Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/31/07
“I never expect to lose. Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech.”
(H. Jackson Brown) Brown is the author of Life’s Little Instruction Book. I suppose the words fit, not only in sports, but in other circumstances, as well. Can you think of some of them? ;-) Jack

"High expectations are the key to everything."
--Sam Walton,

FROM S.H. IN MICHIGAN: A meditation from Henri Nouwen came this morning also and I am just reflecting on if we are all underdogs at the moment before our deaths and still in love we prepare a victory speech. Guess our friends and relatives get to deliver it on earth at our funerals and memorial services. While we're on the other side victorious.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Boy, I'm optimistic, but H. Jackson Brown has me beat! Many times I go into something knowing I will never win, but I give it the old try anyway. That's the fun of it don't you think? My dad watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every night. I was very quick on the answers but got them wrong sometimes (well okay, a lot of times). It was still fun to laugh at the silly answers!

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: Yes, I can. How about a job interview? Wish me luck, I've got one tomorrow !

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS (G.G.'S SISTER): this is way beyond my realm...i live by the motto, "life is not a competition".

Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything. Aesop

Monday, July 30, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/30/07
“You can’t saw sawdust.”
(Bob Feller) Rapid Robert joined the Navy at the start of WW 2 and missed 3 prime seasons of his baseball career. Asked if he had regrets, he answered with today’s quote. Perhaps you can post it in your home and look at it when you have regrets about the past. BTW, it’s good to be back on line. ;-) Jack

I'M REMINDED OF FRANK SINATRA' S SIGNATURE SONG: Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this, I did it my way

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Or burn ashes, but many people do. I have remembered this quote from, Jim Rohn, "Regret or worry, is like an economic cancer. Allowed to continue, it will haul you off into a financial desert where you will choke on the dust of your own regrets." How's that for a vivid picture? He was speaking to sales people, but the application is universal.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: My parents knew Bob Feller pretty well, and I've met him on a couple of occasions.

FROM J.S. IN MICHIGAN: BTW...sawdust is now made into pressed board and you can saw it....so much for the quote from the Van Meter strong boy. He has a museum there. Have you visited it?

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: This is a VERY good quote.....how many times do we look back and say, "I wish I would have, or wouldn't have" However, each one of those would or wouldn't haves, shaped our lives. I "wouldn't have" changed anything! The sawdust is what makes you you and that's a good thing!

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: did you know that my parents told ruthie that hot dogs were made out of sawdust when she was little? odd that i turned out to be the only vegetarian in the group after snickering over that clever prank!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/18/07
“God made Truth with many doors to welcome every believer who knocks on them.”
(Gibran) I’m going to have to parse this one. I once had a chance to visit the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois (near Chicago). The Temple has nine entrances to welcome people of various faiths. I can’t remember which door I used, but I was welcomed. Truth is an interesting word, isn’t it?. ;-) Jack
This is the last of Winning Words until July 30. Vacation.time.

FROM J.L. IN MICHIGAN: Do you think you have to knock first to get to God and Truth? Interesting!?!?!?! I read an interesting quote today....from a Sister Susan from a Women's Retreat....."Oh God, help me to believe the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is."

FROM LIZ: Good morning. That is such a beautiful temple looming above the North Shore. It calls out to you! I never knew about the nine doors, but think it would be nice if all faiths were as accepting of each other. Thanks for all the inspiration and cool thoughts!

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: i love gibran. i had the great gift of visiting his village and grave when i was a teenager exchange-studenting in lebanon. the three books that i took from home were "the little prince", "the bible", and "the prophet". this trilogy is still key to my spiritual well being.
as far as the baha'i, i have a friend who flew me over in a little piper cub last week. what a beautiful sight!

Jack’s Winning Words 7/18/07
“God made Truth with many doors to welcome every believer who knocks on them.”
(Gibran) I’m going to have to parse this one. I once had a chance to visit the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois (near Chicago). The Temple has nine entrances to welcome people of various faiths. I can’t remember which door I used, but I was welcomed. Truth is an interesting word, isn’t it?. ;-) Jack
This is the last of Winning Words until July 30. Vacation.time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/17/07
“Never give up on anybody.”
(Hubert Horatio Humphrey) The voters gave up on him. It’s difficult to convince the hoi poloi (the common herd, and others, too) that there’s value in every soul. That’s the meaning of the amazing theological term, grace. Let’s take a vote. How many of you agree with Hubert? ;-) Jack

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: I liked Hubert lots. He even waved at me from his limo passing through an intersection near the White House back when.......

