Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jack’s Winning Words 11/20/08
“Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet.”
(Sent by G.S.) Many times the prayers we offer require some action on our part to provide an answer. A child goes to a parent and asks for something. “Alright, but first I’d like you to do this.” A partnership is being proposed. Of course, I know that there are other prayers which simply require a believing spirit. ;-) Jack

FROM PR J.S. IN MI: When we say "Give US this day OUR daily bread" , we realize that means that we are now obligated to help others get bread since we are praying not for "me" but for "us"

FROM A.J. IN MI: I really like this one. Don't you think that a believing spirit is sometimes the same as taking the first step? If we don't open our hearts and truly believe, how can a prayer be answered? Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Say hi to everyone at the Optimist Club.

FROM D.S. IN SAN DIEGO: I like that, Jack. Often times I am wondering "where" God is taking me to do the work he has in mind for me. I'm sure I put up some resistance when I "should be"moving my feet.

FROM J.T. IN MN: Thanks again for your Winning Word. I have joined the Staff Support Committee in church and am heading to my first meeting. It will be with the committee visiting with each pastor, office manager, music of mininstry individually. I am appreciative of today's WW. I just resigned from the Cemetery Committee as I was unable to participate very fully, not being able to drive the 0 degree 180 turn lawn mower, or pour the cement for the sign base, or operate the irrigation system. I felt my abilities, what they are, might be better served on a different committee. Today is my first day on the new committee. Thanks for your prayers.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY: Absolutely true!

FROM MOLINER J.T.: I had to send the quote on to many friends. One of your best. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Your Winning Words today dovetailed with the daily meditation I get from Henri Nouwen. The thoughts are about patience and how the word comes from the Latin VERB patior which means to "suffer". Waiting patiently is suffering through the present moment, allowing the experience to be experienced to the full and paying full attention to seeing the the onset of God's glorious coming. When I ask God to guide my footsteps and to give me patience, I'll be much more mindful that there are things for me to do too in the partnership. Thanks, Pastor Freed.