Your friendship has helped me work on the 90%--thnaks

FROM F.M. IN WI: Several ways, including reading WW's every day! Thank you! ! ! !

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Anonymous said...

I think I get my motivation from adverse things that happen to me, even if the stuff is all just made up in my own mind and not the reality, it all makes me pray the more intensely and feel the most intensely and know how much, how deeply I depend on God and no one else, and then incredibly I get motivated to just stick it out until things change. I've lost a lot of games too so far, but I'm still in the running in the game of life.