MORE FROM L.K.: While I disagreed with him on many issues, his attitude was healthy and constructive. He was secure in himself, a rare commodity then and certainly now.

AND STILL MORE FROM L.K.: I don't know how happy Hubert may have been, but he had a cheerful public countenance that, I think, wasn't fake.

FROM J.&G.L. IN MICHIGAN: I totally agree with him. Never give up on anyone! That is our "duty" as Christians. Where would we be if God gave up on us??? Noah would never had had to build the Ark!

FROM REV.J.S. IN MICHIGAN: Did Bonhoeffer give up on Hitler????

FROM J.T. IN MICHIGAN: I alway think of a friend who has an adult child who has fought alcohol addiction for @20 years. Mom says "never give up, where there's life there's hope." Do we all have things in our lives when we don't give up on someone!

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: I remember HHH barely (I am 50). I recall him from my youth as pale and uninspiring, reminding me of John McCain (R-AZ). While he had a few memorable one liners and ideas, he was unable to sustain the public’s interest with his ideas, sadly the hoi poloi still get to vote. Humphrey according to some online sources was a great starter, but a poor finisher (he did not complete his PhD thesis either). In the end cancer tragically ended his effort. My mother was a big Humphrey fan (she died a month before HHH) we lived in NW Wisconsin near the Minnesota. HHH was big time anti-war before it was popular—today his message would be well received. In a public endeavor I don’t believe you can honestly say the public gives up on a candidate or even product. There is competition in the market of ideas too. It is always up to the promoter or politician to generate the heat and the interest—that is McCain’s problem (as his campaign nears room temperature) and my opinion of the former Presidential efforts of Humphrey.

FROM P.O. IN MICHIGAN: I have to confess that while I agree with it on an 'intellectual' level, I'm still working on actually accomplishing it.

FROM J.T. IN ILLINOIS: One vote for 100% agreement. Never, Never give up.

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: Jack, read the book, Never.

FROM A.M. IN MICHIGAN: For sure, I agree. Sometimes it is difficult.

FROM F.M. IN WISCONSIN: You and Hubert have my vote!

FROM J.O. IN MICHIGAN: I like to think that I don't give up on anyone, but some people really make you work...

FROM GG IN INDIANA: Hubert's got my vote.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/16/07
“A gentle word, a kind look and a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.”
(William Hazlitt) Hazlitt was an English writer , born in 1778.. He formed his own religious denomination, The Ultracrepidarians, made up of people who gave opinions beyond their knowledge. Do you think that there are still people like that today? Regardless, I think that his quote for today is a good one. ;-) Jack

MORE FROM JACK: Hazlitt described himself as “a good hater.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: Why, Jack, now that you refer to this, I myself am a " card carrying" member,ha!

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: http://www.worldwidewords.org/weirdwords/ww-ult1.htm
Origin of the word Ultracrepidarian which includes your friend Hazlitt.

MORE FROM JON: Perhaps a distant relative, (born 106 years later) Henry Hazlitt (1894-1993), was famous for clear thinking on economics—rather than encouraging opinions beyond knowledge. He was hailed by H.L. Mencken as, “the one economist that can actually write and think.” He had a long career at the New York Times, and his most famous book was Economics in One Lesson, which Hazlitt wrote while working at Newsweek. I need to leave now for an Ultracrepidarian meeting.

FROM P.O. IN MICHIGAN: Ultracrepidarians" --- now there's an interesting name that I've surely never heard of before.

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: my mantra.

FROM JACK TO M.L.: Here's what I think you said....Here's what I think you said:
Mantra is a sound or set of sounds which mirror both our Source and the original movements of creation. It therefore has the unique power to bypass the chaos of our physical, emotional and mental movements and restore us to a state of pristine harmony.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Wow, that gent had a good sense of humor. My hats off to him. He must have had a good partner in life also. "ultracrepidarians " great. I must send this around the world. p.s. when you speak with the Good Lord, tell him gently, that we now have enough rain, and could he send it to the folks having fires.

