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Jack’s Winning Words 11/28/18
“In everyone’s heart stirs a great homesickness.”  (Rabbi Seymour Siegel)  It’s not only children who get homesick.  It’s a malady that can affect people of all ages when separated from people and places they love.  I wonder what the rabbi had in mind…a great homesickness stirs in the heart?  I’ve noticed that the holiday season is particularly hard for some people.  Is there a “cure” that you have to suggest for those times when you get “down in the dumps?”   :-(  Jack 

FROM LS IN MI:  Good morning.  When I feel homesick I write/send a card that I make or buy with a pretty US postal stamp on it.  I write my own words. The writing brings me closer to the person ( or place ) as I think about what to write and set my intention as I write to share the love I am feeling.  I envision the smile in their heart and upon their face as they receive/ read my card and place it in a prominent place for a period of time to enjoy.  Then,  I feel close to them even when I am away.  Homesickness gone and I ease into great joy with a smile on my face.
(  just last night I wrote 4 cards to mail and this morning a creative card to my husband who I will miss all day at work :)) ( also I send text messages to my 4 daughters each day to ease the homesickness I feel being away from them and my grandsons )
Thank you for asking.  I miss seeing you and envision one day our paths will cross and I shall give you a hug to let you know how much I enjoy reading my winning words each and every morning.
appy Holiday Season with my prayers for your continued good health and for the gift of  writing to continue to fill your heart when you feel homesickness.
===JACK:  Thanks for the suggestions.  They are just what I was hoping for.

FROM TAMPA SHIRL:  Just keep busy doing necessary and interesting things each day and help friends who need help.===JACK:  "A friend in need is a friend indeed!"

FROM RI IN BOSTON:  When I'm down in the dumps, feeling a bit of hopelessness, I've found some quick relief by listening for an hour or so to the recording "Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook."===JACK:  Such a great singer, and so many great songs.  If I had to pick, i would be:  "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered."

FROM WALMART REV:  Find a welcomed spot at the gateway of the community (one of the many coffee shops found in one’s area), become friendly with those passing by and stopping in, as surely one will find another feeling the same and looking for a friend to share there experiences back home with. 0;-)===JACK:  Maybe the library...quiet, with action, plenty of things to get your mid off of some stuff and on to other stuff.

FROM SF IN FLA:  I experience it every time we transition to Florida. I miss my kids and grandkids so much… and then I adjust. We use FaceTime a lot and they will visit a couple of times. We will be home in December for the twins’ B’nai Mitzvah...sweet, wonderful boys, much like their dad!
Hope you are well. Stay warm!===JACK:  For me, it's sitting down for conversation with friends like you.  My trips to Minnesota allow me to interact with other family members.  The recent 1-week visit with my sister was beyond great (that only siblings can create).

FROM RS IN TEXAS:  Counselor Gloria would know better than I, but maybe a phone call to someone you know loves you, and prayers are always good.  Speaking of prayers- can use all we can get for our granddaughter Sophia (11). She has been tentatively diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome and is hospitalized while they try treatment. Thanks.===JACK:  Perhaps sharing problems can be a way of looking at situations with different eyes.  We can pray with and for each other!

FROM ST PAUL IN ST PAUL:  take more Melatonin:):):)  (spell?)    seriously,  find a good friend or family member and just hang out for a while....===JACK:  Sometimes it's good to sit down informally with a pastor friend.  (Be sure to pick up the check)!

FROM DAZ IN COLORADO:  I miss the Optimist Club and I particularly miss the holiday gift distribution. I have lots of memories of making a lot of people very happy and grateful.===JACK:  The annual party continues with gift wrapping Friday night and the party on Saturday.  200 kids and family members will attend.  Helping kids smile seems to take our attention off of our own situation

FROM JR IN PBC:  Dear One,  This is so true.....should anyone respond with a "cure",  clew me in. ===JACK:  There have been many suggestions, and I will forward them (and my responses) on to you.  The best way to see back and forth e-mail conversations with e-mail readers is to use the blog. to see my blog

FRP,M BLAZING OAKS:  Keeping busy helps keep the mind from focusing on negative feelings, and stopping to count your blessings! There is always, always, ALWAYS, something to be thankful for!! When I first lost my beloved mate (16 yrs now!) I dwelled on all the things we were missing, or would miss together, but I came to be very thankful for all the years we did share, the blessing of raising our children to adulthood, the meaningful life we had as pastor & wife team, etc. etc. I wonder if the Rabbi could be thinking of our heavenly home, and the yearning for God? Another possible view...===JACK:  "Who knows what lurks in the mind (of a rabbi?)" .Maybe the Shadow knows!  I guess it's like with the Bible.  You have to know the context to understand what is in the text.  I'd be surprised if were thoughts of the afterlife...but it could be.===OAKS:   Yeah, Many Jews do not believe in an afterlife, do they?  I know my good neighbors did not, but believe the good 
they do lives on after them, as a sort of eternity.  Just a thought....

FROM BB IN CHGO:  Just looked up an old hymn – looks like written by Thomas Taylor.
I’m but a stranger here,  Heaven is my home.  Earth is a desert drear, Heaven is my home…
I wonder if the Rabbi was referring to that type of heart sickness. In Chicago, the Presbyterian churches have Blue Christmas services, catering to folks who are feeling the blues especially during the holidays.  I am getting ready for Advent in the darkness – already sent  you the book on walking in the dark.===JACK:  I like that hymn and have often quoted during funeral services.  I don't believe that Jews have a heaven concept similar to that of Christians.  The death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus color most of what we believe, with some of the Book of Revelation added in.

FROM OUTHOUSE JUDY:  The little grandkids are at Disney World for 2 weeks.  Melanie called (8 year old) to say they hadn’t talked to us for a long time (it’s been a whole week). She then talked all about what they had seen and done and passed the phone to her brother and sister.  Here they are at Disney World and they missed us “so much”!  That’s what grandchildren are love without reserve!     When I get down in the dumps, I pray, read and count my blessings!!===JACK:  I've never been to Disney World, but I've been to Cedar Point and ridden the roller coasters.  Those rides have a way of taking my mind off of other things.

FROM AA:  Join the West Bloomfield Optimist Club!

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