Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 12/11/08
“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.”
(Seen on an Andy Warhol poster) Little children can hardly wait for the coming of Christmas. Preachers talk about the message of Advent. Parents wait for the birth of a baby. Others are anxious about the results of a medical test. Many wait for signs that the economy is turning around for the better. What are you waiting for? ;-) Jack

FROM J.C. IN HONG KONG: "What are you waiting for?" Those are the exact words of the sermon I used 2 weeks ago. Are you copying me now? FROM JACK: Nope. I haven't been to Hong Kong lately.

FROM LBP IN MI: In 53 minutes I present my dissertation proposal to my committee.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: "Wait not, want not" FROM JACK: Very cleever; we should call you, Beev.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: I'm waiting for answers to prayers. JACK'S REPLY: As we sometimes have said to our kids, "Keep your shirt on!"

FROM G.M. IN MI: I am waiting for peace all over the world. JACK'S REPLY: That's the weish of many people. Realistically, people have been waiting for the peace for generations and generations, back to Bible times and before. Maybe what we ought to be looking for is that peace that passes understanding. I know what kind of peace you were writing about, and I look forward to that, too. But more important than that is peace of mind and peace within the heart. I think that it's doable!


FROM WENDY PIANO, TLC GRAD): There are long lines of people waiting at food pantries where the shelves are nearly bare. There are few jobs so many wait in unemployment lines. The widow waits for the ache of loss to go away. A mother waits for a letter from her son fighting in Iraq.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Yes sir, sir: we not only need signs, but many people desparately need the turn around. I remember the feeling of being out of work when I was single. Can U imagine being out of work when you have a family depending on your paycheck. If we hadn't been so frugal we never would have been able to send our children to Madison. Oh yes, there's the work ethic too, and the love factor, We often wonder how people with more than 3 children did it. My wife claims it was because I fixed our autos, raised a garden. painted our own house, etc. Was it testosterone too? or was it growing up in poverty to give you lots of encen tive? imagine if we had caught our clerks stealing from us. also imagine what that does to trust. That reminds me of another song, "Memories, memories," There I go crying again. Damn.

FROM J.F. IN NOVA SCOTIA: Many years ago, Guinness (stout), my favorite beer, was lagging in sales because consumers didn’t like its longer pouring time. They put out an ad campaign, “Guinness—worth waiting for” and sales jumped something like 20-25%.

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Anonymous said...

Waiting to see the Kingdom. I think it will have only one unique each of us and not a lot of repetitions of us. Though I am interested in the deepest meaning behind why he painted in that way. Was he trying to capture what he thought we would like to be like? Numerous?