FROM JACK TO B.S.: Maybe you should just say what you learned as a child:

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: Good thing I never knew about this denomination. I'd probably qualify as a charter member.

FROM J.T. IN MICHIGAN: Would you like me to send you a list of Ultracrepidarians? Do you have enough room on your computer? (I guess if I were to be honest I could qualify for membership sometimes.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/13/07
“Losing is no disgrace if you’ve given your best.”
(Jim Palmer) I saw J.P. throw out the first pitch at a Mud Hens game last night. He’s in baseball’s Hall of Fame. He won many more games than he lost, but he always gave his best. Jim is also famous for Jockey underwear ads. He gave all poster proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Let’s try to do our best today, in whatever way we can. ;-) Jack

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Is winning when you haven’t given your best a disgrace?

JACK'S RESPONSE: I wouldn't call it a disgrace. We can't do our best ALL of time. That's part of being human. "All have sinned and fallen short...."

...AND GOOD DEBT JON'S REPLY: I started to fall short of even sending the response. You make a good point about ALL of the time. I was thinking along the lines of God’s Grace that gives us so many unmerited rewards. When you think about it, you don’t have to win in this country. Just being average in America is a pretty good prize.

FROM E.T. IN MICHIGAN: Speaking of baseball. Since my Mother has moved in with us we have had a renewed interest in it. She is an avid fan! From MN, her first love were the Twins. Now it is the Tigers (unless they are playing each other). On July 1st, our entire family (15 of us) surprised her by taking her to see the Twins play the Tigers at Comerica Park. Her first "live" game. Turned out to be a cooler evening than had been and less than exciting game than usual. But as the commercial says: "the event was priceless"!

FROM RJP IN FLORIDA: One of the most successful men I ever knew had a simple philosophy, " Show up, on time dressed to play."

FROM D.C. IN MICHIGAN: The only time I saw a Mud Hens game, Gretchen and I went to Toledo to see Mark Fidrych pitch. How come you went? To see Jim Palmer, I guess.

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: I don't agree with Bobby Knight on some things but I do like what he said about this subject. "Anybody can have the will to win but what's more important is to have the will to prepare". (If my sister Mary reads this I'm sure she'll be shaking her head and laughing because of my sports knowledge !)....just for the record, I have no interest in seeing Bobby in Jockey or any other brand of underwear

FROM J.T. IN ILLINOIS: JP has always been one of my most favorites.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: I've sent this to my son Steve. He is a staff pulmonologist, as well as pediatrician and internist, at OSU/Children's Hospitals. Cystic Fibrosis is his specialization.
When he was very young, we saw Palmer pitch lots in Baltimore.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: The pay scale is better if you win, plus further progress is easier.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/12/07
“I show up. I listen. I try to laugh.”
(Anne Quindlen) Anne is a writer for Newsweek. This quote is from her book, Being Perfect. The gist: “Give up on trying to be perfect and be willing to laugh at yourself.” Are there instances when you’ve done some things that are laughable, strange, weird? In the Bible a verse reads: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Is that possible? ;-) Jack

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
Victor Hugo

FROM C.R. IN MICHIGAN: .......I believe that Jesus often laughed at himself.......and G_d certainly had a sense of humor , if we are the signature mark of creation.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: I try to laugh at myself(getting easier all the time) and also my lowly Columbus Clippers(both good targets)

FRON NANCY AND SHARON, MICHIGAN CHURCH SECRETARIES LOOKING FOR A FILL-IN PREACHER: We were just laughing about the irony of having trouble finding someone to help us on "Good Samaritan Sunday". There is something quite funny about that!

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: on a daily basis. perfection is way too big a responsibility to bear. i laugh alot!

FROM G.G. IN INDIANA: There are COUNTLESS times of laughable,weird strange events/behaviors in my life...and many more to come, I'm sure. I remember a quote "We are perfect, yet not complete." I like that because it says to me that we are all OK....and still on the road to completeness and perfection.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Anne Quindlen is a fine lady. We send copies of her articles to our friends and Grandchildren. We need more people like Anne Quindlen. She has a clear message, and speaks out well. People should listen to her message and parents urge their children to read and remember her message.
> It is no sin to try to do a good job, but to be as perfect as the Good
> Lord, ya sure, good luck.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/11/07
“Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’”
(Mary Kay Ash) Maybe it’s the spouse sitting across the table from you, or the worker in the next cubicle. Maybe you’re trying to sell a Mary Kay product to someone. To make others feel important is more than a gimmick; it’s just a nice way to treat people. Try it with the next person you meet today. ;-) Jack

FROM C.P. IN WISCONSIN: You are so right-to make others feel important-it is a nice way to treat people. There is enough criticism and expectations in the world!

