Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 11/5/08
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
(Neil Armstrong) I remember well man’s first step on the moon. It was awesome. We each have events that are etched in our memories. Republican or Democrat, we will always remember the presidential election of 2008. As my mother-in-law used to say to her piano students: “The longest journey begins with a single step.” ;-) Jack

FROM M.L. IN IL: we're not in kansas anymore! MORE: some of my dearest friends are on the other side of my political rainbow. a bit of you know that abraham lincoln did not cast a ballot for the office of president when he was candidate? he did not think it fair and just to vote for himself. i love and understand that concept. a great human being. my husband and i are waiting for the moment tonight to open a very special bottle of champagne that we have been saving for a very special occasion.

FROM AN OHIO GOPer, L.K.: Again, my heartiest congrats. Enjoy the day!

FROM ANOTHER OHIOan, J.H.: hip hip hurray! REPLY: It good to cheer for something other than a football team.

FROM D.S. IN MI: Yes we will.

FROM R.I. IN BOSTON: Your words today are an apt comparison with what has occurred in this country with this election.

FROM MOLINER G.S.: I voted against Obama. I hope we don't rue the day he was elected.
MORE: Yesterday was one large step for socialism

FROM B.G. IN MI: This is, indeed, a giant leap for all Americans. I have been especially moved by the comments of Congressman John Lewis. Given all that he has lived through, he is gracious to the core and still has hope. What a wonderful role model! Yes, we can! Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama.

FROM S.G. IN MI: As does every journey that is worth taking. Your mother-in-law was wise.

FROM MOLINER C.F.: How dare you make political stride out of Armstrong's feat!!!!

FROM D.S. IN SAN DIEGO: I'm not happy, BUT, I am hopeful that in some way this will bring our country together in a way that we have not seen since President Reagan.I pray that Obama will have the wisdom and the people around him as well to lead us at a time when the world is falling apart in front of our eyes.It should be an interesting 4 years, and I hope at the end, I will say "he was right".

FROM MOLINER LIZ: Glad for you that your candidate won. He's got a lot to tackle-- I think he's up to the task. Congratulations! REPLY: He's OUR president, and he will need the prayers and support of all who care. I like the way that you have looked upon what has takem place. Life goes on.

FROM PR F.M. IN WI: One giant step yesterday!

FROM J.C. IN HONG KONG: Just think ... a year from now all the violence in the world will be blamed on Obama instead of Bush.

FROM PR G.C. IN SAN DIEGO: It was a pretty astounding day and night! Wow!Herren valsigne Senator Obama! REPLY: Did you know that Obama's grandmother had some Swedish blood in her? That's why some Nowegians didn't want to vote for him.

FROM J.T. IN MI: I am thrilled with the great amount of young people and minorities that voted in this election. It is encouraging to know that so many Americans cared enough about this country to vote. I was very disappointed that Proposal 2 passed but unfortunately there were not enough people who voted as I did. God bless all of us as we begin anew. Hopefully some day elected politicians will realize a lot of people don't care about the classifications "Democrat" and "Republican", just citizens, ALL citizens.

FROM BBC IN IL: All I could think this morning was "Great is Thy Faithfulness, Almighty Father….morning by morning new mercies I see…. all I have needed Thy hand has provided….

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Anonymous said...

We now have a new administration and change coming in our country but I think, also, that all across our country--maybe the world--there will be significant changes in our personal relationships with each other. All those conversations among all of us people and now we all move forward with the reality that finally happened and now maybe all the fears that elections are being stolen in our nation will be put to rest.