FROM M.L. IN ILLINOIS: many years ago, i started verbalizing the things that i noticed about people, pointing out their beauty of one sort or another. i was surprised by their reactions, some positive, some uncomfortable, some wondering, "who is that crazy woman?". i also started hugging people who appeared as if they needed it. again, reactions varied. i was most pleased by the goodness that i felt. these acts of love fed my own needs. i continue to practice this behavior on a daily basis. is it a selfish or selfless act? i suspect it doesn't matter.

FROM P.O. IN MICHIGAN: It is, isn't it? --- both on the giving and the receving end!

FROM C.B. IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: I really like this one. To often we’re focused on ourselves and how we look and feel… I like it. I’m going to share it with my team at the office.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Hi, this is positive thinking. It is an excellent idea to try to perfect and use to gain companionship with good people. Another person to emmulate is Dale Carnegy (?), I had his name on the tip of my tongue. HIs book is how to win friends and enfluence People. Lindo Ameche and I worn out our first book, and bought another. 25 cents at the time. Excellent book.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/10/07
“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”
(Shakespeare) How is the clock managed in your home? Are you a latecomer or one who arrives early? This quote reminds me of the Bible story about those who were late for the wedding and had to weep and wail on the outside. On Mary’s first plane trip, the crew thought all passengers were on board and, so, took off early. When it was discovered that Mary was waiting at the gate on time, they had to circle around, land, and pick her up. ;-) Jack

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Unless you are the guy with the ice cream.

FROM P.O. IN MICHIGAN: Oh my goodness --- what an initiation to air travel.

FROM J.S. IN MICHIGAN: Have you noticed that with so many couples one tends to be early and the other one late? Part of that opposites attract syndrome. With us I am the early one...I have learned over 34 years how to wait!!!

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: I try to be exactly on time......75% of the time, I'm late; 25%, I'm early.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/ 9/07
“Everywhere, there’s music in the air.”
These words were repeated over and over in a song that I heard Sunday morning on NPR. Also, the music in church was especially good yesterday. And the birds were singing as I went out to get the newspaper. What kinds of songs are in the air for you? What kind of music do you like? And, who’s famous for the song, “Everywhere, there’s music in the air?” I’m wondering. ;-) Jack

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Truly, “Happiness depends on your disposition, not your circumstances.” Martha Washington (I think).

Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances. Benjamin Franklin

FROM J.S. IN MICHIGAN: "the music of the spheres"

FROM E.T. IN MICHIGAN: As a member of the Beckridge Chorale (formerly Plymouth Community Chorus) you know that there is always music in the air for me! I agree, you can hear it all over, if you listen!

This is my Father’s world, and to my listening earsAll nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.This is my Father’s world: I rest me in the thoughtOf rocks and trees, of skies and seas;His hand the wonders wrought.
This is my Father’s world, the birds their carols raise,The morning light, the lily white, declare their Maker’s praise.This is my Father’s world: He shines in all that’s fair;In the rustling grass I hear Him pass;He speaks to me everywhere.

FROM C.H. ON CAPE COD: Very true. Our family is currently at the Presbyterian Association of Musicians annual conference at Westminster College near Pittsburgh. Lots of music everywhere - This morning Tiffany and I co-preached on Easter 5 text (stoning of Stephen and Jn.14 'do not let your hearts be troubled' - also in worship: tremendous organ music, children's choir, reading of the gospel by a Korean pastor, accompanied by drum, bell choir accompanied cihldren's choir, closing hymn, "Thine is the Glory" was accompanied by instrumental music. So, indeed, "everywhere there was music in the air!"

Friday, July 06, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/6/07
“To argue with a person who has renounced reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”
(Tom Paine) No wonder he wrote the book called, Common Sense. Tom dropped out of school at age 12 to become a corsetmaker. Writing was more appealing to him, and I’m glad for that. His words, “These are the times that try men’s souls,” at the beginning of the American Revolution, seem appropriate, even today. ;-) Jack

FROM SPARTAN J.S: Women's souls too.

FROM GOOD DEBT JON IN OHIO: Few people may know that Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, ‘Common Sense’ sold more than 500,000 copies. Paine donated all of the money from the sales to the Continental Congress to prosecute the war. Even at a shilling a piece, this would have been a most considerable fortune in Colonial America. He was the first “embedded” reporter traveling with Washington’s troops and write more than 10 installments during the war. He died broke and penniless in 1806 of a stroke (age 72).

From the east to the west blow the trumpet to arms Through the land let the sound of it flee.
Let the far and the near all unite, with a cheer,
In defense of our Liberty Tree.
Thomas Paine (1775)

FROM J.C. IN HONG KONG: How common it is still even today for the "thinkers" to renounce as "brain dead" those who would disagree with them. Respecting our adversaries will guarantee our own growth.

FROM J.S. IN MICHIGAN: He was also a rabble rouser and a pain in the neck to the moderates who won the revolution...a lot of your left wingers have a habit of being that way. They tend to be better at criticism than at building constructively. Take a look at the American REv. run by modeates and the French Rev. run by the far left. Need more be said?

FROM MOLINER, D.S.: You know, Jack, I think I'll just keep my thoughts on this one to myself!!!

FROM A.M. IN MICHIGAN: I reread Common Sense this year.Seemed that the times called for me to ponder those words.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/5/07
“I’ve never considered myself a happy woman. How could I with all that’s happened to me? But I’m a cheerful woman.”
(Beverly Sills) This opera star, who died on Monday, was known for her infectious laughter. Life was not always good for her, but she remained cheerful. How was she able to do that? Do you have the answer? Incidentally, from the time she was a baby, she was known as Bubbles. It fit! ;-) Jack

FROM L.K. VISITING IN MICHIGAN: She, like Mary Ann, was a non-smoker with inoperable lung cancer. God has graced us with MA's progress. Beverly died within weeks of diagnosis.

FROM L.S. IN MICHIGAN: Very talented lady, she was a little before my time, but I heard her on T.V. when Ma and Dad were watching. I dont know about her personal life but she did seem cheerful during her interviews that I heard!

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Hi, we are so fortunate to have known this lady. We need to thank her parents and her grandparents and the Russians for chasing them out of Europe. It is interesting how some good comes out of evil.

MORE FROM B.S.: I thank the Good Lord for producing bright people, especially those who share their brilliance with us. I include Mz "Bubbles", Beverly Sills. Were you aware she was of the Jewish faith? I hate to say it, but if the dumb Russians hadn't been so hard on the Jews, we would never have so much lovely music today. we are so fortunate in some ways, and cursed in others.

HUMOR FROM B.S.: Q. Which Bible character had no parents?> > > A. Joshua, son of Nun.> > >
> > > Q. Why didn't they play cards on the Ark?
> > > A. Because Noah was standing on the deck.> > >
> > > PS... Did you know it's a sin for a woman to make coffee?
> > > Yup, it's in the Bible. It says . . . "He-brews"

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/3/07
“To do my best and play my part, American in mind and heart. To serve the flag and bravely stand To guard the glory of my land. To be American in deed: God grant me strength to keep this creed.”
(Edgar A. Guest) EAG worked for the Detroit Free Press and came up with some 8000 daily writings similar to this. He was known as The People’s Poet. Have a safe Independence Day, and Fly the Flag. ;-) Jack

FROM D.L. IN MICHIGAN: Our flag is up!

FROM M.N. IN MINNESOTA: My flag is flying high, but woe be to us if we dare to fly a flag in our church!!! I sure don’t understand that one. I was told it may offend someone—I told them it offended me that I could not fly it. Guess I don’t count as much as those who are offended by AMERICA!!!

FROM C.R. IN MICHIGAN: ......upside down..... Which denotes a U.S. distress call. Have a Contemplative 4th

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: We have a very large "old glory" unfurled...the neighborhood began their annual, and nightly, fireworks ritual last Saturday (always starts the Saturday before the 4th, and continues every night through the 4th.......)........lasts from 11:30pm-12:30am. Those not "into it" either "bear up" somehow or leave town. Gets folks of all ages. The local police come by to watch. It is highly illegal, while spectacular.
Sad that most of my "blue state" friends say they aren't proud to fly the flag on the 4th. Also sad that some of my "red state" friends don't understand the reluctance.....takes all of us in the world, right ?

FROM P.O. WHO'S VISITING IN PRAGUE: We are observing the 4th of July in Prague. You probably have been here and already know that it's a beautiful city. I can see myself returning a couple of times to try and explore every nook and cranny. The weather is very cool and frequently rainy which puts a bit of a damper on sightseeing, but there are also plenty of indoor activities. Last night we saw a marionette performance of Don Giovanni, followed by an organ concert in one of the cathedrals. We've had a couple of close encounters with pickpockets during 'rush hour' on the subways, but have managed to retain our worldly possessions.

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: Thank the Good Lord for people like Edgar Guest. In humble gratitude for him we shoulod fly the flag upside down, untill, Americans stop driving gas guzzlers, and start car pooling to church and other places. We are responsible for the world's problems and unfortunately too many people don't give a damn. I wonder if our preacher isc going to give the congregation hell this AM, and at all sermons. If we don't straighten out the entire world is going to experience some special kind of hell

B.S. FOLLOW UP: Hi, I got there in time, the conductor started the service on time, and I was there. I sat with some chickies my age. Our Pastor had the day off and a lovely preacher by the name of Julie Taylor who is in charge of the Sunday School I think gave the sermon, ( we have over 650 people in our Sun day School )not the assistant pastor who is also a lady.> My problem is I could not hear her sermon. She dropped about every 4th word. So I asked the lady next to me what she understood and she said, she could not hear her either. Let me explain it another way. My grandaughter Lillie wants to tell me a secret, so she whispers in my ear. I cannot hear whispers in my left ear at all, and very poorly in my right ear, so Lillie ends up shouting, and this is no longer a secret. A male voice I can hear. So, I got absolutely nothing from the sermon, except that this very lovely lady had lovely smiles. I was hoping the sermon was about global warming and people in our congregation had better start car pooling, or riding their bikes to church and everywhere. Not a word about how the members of our congregation are responsible for the global warming that is endangering so many species of fauna and flora on our globe, including ourselves.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Jack’s Winning Words 7/2/07
“He neither slumbers nor sleeps or takes a smoke.”
(Unknown) I heard these words sung in a spiritual yesterday on NPR. What a great definition of the omnipresence of God! God is ALWAYS there for us. As an aside, my father would often say, “I’m going to get some smokes.” You don’t hear that expression used much anymore. ;-) Jack

FROM P.H. IN MINNESOTA: does this have anything to do with holy smoke??

FROM REV. J.S. IN MICHIGAN: Combine that with the gospel lesson on "The Kingdom of God is near"...sending out of the disciples...and you have a gospel rarely heard in mainline Protestantism any more. That non-slumbering God is not wishy washy but comes in power and acts in power. Fortunately, it is a loving power...but loving power does not translate to God being a wuss. That loving power comes to save but if we reject it, we condemn outselves. When we can understand that, we can begin to understand the urgency of spreading the gospel to all the world.

FROM L.K. IN OHIO: Without the so-called "problem of evil", we could have ONLY evil in the world....if we won't let GOD BE GOD, then we are free to choose to refuse or reject what is ours. I'd rather not do that.

FROM P.O. VISITING IN PRAGUE: Unless you're in Prague! We've been eating in outdoor restaurants even when it's cold just because the interiors are so smoke-filled!

FROM B.S. NEAR ORLANDO: I used to go fishing with some gents and they smoked. So I told them ,either you all quite smoking orI am not going fishing with you any longer. They all quit. Incidently, some where in time, we also stopped selling tobacco in our pharmacy. It was one of the best things we did besides helping people day and nite. I hd a close friend who always said he wanted to die being shot by a jealous husband while jumping from a 3 story bedroom window. He died of cancer too. How rotten , he smoked c igars.

FROM J.O. IN MICHIGAN: I'm so glad that He is who He is and does what He does. It is so amazing how He just takes care of the things that we stress out about...I think that is one of His ways of telling us who He is. I love it!

FROM MOLINER, G.S.: Thank heavens we don't. My Dad died from "smokes".

MORE FROM G.S.: Rolled his own in WWII, otherwise Chesterfields. Stole a few of his in 6th grade - got dizzy and sick.